[090321] SHINee at Floating Market Thailand

Credit: justkiidding's channel

[090312] SHINee with 2PM in Idol Army

Credit: SHINeeKR

[090308] Minho UFO Replies

2009.03.01 00:50
Fan:Minho yah, what do you think of our Changmin oppa ^^
Minho: He's my respected sunbae! And a hyung whom I like very much! Choikang Changmin! Even his name is so powerful...

2009.03.08 18:48
Fan: Minho who uses his beauty and warmth to fill noona's heart, hoping to see your handsome side in the next album!
Minho:Thank you~ Please just wait a little while more!

2009.03.08 18:50
Fan: Have you see the teaser of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry?
Minho: Of course! The hyungs of Super Junior fighting~ Great sales for the third album!!!

Source: shineee.net