[120930] MinSul Interview with Chosun Ilbo

Chosun Ilbo visited TTBY filming site and had an interview with Minho and Sulli

Q:Why the drama has the comic type of feel?
Minho: The drama is originated from a japanese manga, although the viewership rating is low, but the popularity of this story happened in a male high school of sports, judged from twitter and SNS, it seems like it's popular among the students..

Q:each other weaknesses?
Minho: Sulli is a smiling angle~ She always smile and laugh happily even though at the hard and tiring filming site ^^ about sulli's weaknesses.. this kind of thing, can only tell when sulli is not around~ haha!!
Sulli: closed ears and ignore another people's comments, I say based on what I see, no weakness at all, really! (Minho) always say things that we like to listen to, minho oppa is full of energy all the time, and always take care of me.. hehe~

Q: Both of you are from the same company, and even passed the trainee's period together, acting as a couple, and have kiss scene, don't you two feel awkward?
Minho: When I was in junior high school and sulli was in her primary two, we started to take care of each other. At 1st, because we are really close, we were quite worried of the love line filming part, but surprisingly both of us performed very well during the shooting~ It seems like affection increased at the same time when we always praised each other.
Sulli: I show my own self during the filming, but it seems like minho oppa is the opposite of me.. he gave a totally new feeling.
Minho: The kiss scene with sulli was NG-ed 15 times, at 1st the feeling is still good, but after repeating for many times, I felt tremble slowly..
Sulli: I was opposite of him, I felt nervous at the beginning, but I was calmer after that.

Q: The hardest scene?
Minho: The high jump scene in deagu stadium is hard. In the hot summer, was doing the running backwards practice for about one and a half month.
Sulli: For me it's the scene of dropping from the diving platform, it's the part where jaehee is being bullied by her classmate, and pushed down into the swimming pool from the diving platform. Because there's a incident happened when I was small, so I am quite phobia with water. To complete that scene, I used the oxygen tank and tried to practise diving in the water first. I can only stay in the water for 2 seconds at 1st, to help me reduce my phobia, minho oppa always sang with me in the water, or play rock paper scissors with me, so that I can practise happily.

Q: Rating on own acting skill, how many marks will you give yourself out of 100 marks?
Minho: I did not move out of the 1st step as an actor that well, I will give myself 1 mark 1st, I would like to continue to act in the future, and hope to increase the makes and achievement slowly.
Sulli: I will give myself 1 mark as well, because the practice in acting is not ended yet, now is just a beginning.

Q: What is your dream as an actor?
Minho: I would like to be an artor like Jang Dong Gun! I hope that at the same time as I am promoting in Asia as a SHINee's member, I can continue my career in acting handsomely.
Sulli: Athough it's a weird charactor which love deeply and even willing to die for it, but I would like to try to act with this feeling one day.

Q:About chuseok, do you have anything to say?
Minho: The 16 episodes-drama, now only left with filming for the final 2 episodes, we might film the final episode during the chuseok holidays. I celebrated chuseok with family every year, but I can't do it this year, I feel pity of it..
Sulli: I celebrated chuseok with friends, family and relatives at my hometown busan previously, but I can't do it this time..

Q: Finally, anything you would like add on?
Minho & Sulli: Because of that, we will work even harder to finish the drama shooting.. the hot summer has passed, now it's the cold autumn, to all chosun readers, everyone must be careful not to fall sick.. While eating delicious food with your family, have a happy chuseok too! Our drama, keep supporting it until the last episode! We will appear with a better image as singers and actors next time! Please look forward to it!

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[120929] To The Beautiful You OST Album Scans

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[120929] Minho's Fansupport - Chuseok for "To The Beautiful You" Cast and Crew

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[120928] To The Beautiful You Full Support Poster

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[120929] Minho Fansites prepare gifts for cast and crew of TTBY


1. Minho gave the fan supports/presents prepared by mrminho and aura to the director and other staffs himself.

2.Minho’s mood was very good, walked and entered the waiting room while joking around..

3. All of them ate the songpyeon prepared by mrminho and aura.

4. One of the actors hang the medal (the chocolate medal) on his neck and walked around, they are all very happy.

5. Minho is in a car eating songpyeon and cake together (tearing them while eating)

6. Mrminho and aura prepared 100+ sets of gift items for the cast and crew of TTBY.

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[120928] MinSul sweet filming in To The Beautiful You

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[120928] MinSul Greeting for Chuseok

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[120925] MinSul share cute couple pose from the set

The on-screen characters of f(x)‘s Sulli and SHINee‘s Minho from SBS‘s ‘To The Beautiful You‘, have carefully started a sweet, adorable romance, earning themselves the title of the new “adorable couple.”

The two recently posed cutely for the camera, pouting their lips and showing off their 2 sets of aegyo as a couple. Their flawless visuals added to the picture as the two matched each other well, making fans and netizens smile at the sweet new cuts.

Sulli and Minho have raised expectations for the drama through their realistic portrayal of a couple. Although they have not yet been able to tell each other how they truly feel, they do an excellent job of showing that they have feelings for each other. Sulli’s feminine side as a young girl who has fallen in love, as well as Minho’s caring, cool demeanor as a boyfriend are also raising expectations from fans and viewers alike.

Meanwhile, on the 12th episode of the series, Lee Hyun Woo‘s character overheard Minho’s confession to Sulli and was extremely jealous, as he asked Sulli to “be by my side“, even physically stopping her from leaving him.

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[120925] Minho is 63rd on tvN's Top 100 Idols Ranking

#01 - YoonA (SNSD)
#02 - TaeYeon (SNSD)
#03 - Tiffany (SNSD)
#04 - YuRi (SNSD)
#05 - IU
#06 - SeoHyun (SNSD)
#07 - Jessica (SNSD)
#08 - SooYoung (SNSD)
#09 - Sunny (SNSD)
#10 - LeeTeuk (Super Junior)
#11 - HyoYeon (SNSD)
#12 - Jo Kwon (2AM)
#13 - SoHee (Wonder Girls)
#14 - TOP (Big Bang)
#15 - HyoRin (SISTAR)
#16 - KangIn (Super Junior)
#17 - ShinDong (Super Junior)
#18 - G-Dragon (Big Bang)
#19 - TaeYang (Big Bang)
#20 - DaeSung (Big Bang)
#21 - Suzy (Miss A)
#22 - GiKwang (B2ST)
#23 - TaecYeon (2PM)
#24 - BoRa (SISTAR)
#25 - SunYe (Wonder Girls)
#26 - EunJung (T-ara)
#27 - RyeoWook (Super Junior)
#28 - Sandara Park (2NE1)
#29 - DongHae (Super Junior)
#30 - Nickhun (2PM)
#31 - EunHyuk (Super Junior)
#32 - SungMin (Super Junior)
#33 - KyuHyun (Super Junior)
#34 - SiWon (Super Junior)
#35 - YeSung (Super Junior)
#36 - SeungRi (Big Bang)
#37 - HyunAh (4Minute)
#38 - WooYoung (2PM)
#39 - YeEun (Wonder Girls)
#40 - JiYeon (T-ara)
#41 - Jay Park
#42 - BoRam (T-ara)
#43 - Park Bom (2NE1)
#44 - HeeChul (Super Junior)
#45 - L (Infinite)
#46 - HyoMin (T-ara)
#47 - Krystal (F(x))
#48 - Hara (KARA)
#49 - KiBum (Super Junior)
#50 - DooJoon (B2ST)
#51 - DaSom (SISTAR)
#52 - MinJi (2NE1)
#53 - WooHyun (Infinite)
#54 - UEE (After School)
#55 - Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
#56 - YuBin (Wonder Girls)
#57 - SeuLong (2AM)
#58 - Victoria (F(x))
#59 - Sung Gyu (Infinite)
#60 - Jun Hyung (B2ST)
#61 - Sulli (F(x))
#62 - ChangMin (TVXQ)
#63 - MinHo (Shinee)
#64 - Hye-Rim (Wonder Girls)
#65 - Onew (Shinee)
#66 - JongHyun (Shinee)
#67 - JunHo (2PM)
#69 - YoSeob (B2ST); SungJong (Infinite)
#72 - Taemin (Shinee); Niel (TeenTop); CL (2NE1)
#73 - SoYeon (T-ara)
#74 - HyoSung (Secret)
#75 - SoYu (SISTAR)
#76 - KwangHee (ZE:A)
#77 - ChangMin (2AM)
#78 - Key (Shinee)
#79 - Hoya (Infinite)
#80 - DongWoo (Infinite)
#81 - JinWoon (2AM)
#82 - SeungYeon (KARA)
#83 - SungYeol (Infinite)
#84 - YunHo (TVXQ)
#85 - Thunder (MBLAQ)
#86 - GyuRi (KARA)
#87 - JunSu (2PM)
#88 - HyunSeung (B2ST)
#89 - G.O (MBLAQ)
#90 - Nicole (KARA)
#91 - Kim Hyun Joong
#92 - Dong Woon (B2ST)
#93 - G.NA
#94 - Mir (MBLAQ)
#95 - L.Joe (TeenTop)
#96 - ChunJi (TeenTop)
#97 - YongHwa (CN.BLUE)
#98 - SeungHo (MBLAQ)
#99 - Jia (Miss A)
#100 - Luna (F(x))
#101 - MinWoo (ShinHwa)
#102 - DongWan (ShinHwa)
#103 - Jun Jin (ShinHwa)
#104 - ChanSung (2AM)
#105 - Amber (F(x))

This poll is conducted through online polls and telephone interviews in the first half of 2012 by tvN Channel

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[120924] Rap instructor JQ reveals Minho's personality plus interview

While JQ is not a name most fans hear of in the world of K-pop, he plays an important role in the lives of SM Entertainment artists. JQ is better known as the "idol rap instructor" and works with SM artists to improve and direct their rapping abilities.

Now, he has broadened his horizons beyond a rap instructor, as he works as an artists himself as well as a producer. In his interview with Newsen, he reveals his thoughts on the more difficult times he experienced and his entry into SM.

At first, he stated, it was difficult. All JQ was interested in was making music, but he did not have the money to support himself and had no choice but to work in a factory, where he earned 500,000 KRW a month (about $446 USD). He revealed that he would save 300,000 KRW out of his earnings for his music and eventually was discovered for his take on rapping through a video he created out of the movie 'His Voice'.

He stated, "A UCC video star is not a singer. But at the same time, a UCC star is not a complete amateur either. For every event I worked, I would receive 50,000~70,000 KRW (about $45~$63 USD). I would still live off my factory salary. When I thought about my younger brother, who is employed in a company, I would think to myself, 'When will I start to live normally too?' I was envious of anyone who had a normal, regular lifestyle."

JQ continued, "That's when I received an offer to make the rap segment for SHINee's 'Love Should Go On'. It felt like grabbing on to a piece of straw. I was in a position where I really needed the job."

Feeling the pressure of the job, he worked for 3 days straight on the rap without sleep, saving as much money he could along the way to support himself, as the job would provide the amount of money he would normally earn in a month. As a result of his hard work, his rap segment was selected to be a part of the song.

He stated that he was honored, as he continued, "I was deeply moved. When I was on my way to SM, I kept thinking to myself, 'How can I... How can I...' This was before SHINee debuted, and so I'm sure they were anxious. So was I. I was as anxious as if it were my own first album. I taught them, sweating nervously the entire time. I didn't believe I had the qualifications to teach SHINee how to rap, so I worked even harder. I taught them everything I learned from rapper MC Sniper. I felt bad about it later and apologized to him. He told me it was okay."

JQ's first ties to SM started with SHINee. Naturally, as one of SHINee's rappers, Minho became one of JQ's closest co-workers and friends at SM. JQ stated that they continue to keep in contact lately. When asked if Minho was cool and cold like his unreal looks, JQ revealed what Minho's personality is like.

"Minho has not changed since I first met him. He's like a younger brother to me. He doesn't act like he's a celebrity. He's a very simple person. Right now, he's in the middle of filming SBS's 'To The Beautiful You'. He looks amazing. Through SNS, I said to him, 'Hey you look awesome on TV right now' to which he responded, 'Hyung, you're watching too? As expected'. I think a lot of people really like Minho, like I do. He's a dongseng I can easily call over to the recording studio and have a bowl of jajangmyun (black bean noodles) with."

JQ complimented Minho heavily, also revealing that he taught Minho everything he knows about rapping. Through Minho, JQ explained that he had an easier time getting close to the members of TVXQ.

"Minho is great at writing rap segments. He has a lot of bright ideas and a few genius moments here and there. I was really amazed by the rap he wrote for 'Juliette'. He works really hard, and he doesn't give up on anything when he does his work. Key is also an excellent rapper. He catches on after only hearing a rap segment a few times. All of the members are so talented."

As a fan of original idols H.O.T and Seo Tae Ji, JQ went from someone who listened to their songs to the rap instructor of their junior groups. He is a great example of a self-made person who followed his dreams and worked through his hardships to achieve his goals.

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[120923] SHINee and f(x) visits filming site for the drama to support MinSul

SHINee's members Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin visited the filming site of SBS "To the Beautiful You" to support their fellow member Choi Min Ho and f(x) member Sulli.

SHINee's members Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin visited the filming site of SBS "To the Beautiful You" to support their fellow member Choi Min Ho and f(x) member Sulli.

In the revealed pictures, Choi Min Ho and SHINee members are smiling brightly at the camera, or holding up their fists to show support.

It has been revealed that SHINee members even moved around their schedules and took their own time out in order to visit Minho. As soon as they arrived, Jonghyun got off the car and yelled "Minho~", happy to see him. Minho introduced his members to the staff members there, and explained the scenes that Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo were filming at the moment.

Also, on the 12st, Sulli revealed a picture with f(x) members who also visited their filming site.

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[120923] Minho photos while filming To The Beautiful You

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[120923] MinSul filming for date scene

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