[091128] Minho and Key rap in Korea-Philippines Friendship Manila

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[091127] Minho Invisible Youth

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[091126] Minho with ideal girl Hara

Group SHINee member MinHo reveals that his ideal type of girl is KARA Goo Hara and goes a levee date with her.

The 2 had an awkward meeting on the filming set of KBS 2TV variety show ‘Invincible Youth’ on 18th November.

There was a ‘Miss Soybean Competition’ on the show, and for the filming that day, MinHo has picked Goo Hara to catch mudfish together. Even though they are of the same age, the 2 had awkward conversations. And for the whole day, they made soybeans and caught mudfish together.

Also on the show that day, there was a mudfish catching competition. There were many funny episodes where, in order to win, Goo Hara has secretly taken a mudfish with her, darted across the mud pool and fell down. There was also an episode where she did funny body gags in front of friend MinHo.

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[091113] Minho, 2nd on ‘Singer I want to give scarf to’

SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been chosen number 1 as the singer whom I want to give a winter scarf.

Music website Bugs held a poll ‘Who is the singer whom I want to give a gift of winter scarf to?’ and Kim HyunJoong gained the 1st place with 36% of the votes.

Kim HyunJoong has returned to his fans as a member of SS501, after recovering from H1N1. Kim HyunJoong is not only a singer, but also excels as an entertainer, taking a role with Hwangbo in MBC ‘We got married’. In addition, he acted the role of Yoon JiHoo in perfection in the popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, gaining recognition for his acting.

SHINEE’s MinHo was ranked 2nd after the tough competition with Kim HyunJoong.
3rd is 2NE1’s Park Bom who recently released her own solo song, digital single ‘You And I’.
4th is Super Junior’s HeeChul who is busy with his drama filming.
5th is Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn, 6th is Ivy. 
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[091113] Eunhyuk “Minho has changed after joining in Entertainment Shows”


Super Junior Eunhyuk had said something about how Shinee Minho changed after he joining in variety shows.

On the show KBS2TV “Let’s go ! Dream team season 2″ epsidoe which will be aired on October 25th, Eunhyuk said “Minho has changed”, “He had been very nervous when joining in variety show for the first time. So he had called me and asked me to teach him some variety shows’ secret methods. However, after he attending ‘Dream team 2″, he no longer called me”.

Minho who was embarrassed because of those words had said immediately “Leeteuk was the one I called (so) why are you like this ?” and expressed that Eunhyuk’s words are unfair to him.

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[091113] Minho took College Entrance Exam

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[091110] Minho vs. Hyunjoong, ‘Go Dream Team’ Blazing Competitive Spirit


To be broadcasted on 15-Nov, KBS variety program ‘Go Dream Team’ recorded this episode in the newly reclaimed land SaeManGeum tide embankment. The attendance of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and SHINEE MinHo has gathered a lot of attention.

Kim Hyun Joong said “I am a fan of ‘Go Dream Team’ since young, so I volunteered to participate in it.” He displayed his strong competitive spirit during the filming.

Prior to the main competition, ‘Go Dream Team’ had a physical/stamina test ‘Dream Physical Medal’ between the old dream team and young dream team, where Kim Hyun Joong and MinHo challenges in jumping over the tall vaulting stacks.

Being senior-junior in music industry, Kim Hyun Joong and MinHo had a fierce competition and finally Minho was able to outdo Kim Hyun Joong and won.

Meanwhile, Dream Team which comprises of Kim Hyun Joong and MinHo in the team, challenges with firemen team who is the winner of ‘2009 Fire Fighting Competition’, and silver medalist of ‘2009 National Wrestling Games’.

‘Go Dream Team’’s young hero MinHo and new joined Kim HyunJoong as well as strong rookie Run did their best to win the competition with veteran old members Hong SeoBum, Lee SangIn and Danny An.

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