[120331] Minho focus in Hallyu Concert

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[120331] Minho updates SHINee’s Official Site

This is the first time I have experiened the start and the end of something. This has been a extremely valuable experience and will be an unforgettable memory~ Because it has come to an end, so there is a feeling of a sharp pang of emptiness~ Now I have only acted in one work (drama production)… Once again I would like to thank all the seniors, staff members and everyone~ Now, Minhyuk will say Bye to everyone ^^
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[120329] Minho with trophy in Mnet Countdown

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[120329] SHINee in Mnet Wide Open Studio

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[120329] Minho eating burger

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[120329] Minho is the member Taemin is most afraid in SHINee

Shindong : The next one is Key-ssi. Please guess Taemin's choice. Q : "The person Taemin is most afraid in SHINee is?"
Jonghyun : Ah this is hard.. This is not easy.
Key : Answer - Key.
Jonghyun : Do you want to change?
Shindong : I give you a chance to change.
Key : I will not change.
Jonghyun : Will not change?
Shindong : I will give you another chance! So it's still Key. So Minho, is this the correct answer? (Minho is the one that hits the xylophone) *deng!* - WRONG! The right answer is "Minho-ssi!"
Everyone : Ahhhh..
Shindong : Ah Key, why (did you pick yourself)? Ah Taemin, why (did you pick Minho)?
Key : Ah ! Ah! Ah! I got it! I know why!
Shindong : Why? What is the reason?
Taemin : Well actually, all the member hyungs are really good, they are not those who are difficult to approach. I feel that Minho-hyung treats us really well usually but he always reprimands us - so that was the closest answer to the question.
Jonghyun : Ah that's right, a charismatic man.
Shindong : Ah..that's right.. charismatic.

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[120329] Minho and the cast in Salamander Guru last episode

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[120328] Minho at Yeongdungpo Times Square Fansign

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[120328] Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, and Taemin in Ten Ten Club


DJ asked about what SHINee does when they are in the waiting room

Onew : We talked about our parents.

Minho : When we are in the waiting room, the situation is similar to a sitcom. Why is that so? (because) We have been hanging out together 24 hours everyday just like how we have talked about this today. Like Taemin-goon.. something funny happened today is.. A lot of interesting things happen in the waiting room. Just like while we are getting ready to go on stage, getting changed.. (Taemin's) pants and clothes did not match! At this moment we will say "Look at this" then burst out laughing loudly. When we are getting our hair done, we will joke with the hairstylist noona about whose hairstyles look similar..joking around like this.

DJ : What do make singers talk about when they are in the washroom?

Jonghyun : Without any reason..we will gather in the washroom. It seems like among men.. there will be a specific time where we will go together. If we do not go together.. there will be others there in a while.

DJ : Me too. Whenever I go to the toilet, there will be a people following in. "Ah.. you're here too" these kind of talk. We will try to hold in the unbearable smell and chit-chat.


DJ : To add on, there are fruits on that tree. After eating it, what is the flavour, taste of the fruit.

Onew : Dry (S/N : The dry after-taste you get when you sometimes drink tea or eat grape skin)

Jonghyun : Ah.... Dry (not his answer but emphasizing Onew's) Taemin-goon?

Taemin : Hmm.. Really sweet?

Jonghyun : For me, (the fruit taste) really fresh.
Minho : For me, at first, it will taste really dry but it will taste sweet after swallowing.

DJ : My friend here is an "Incheon Man" (S/N : referring to Minho? not sure) (Anyway the psychology test tells you about the feeling you get for) Your first kiss. *Minho fell to the ground out laughing out of embarrassment*

Taemin : What is this!
Jonghyun : What about "dry"!
DJ : (But) Taemin-goon's (answer is) Sweet! Our Jonghyun is really fresh. Minho has an after-taste. *Minho starts blabbering nonsense out of embarrassment haha*
DJ : Do you like it (S/N : referring to the test)?
Minho : Yes I like it *embarrassed*


Audience send in SMS to ask who has the best culinary skills

DJ : (Is it) Taemin-ah?

Taemin : I cook ramen well.

Jonghyun : Taemin really cooks ramen.. but really badly. I shall tell you about it : For health purpose, he will add honey in the ramen. (DJ : HUH?! *SHOCKED*) And when he thinks it is bland when eating ramen, he will add chilli paste... then he feels that something is lacking and he will add milk to it. yup.

DJ : Will you have a bad stomach-ache from it?

Taemin : I cooked it like this yesterday too. I hardly eat ramen but for some apparent reason, I want to cook ramen. I want to make ramen for other members to eat. When I did it the first time, it was too bland. So when I was cooking, I felt that it requires chilli paste so I added chilli paste. But it was too spicy so I added Honey. But then when I keep eating it felt a little.... then I added milk. *DJ is too shocked* (And Taemin seems to be in deep thoughts and very serious about his ramen-making process)

Minho : I was the only one who ate it before

Onew : I ate it too

Minho : I am not a picky person no matter how bad the food taste, I will eat it whatever it is when I am hungry. But after I ate it, I felt really sorry to what I told Taemin "Taemin I'm really sorry, I threw it away" Really.. the taste is really... with chilli, honey and milk.

DJ : But it wasn't that serious (harmful) right? 
Minho : Really.. Sorry. I really wanted to scold it out loud. 

Onew : Minho just threw it away like this. But Taemin-goon made it another time again! He added seasoning - it really needed to be thrown away.

DJ : Ah so it was for health.. so who has the best culinary skill? Suddenly the question changed to who cannot cook well

Jonghyun : Key-goon cooks well.

Taemin : Not cooking culinary dishes, but preparing food. (S/N : I think to them there is a difference - like preparing simple fast meals)

Jonghyun : To be honest, on variety shows, we always compliment that he does it really well... 

Minho :... but the truth is that Key makes us say that.

Jonghyun : That was well said.

Minho : We are saying that Key-goon does it well is because we want him to help us make dishes. We're a little sorry about it. So what I said about was 3-minute meals.

DJ : So they are even better than SBS Mama's (cooking show?)

Minho : By saying these (complimenting him), he will be in a good mood and will not only make his own portion but also ours too. What a good friend.

Jonghyun : Kind friend.

Drinking Habits

Minho’s drinking habits : Jonghyun says “It is irritating.” Onew : “He thinks he can drink well. Well, yes he can but it is of an excessively manner, torturing others?” Jonghyun “He will feel really good after drinking, do random dances. Overly manly. Will discuss about “Man” topics…how should we move on from here..” Onew “And he will go on non-stop”

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