[140130] Minho cuts in ISAC 2014

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[140127] Minho visists Yoona in Prime Minister and I set

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[140127] SHINee (Minho focus) at Hongkong Airport

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[140123] SHINee (Minho focus) in Seoul Music Award 2014

Minho's speech for Bonsang: In addition, there were many activities which happened in 2013. Really thankful for the backup dancer hyungs who have always been by our sides. To the backup dancer hyungs who have stood on the same stage as us, thank you so much. Will work hard to display an even better stage, thank you. We accept this award with the mentality of wanting to work even harder and will become a SHINee that tries even harder. Thank you!

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[140121] Minho went to Junsu's Musical

It seemed that Minho casually came, with a man, who looked like his manager.

He was hiding his face with his cap, but he couldn't hide his good style and big eyes beneath his cap.

When the manager-like person went alone to take a photo of the casts, he was hiding his face with his hands looking anxious (because the people were surrounding him). His face was so small, his hands completely covered his face. Yes, his face was so small, I really thought that it was Minho-kun.

The manager-like person walked away from him, so he went to check the goodies' booth after the manager, again, hiding his face. Coming back, he was holding a CD of the musical in his hands.

It was a little bit funny when the intermission was finished and he was going back to the seats. He was having trouble finding his ticket and was suspected by some xD Not many realized who he was, but at that time, some of the Korean people recognized who he was.

It was so unexpected, I asked "Minho-kun?" He answered "Ne". I'm so happy that there is another person who went to watch Xia's musical.

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[140115] Minho Is Doing The Chicken Fight?

SHINee Minho Is Doing The Chicken Fight?

Idol group SHINee's Minho will be appearing in the KBS 2TV New Year special entertainment program "Real Sports Fighting Spirit."

Like Us on FacebookA KBS rep stated on the 14th, "A total of 16 people will be appearing on the show, including SHINee's Minho, B1A4's Baro, Yoon Hyung Bin, and Kim Chang Ryul. Lee Yeon Kyu and announcer Jo Woo Jong will be MCs for the show."

"Real Sports" aired last year as a chicken fight survival show last year during Chuseok. At the time, Kim Gu Ra and Son Bum Soo were MCs. Kim Bo Sung, Kim Chang Ryul, Yoon Hyung Bin, Yoo Sang Chul, Lee Sung, and Kim Dong Joon appeared on the show, among others.

Will the athletic idol Minho be able to show off his athletic skills and competitive spirit with his chicken fight?
The show will air just one broacast, and is expected to air around the Lunar New Year.
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[140115] Minho is top 5th on Showbiz Korea's Most Handsome Boyground Member


[140113] Minho (Captain) in ISAC Futsal

[FANACC/140113] MINHO: I really love sports such as futsal, but my father seems to dislike it when I play soccer.

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[140113] Netizens on ISAC Futsal Edition (Minho focus)

#1: [+899, -54] Anticipating BEAST No Jihoon Minho

#2: [+683, -33] If no one gets hurt, that’s good

#3: [+650, -76] What about Yoon Doojoon…??

#4: [+507, -66] Minho does really well in Dream Team as well… Are there kids his age who do better than him?

#5: [+491, -69] The dying ISAC is saved by BEAST, No Jihoon, Goo Jamyeong

#6: [+217, -28] I only watch the futsal, if only they just stop the other sports part… Anticipating Yoon Doojoon

#7: [+228, -45] BEAST = No matter where they live/go, once gathered they’re kids who play soccer. To Dispatch, a group with no hidden skeletons in their closet, when asked during their own time what would they like to do – it’s soccerㅋㅋㅋ

#8: [+233, -59] Really, the idol that stand out seems to be BEAST

#9: [+213, -48] The BEAST kids seem like people who enjoy what they do no matter what it is.. Really, BEAST and No Jihoon is what’s saving ISAC

#10: [+185, -33] Yoon Doojoon hurt his hamstring and it only healed not too long ago but.. He’s already flying around..★☆

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[140113] Minho is Top 4th on Pops in Seoul Award's Stars Who are Naturally Beautiful


[140111] Minho, Sohyun, Hongchul with Girl's Day in Music Core

Fanaccounts: Minho was a Music CoreMC & danced the "Something" dance step over to the boys. He hugged Yunho then Changmin and he squeezed Minho's shoulder".
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[140110] Minho was spotted at MBC Los Angeles, USA yesterday

Fanaccount #1
With the confirmation of my Korean classmate, the person I met yesterday was indeed SHINee's Minho. He is very skinny in real life and his face is really small. Really really polite and even shook hands with the restaurant owner after his meal. He eats like a normal person, haha! What an unexpected surprise.

- (replies to other people's questions) -
He is quite handsome and has large eyes but I don't think he is overly special. If he didn't wear shades while coming in, I wouldn't have thought that he is a celebrity. He wore a casual suit and is tall and skinny.

Met him at the restaurant at the MBC building in Koreatown in Los Angeles, America. I asked if I could take a picture with him but his manager didn't allow it as Minho had no makeup on. He didn't shake hands with me too. He shook hands with the restaurant's boss and service staff, very polite. I told him that there are many fans in China who like him but I don't think he or his manager understands English that well. His face is very small.

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Fanaccount #2
Confirmed through a Korean schoolmate of mine, the one that I met yesterday was SHINee's member Minho. Acted as the main lead of a medical group, singer, he was skinny with a small face, a little tanned skin and looked tiny, but indeed 91 liner looked small! He was very very well-mannered, after eating he shook hands with everyone, he was as per normal while eating. It was a big shocked!!

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[140110] Minho wearing PUMA t-shirt


[140110] Minho will attend KBS' Fighting Spirit on 17th January.

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[140110] Minho is rumoured cast of Popular webtoon "Cheese in the Trap"

Popular webtoon "Cheese In The Trap" to be made into drama.

 Having returned to college after a year long break, Hongsul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspiciously perfect senior named Yoojung. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoojung's doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?

Casting rumors on net for Yoojeong char includes SHINee Minho, Joongki, Park Haejin, Lee Jangwoo, Lee Minki, Lee Joon.
Hongseol Character: Lee Yeonhee, Oh Yeonseo, Yoona.
-Do note that the list is just a floating list on the internet, not from production staffs-

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