[110331] Minho is 31th Korea’s Best ‘Eye-Smile’ Male Ranking

1. FTISLAND Lee HongKi 5.9% (3,760 votes)
2. 2PM Nichkhun 5.7% (3,623 votes)
3. Super Junior DongHae 4.8% (3,097 votes)
4. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa 4.7% (3,010 votes)
5. Super Junior Leeteuk 4.6% (2,937 votes)
6. Jang Geun Suk 4% (2,535 votes)
7. Super Junior Lee Sung Min 3.5% (2,257 votes)
8. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 3.2% (2,072 votes)
9. SHINee Onew 3.2% (2,038 votes) 
10. Big Bang G-Dragon 3.2% (2,049 votes)
11. Super Junior Kibum 2.9% (1,839 votes)
12. Kim Bum 2.8% (1,827 votes)**
13. Big Bang Taeyang 2.5% (1,602 votes)
14. CNBLUE Kang MinHyuk 2.5% (1,629 votes)
15. SHINee Taemin 2.5% (1,606 votes)
16. 2AM Jinwoon 2.4% (1,528 votes)
17. Super Junior Kangin 2.3% (1,459 votes)
18. 2AM JoKwon *% (1,387 votes)
19. Big Bang Daesang *% (1,431 votes)
20. 2PM Junho 2% (1,257 votes)
21. FTISLAND Choi Min Hwan 2% (1,307 votes)
22. BEAST Kikwang 1.9% (1,215 votes)
23. BEAST Yoseop 1.9% (1,216 votes)
24. Rain 1.9% (1,197 votes)
25. Super Junior-M Henry 1.8% (1,151 votes)
26. MBLAQ Lee Joon 1.8% (1,150 votes)
27. 2PM Taecyeon 1.7% (1,102 votes)
28. SS501 Park Jung Min 1.7% (1,100 votes)
29. 2PM Junsu 1.6% (1,002 votes)
30. SS501 Kim Hyung Jun 1.6% (997 votes)
31. SHINee Minho 1.5% (976 votes)
32. MBLAQ Thunder 1.4% (904 votes)
33. MBLAQ Mir 1.3% (852 votes)
34. SS501 Heo Young Saeng 1.3% (804 votes)
35. DBSK Yunho 1.3% (830 votes)
36. Lee MinHo 1.3% (842 votes)
37. Lee Seung Gi 1.2% (748 votes)
38. U-Kiss Kevin 1.2% (791 votes)
39. U-Kiss DongHo 1.1% (730 votes)
40. Lee JunKi 1.1% (705 votes)
41. DBSK Kim Junsu 1.1% (715 votes)
42. DBSK Changmin 1% (452 votes)
43. Yoo Seung Ho 1% (390 votes)

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[110329] Minho is no. 1 on ArirangTV's Best 5 The Athletic idol stars!

1. SHINee Choi Minho
2. SISTAR Bora
3. ZE:A Kim DongJun
4. KARA Gu Hara
5. Rainbow’s Koh WooRi

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[110329] Minho watching Chao Cheng Yu Musical

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[110328] Minho attends Hallyu Lecture at Stanford University

Lee Soo Man & SM artists attend Hallyu lecture at Stanford University

On March 27th, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man gave a lecture for 32 special students attending Stanford University’s business school.

As a part of the “Korea Global Study Trip 2001” program, Lee Soo Man lectured on the theory of CT (Culture Technology), while elaborating on with the aspects of SM’s successful globalization and business management strategies, which allowed them to become the leaders of the Hallyu wave today.

He focused especially on the topic of success, emphasizing the importance of passion and pursuing what one truly enjoys. With his witty humor and useful advice, Lee Soo Man was said to have captured the attention of every student in the room from start to finish.

Labelmates KangTa, Zhang Liyin, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) also attended the event.

After the lecture, Joseph (28), commented, “It was a very passionate lecture that put me in awe with Lee Soo Man’s abilities as a producer to advance SM. There are a lot of students at Stanford interested in the entertainment industry, so the lecture was a great opportunity.”

Lee Soo Man has experience lecturing for three consecutive years for Harvard University, MIT, and Cornell University’s MBA students. The producer is still receiving unending appearance requests from some of the top colleges in the nation, and was even invited to the “2010 Harvard Asia Business Conference” as a representative of Asia’s entertainment industry.

Source: flamingcharisma.com

[110328] Minho is voted as no. 1 Korea's Most Handsome Male Idol

A website ranked various idols by their handsome look and published the top 30 of the ranking. Have a look if your favorite idol is in the top 30!
There isn’t any male idol who isn’t attracting his fans. But who is the most attractive and handsome idol of all? A poll shared on Baidu asked this questions and netizens chose the following 30 idols as the most handsome ones.
SHINee’s Minho got a total of 2,949 votes and ranks on the number-1 spot followed by C.N. Blue’s Yong Hwa and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Yong Hwa received 2,129 votes, while G-Dragon got 1,774.
Have a look at the other 27 male idol in the ranking below!
01. Minho – SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast (1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. Key – SHINee (670)
14. TOP – Big Bang (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island (511)
17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
18. Jaejoong – JYJ (257)
19. Junsu – JYJ (247)
20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
21. Thunder – MBLAQ (235)
22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
23. Yoochun – JYJ (156)
24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
26. Kim Jun – T-Max (141)
27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)
28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)
No matter how our idols have been ranked, all of them are handsome and there are lots of handsome male idols missing in this ranking indeed.
Don’t forget that this is just a ranking by netizens! Don’t take it too serious, please!

 Source: sup3rjunior.com

[110328] Music Core shows appreciation towards Minho and Onew because of their MC skills

Music Shows has been receiving lots of criticism, due to the case of accidents happening, one after another. It has been receiving a lot of attention lately, on how they are dealing with situations.
On the 26th Broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core”, there were two radio incidents.
During the stage performance of, Girl group “Girls Day” and K.Will, they failed to appear on the camera before they perform.
During Girls Day’s new song, “Twinkle Twinkle” performance, there was a second where none of the members were captured on screen and it was showing the areas outside of stage.

Regarding the Music Shows broadcast accidents, the audiences gave responses which were very frigid, “Although it is a live broadcast, this is not the first time that it had happened. Isn’t it going too far?”
Audiences were dissatisfied of how Music Core were dealing with the accident but thanks to the host, they were able to avoid it and gained cheering of how professional the hosts were.

Last Month on the 12th, an incident happened too, when MC, SHINee’s Onew and Minho were introducing the next stage.
It has become a huge topic of the professionalism of the two MCs.
What happened was that when Onew and Minho were introducing Lee Jung’s comeback stage on MBC’s Music Core, suddenly Minho’s microphone stopped working. Minho looked surprised for only a moment, and Onew displayed quick thinking by handing his mic to Minho.
As soon as Minho received the microphone from Onew, he acted as if nothing had happened and continued naturally. And because of their professionalism, they had received many compliments and praises.

After the broadcast, Audiences commented “Their professionalism and quick thinking definitely deserve a praise.” , “Thank god their quick reactions were able to solve the problem.”, “Although they were young, they really have the skills of being an MC!”
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[110325] Minho is top 14 on "Idols that middle-aged ladies love the most"

On the March 24th broadcast of Y-Star’s “Wonder About That“, investigators targeted middle-aged women (a.k.a. ajummas) and polled them to see which idols were the most loved by their group.
The program surveyed 300 women, all between the ages of 40-60 years, and asked, “Who is the top idol?” Through this survey, the ajummas were able to show that idol-love wasn’t just restricted to teenagers and young adults.
Of all the idol groups, SNSD placed 1st, with 102 out of 300 votes. Breaking it down individually, SNSD’s Yoona came in 1st place because of her acting appearances through dramas. 2AM’s Jokwon placed 2nd because of his kkab dance and his cuteness. In 3rd place was SNSD’s Yuri because ajummas wanted to have her as their daughter-in-law.
Here are the full results from the survey:
< Idol groups >
2. Big Bang
4. Super Junior
5. 2AM
6. B2ST
7. 2PM

< Idol members >
1. Yoona (SNSD)
2. Jo Kwon (2AM0
3. Yuri (SNSD)
4. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
5. Nichkhun (2PM)
6. Daesung (Big Bang)
7. TOP (Big Bang)
8. Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)
9. Shindong (Super Junior)
10. Seohyun (SNSD)
11. Sunny (SNSD)
12. Taeyeon (SNSD)
13. IU
14. Minho (SHINee)
15. Goo Hara (KARA)
16. Boram (T-ara)
17. Nicole (KARA)
18. U-know Yunho (TVXQ)
19. Park Gyuri (KARA)
20. Kahi (After School)
21. Jessica (SNSD)
22. Seungri (Big Bang)
23. Changmin (TVXQ)
24. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
25. Taecyeon (2PM)
26. UEE (After School)
27. Taeyang (Big Bang)
28. Heechul (Super Junior)

< Surprisingly low-ranked idol members >
33. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
35. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
59. Suzy (miss A)
65. Sandara Park (2NE1)
76. Park Bom (2NE1)
79. HyunA (4minute)
80. Jooyeon (After School)
90. Ha Juyeon (Jewelry)

Source: shineeperudotcom.wordpress.com

[110322] Minho photo in Music Core

Choi Minho’s hair today is short and curly, very good-looking, like a moving greek statue little child so adorable, exerted a lot of strength while dancing and when recording ended, he was so tired that he laid on the floor. When he heard the PD asked to re-record again, his little face twitched, super cute. They stopped immediately during the opening of the 2nd recording and he glared with his round doe-eyes and asked why, I’m dead dead. The lad then bowed and waved when recording completed, he waved and smiled bashfully.

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[110317] Minho top 17th Idol Most Wanted as Boyfriend

A recent list based on results from a poll on “idols most wanted as boyfriends” has been published. Taking first place is BEAST’s leader and rapper Doojoon with 2931 votes. SHINee members Onew and Jonghyun have a strong showing at second and third place, respectively. Fellow group members Taemin (12th), Key (16th) and Minho (17th) also place relatively high on the list.
Groups that appear on the list include all of BEAST and SHINee‘s members, as well as singers from 2PM, MBLAQ, SS501, CNBLUE, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2AM and U-Kiss.

1. Yoon Doojoon (BEAST) 2931
2. Onew (SHINee)2045
3. Jonghyun (SHINee) 1698
4. Nichkhun (2PM) 1533
5. Yang Yoseob (BEAST) 1436
6. Lee Kikwang (BEAST) 1421
7. Lee Joon (MBLAQ) 1157
8. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501) 1119
9. Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE) 936
10. G-Dragon (Big Bang) 874
11. T.O.P (Big Bang) 716
12. Taemin (SHINee) 666
13. Yong Junhyung (BEAST) 641
14. Taeyang (Big Bang) 431
15. Jokwon (2AM) 406
16. Key (SHINee) 394
17. Minho (SHINee) 381
18. Seungri (Big Bang) 365
19. Wooyoung (2PM) 353
20. Seungho (MBLAQ) 349
21. Siwon (Super Junior) 347
22. Jang Hyunseung (BEAST) 321
23. Kim Kyujong (SS501) 281
24. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) 252
25. Heo Youngsaeng (SS501) 231
26. Cheondoong (MBLAQ) 214
27. Lee Changmin (2AM) 204
28. Heechul (Super Junior) 201
29. Jung Jinwoon (2AM) 195
30. Junho (2PM) 175
31. G.O (MBLAQ) 173
32. Kevin (U-KISS) 169
33. Donghae (Super Junior) 164
34. Son Dongwoon (BEAST) 155
Do you agree with the results?

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[110317] Jaewon tweet on Minho

빛돌이 일본 콘서트 출국 비행기안 딱 출발하기전 ㅋㅋ 잘 보시면 불카를 찾을수 있을겁니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
The Shining-dol* inside the plane right before the departure to Japan for the 1st concert ke ke. If you look closely, you’ll be able to find ‘bulka’ ke ke ke.
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[110316] Minho is no. 44 on Mixi’s Korean Artist Ranking

(T/N: Mixi is a Japanese site with a similar concept to Daum in Korea.)
01. YooChun (JYJ) – 34525
02. JaeJoong (JYJ)- 30359
03. ChangMin (TVXQ) – 27789
04. YunHo (TVXQ) – 25637
05. JunSu (JYJ) – 25088
06. G-Dragon (BigBang) – 17265
07. YongHwa (CNBLUE) – 11490
08. T.O.P (BigBang) – 11147
09. HongGi (FTIsland) – 10167
10. LeeTeuk (SJ) – 6913
11. TaeMin (SHINee) – 6488
12. HeeChul (SJ) – 5897
13. EunHyuk (SJ) – 5623
14. DongHae (SJ) – 5550
15. KyuHyun (SJ) – 5329
16. HyunJoong (SS501) – 5220
17. SungMin (SJ) – 4920
18. Onew (SHINee) – 4653
19. Key (SHINee) – 4580
20. YeSung (SJ) – 4412
21. JongHyun (SHINee) – 3764
22. Kim Sungje (Supernova) – 3333
23. TaeYang (BigBang) – 3311
24. HanGeng (SJ) – 3294
25. RyeoWook (SJ) – 3209
26. Jung Yunhak (Supernova) – 3101
27. Jo Kwon (2AM) – 3063
28. SeungRi (BigBang) – 3026
29. ChanSung (2PM) – 3023
30. Nichkhun (2PM) – 2483
31. JunHyung (BEAST) – 2473
32. JungMin (SS501) – 2453
33. DooJoon (BEAST) – 2382
34. YoSeob (BEAST) – 2257
35. DaeSung (BigBang) – 2247
36. SiWon (SJ) – 2216
37. HyungJun (SS501) – 2210
38. KiBum (SJ) – 2122
39. TaecYeon (2PM) – 2029
40. Park Geonil (Supernova) – 1987
44. MinHo (SHINee) – 1725
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[110316] Minho and Taemin's message

Credit: WeLiveAsShawols

[110311] From the start, Minho and Sulli were netizens choices for SM’s “Hana Kimi”

SM Entertainment announced that they would be producing the Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga “Hana Kimi” on March 10th. The topic has gotten many fans excited and even resulted in “Hana Kimi” trending on Twitter a few minutes after announcements. Netizens began to make their own virtual cast of the upcoming drama.
“Hana Kimi” has already received hot reactions in Taiwan and Japan with their live adaptation of the drama in 2006 and 2007 respectively. The storyline of “Hana Kimi” is about a girl who enters an all-boy high school disguised as a male.
This announcement from SM Entertainment follows the successful ending of the JYP Entertainment produced idol drama “Dream High.” Netizens have been speculating that the majority of the Korean “Hana Kimi” cast will be portrayed by SM artists since the company will be in charge of producing it.
A SM Entertainment representative has said regarding the cast, “There will be SM artists casted in the drama, but not everyone will be included.”
Netizens have listed the possibilities of the following SM idol cast:
Mizuki Ashiya (female lead)- Taeyeon (SNSD), Sulli f(x)
Mizuki Ashiya is the lead female character in “Hana Kimi” who disguises herself as a male high school student to help the high-jumper, Izumi Sano, jump again.

Izumi Sano (male lead): Minho (SHINee), Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
Izumi Sano is the lead male lead character. He suddenly stopped high-jumping for unknown reasons and finds out Ashiya Mizuki’s true gender accidentally early in the series.

Shuichi Nakatsu (second male lead): Sungmin (Super Junior)
Nakatasu becomes Ashiya’s close friend at Osaka Gakuen (Academy) and begins to realize his feelings for her, not realizing she is actually female. He becomes conflicted with himself, thinking that he is a homosexual, and becomes jealous of Sano for being close with Ashiya.

Minami Nanba (head dorm of 2nd dormitory) – Changmin (TVXQ)
Nanba is the head dorm of the 2nd dormitory and a “ladies man” with multiple girlfriends at a time (when he’s not found out). The 2nd dormitory includes a mix of athletic and scholar students. The 1st dormitory mainly consists of athletes, while the 3rd mainly consists of artistic and intelligent students.

Hokuto Umeda (school doctor) – Heechul (Super Junior), Yunho (TVXQ)
The hot homosexual doctor at Osaka Gakuen. He is the first to know about Ashiya’s true gender and gives her advice and acts as her mentor throughout the series. Umeda is Nanba’s uncle.

The Korean adaptation of “Hana Kimi” is set to air this summer with a total of 16 episodes. Which SM artist do you think should play which role? Do you like the netizens suggestions above?
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[110311] Minho, Onew, Jiyeon, and Suzy in Sweet Girl

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[110311] Minho was first choice to lead Hana Kimi

110311 Who Will be the Lead for SM’s Drama?

SM Entertainment has recently revealed that they will produce a new drama, and talks about who will be the lead role is becoming a hot topic.

According to the SM drama producer, the roles will be made by the votes of the netizens, who will vote who they would like to see in which role.

In the SM department, several of their stars have also been in dramas before: TVXQ U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, Super Junior Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon, SHINee Minho, SNSD Yoona and Sooyoung and more are in the list (of SM stars who have been in dramas)

Netizens have said, “I hope universal sports star Minho will be the lead.”, and “Will all of SM Entertainment’s stars star in the drama?”

Meanwhile, SM’s coming-soon drama’s origin, originally a Japanese series, has sold 1,700 copies in Japan.

Source: myjinki.blogspot.com

[110303] Minho focus at KBS Founding Anniversary

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[110303] Nichkhun is close to Minho and Onew

2PM’s “Thai Prince” appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine Thailand as the first Thai cover guy on their 100th special issue.
His interview with the magazine covered what it’s like to live with 2PM, (of course) We Got Married and Twitter!
One part to look out for?
Nichkhun mentions SHINee’s Minho and Onew as the celebrities he’s closest to!
This takes me back to their debut, seriously.
17: What is the quality of good husband to you?
Nichkhun: Husband who takes care his own wife, who fills in what his wife lacks. Actually it is more like helping each other to complete one another.
17: Heard that you only sleep 4 hours a day. Is that enough for human body?
Nichkhun: It is enough. We just look after ourselves in other aspects such as eating healthy food and taking supplements like vitamins. I try to think that I am not tired which is helpful for my moral support too.
17: Besides 2PM members, are you close with other celebrities?
Nichkhun: You mean in Korea? I am close with Super Junior’s seniors like Shiwon and Donghae. I am also close with SHINee’s Minho and Onew. We talk on phone a lot.
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[110301] Minho is no. 6 on Korea’s Top 20 Most Wanted Celebrity Boyfriends?

A poll has been carried out recently to find out the top 20 most wanted celebrity boyfriends,the results are as shown as below.

1. G-Dragon Bigbang (896 votes)
2. Jang Geun Seok and Lee Minho (860 votes)
3. Donghae Super Junior (823 votes)
4. Nichkhun 2PM (756 votes)
5. T.O.P Bigbang (718 votes)
6. Minho SHINee (624 votes)
7. Daesung Bigbang (543 votes)
8. Hongki FT Island (517 votes)
9. Yunho TVXQ (456 votes)
10. Yonghwa CN Blue (319 votes)
11. Jae Joong TVXQ (314 votes)
12. Taemin SHINee (298 votes)
13. Hyun Joong SS501 (295 votes)
14. Seungri Bigbang (291 votes)
15. Thunder MBLAQ (288 votes)
16. Heechul Super Junior (285 votes)
17. Taeyang Bigbang (279 votes)
18. Taecyeon 2PM (264 votes)
19. Leeteuk Super Junior (256 votes)
20. Jonghoon FT Island (245 votes)
Source: shineeperudotcom.wordpress.com