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[140627] Minho departure to Korea

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Make It Real: Chapter 23

Minho married Juniel for some reasons and not because he loves the girl. Certainly, he got physically attracted and she pleased him. But that is enough. The girl developed feeling eventually and is quite capable of loving him quickly as seen in her gestures. Yet, they are different in so many ways and even if she is nice to him, he could not return what she desires since he secretly belongs to someone. The moment she confessed her infatuation he saw on her eyes that she is hoping for more serious relationship than this business marriage. She was asking to make it real more than his intentions. He pitied the girl thinking it would hurt her soon if she found out about his relationship with Yuri. Although he needed to continue his responsibility for Juniel, he had to put limit between them.
Minho arrived in condominium at the crack of dawn. He was too drunk that is why he could not return last night. While, Juniel did awake the whole night, anxious about being alone. She had constant panics thinking about her husband's safety made it worst for her. Suddenly, the bedroom door was opened and her husband entered silently. Juniel was consciously lying on the bed with her eyes close. Minho was rather calm as he thought his wife was not yet awake, he passed her and went directly to bathroom to wash. Juniel could not pull her tears as she had no courage to tell him how much she suffered last night.
Minho just went home to change his clothes before going back to work again. After he bathed he pulled on his towel and picked up some business attire. He dressed silently watching his undisturbed wife from the corner of his eye. He caught her small body bit shaking underneath the sheet and so he went to her out of concern.
"Juniel." He called her name.
The girl became gloomy silence as she was not responding to his call. He impatiently turned her around, only he found out that she was crying. Her eyes were swollen and puffy, as result of her lack of sleep and stress. Juniel sniffed back the tears and wiped her face with bare hands. Minho felt bad for her as he realized he had broke his promise that is why she got emotional. He took the handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his tears. "I'm sorry." He told her.
She rose up and asked him in a moderate yet quaking tone "Where you went? Why you didn't call?"
"I went to Chansung's unit and we had some drink. I fell asleep after some mugs of beer. I hope you understand." Though Minho asked for it, he expected her to give him some nag after his mistake. However Juniel has a pure heart, she accepted his effortless explanation even if she got hurt.
"Okay." She confirmed with one word. It is not on her vocabulary to fight back nor to held bitterness against any one especially those who had hurt her. Juniel was oftentimes teased and abused because of this trait. She is so defenseless and Minho was fully aware of it.
"By the way I'm going to Vietnam on Monday. I have some projects to deal with. I'll be gone for a while." He informed her, hoping she would be fine about it.
"How long?" Because of her past days experience, Juniel had used to it.
"One month."
Being a wife of CFG's vice president, she have to adapt this kind of life. He is too busy and always on-the-go. She had no option but to understand his situation or else she will only get depress more. Although she is really disappointed, she will rather support him.
"Oppa, let me stay at my house while you're away. I miss my housemates and pets." She asked him, hoping he will allow her request.
"Sure why not. Before your Mama went to State, she reminded me of your school. You  need to go back on Monday." Mrs. Choi Hasun had given an excuse letter to the guidance office for Juniel after she got hospitalized due to gunshot three months ago.
The condo unit is fully secured making her safe but Juniel is still fearing to live there alone. Without further talk, she dressed simple blouse and skirt quickly to leave with Minho. Before proceeding to his work, he had to send her at her old mansion where she could spend the rest of day there. With her wearing and how they held hands, people would think that Minho and Juniel are just siblings when he treated her like that. As the awkwardness took in, they did not talk much during the ride except with little question and answer. When they reached her home, he hugged his wife and she answered back. He tapped her back gently as he tried to sooth her from stress earlier.
"I'm fine now. Take care." She told him.
"You too. Bye."
"Bye." She smiled and moved away.
This is the daily scenario even until weekends, Minho just send Juniel to her home and go on. He always came home very late and had less time to interact with her. For her benefit, he controlled his self for not touching her eversince after that two steamy nights. Although her body was craving for some, she did not bother to ask him as it might turn him off again. Evenso, Juniel is still persistent in showing her affection for him like preparing some foods. Not to disappoint her, he would carry some of her bake to his office and share them to his staffs.
Monday morning, Minho's departure to Vietnam and Juniel's school comeback after of long absence. The girl chose to be late in order to accompany her husband to the airport. They were fetched by Mrs. Choi Sunhwa's personal driver. Juniel was in her elite uniform while Minho had his casual sweater and jeans. He sat at the front besides the driver while she was at the back. While on the road, Juniel felt something strange crawling inside her mind and body. The fact that her Mama is still in U.S. and her husband will go to Vietnam, it made her extremely sad. After her father passed away, she became more and more lonely. Even her husband was training him to adapt with that, she still wishing for the precious time they are together.  
When they reached Incheon airport, Juniel escorted her husband at the entrance.  He already holding his plane ticket and passport, as well as his luggage.  Before parting, Minho kissed Juniel's forehead and embraced her. She embraced him back with tighter. Although he acted cold lately, she will be missing him definitely. Juniel was already visibly sad last night while she was helping him to pack his things. He knew it is heartbreaking for her to be separated from him but it was his wish. He did not intended to hurt her, only he was teaching her to break slowly away from him.
He released himself from her tight embrace, he told her"Study hard."
"I will. Oppa take care." She said, looking unhappy at this parting.
"Take care too. Don't worry I'll call you. Go now, you're already late ." He commanded her.
She kissed her husband on his cheek as what she usually do with her love ones. She hugged him again, this time it is more warm. Minho allowed her that moment, he just hoped it will not spoil his plan.
"Okay, I'll go now."
His wife set him free from her grip and said goodbye.
"You too."
"God Bless oppa."
Juniel stayed inside terminal until he disappeared from her sight. She went back to the car with some tears on her face. The driver noticed it and cheered her.
"Don't worry Mam. He'll be back soon."
It made the girl smile. "Thank you." She was still a child. She is married yet raw when it comes to these events. The driver was unaware of her issues with her husband recently but he could see on her face that she is somewhat tormented.
The driver dropped her off the school. "Ms. Juniel what time can I fetch you from here?"
"No need Sir. I already asked someone to pick me up."
"It's Mrs. Sunhwa's command. I have to follow her order Mam."
"But why?" Juniel asked him wondering.
"I heard your mother asked for it."
"I see. See you at 6 P.M. Sir."
When Mrs. Hasun learned that Minho will go overseas, she contacted Sunhwa to take care of her daughter for the meantime. She could not go back immediately as her sister got asthma attack while they were touring at some tourist spot in Virginia. Although, Juniel would rather stay in the mansion with her housemates and pets, she agreed at her request for her protection too. Meanwhile, Sulli was still unaware that Juniel is scheduled to live under the same roof with her. Juniel's naive mind did not think about it that soon this might spark trouble between them.
to be continued ...

[140622] SHINee (Minho focus) in SWC3 Jakarta


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Minho so handsome. He passed twice in front of me his hand so soft omg 

MINHO IS THE BEST FAN SERVICE GIVER EVER. he high fived all audiences in the 1st row in festival section more than one round, 3 maybe

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[140622] Minho's prediction between on Korea-Algeria Match

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[140622] Minho in Running Man

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[140622] Minho at Soekarno-Hatta Airport


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