[131130] SHINee (Minho focus) in Everysing Everybody Stuffs

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[131130] Minho Congratulating new enrollees of Konkuk University in 2014

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[131130] SHINee on Slechers Eskimo Down

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[131130] Minho's popularity in China

Nov 30
Wow Minho banners and goods are like evrywhere in china

Minho has the most banners. I think it's because he's the most popular member in China :)

minho is sf popular in china plus his bday is coming up sO HE'S THE ONE IN FOCUS NOW WHICH IS GOOD BC HE'S BEEN AWAY FOR SO LONG ;;

Damn this concert in China was like 3/5 Minho fans

OMOO China is really a Minho-heaven! Waahh I want a standee! <3

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[131127] Minho fanaccount in JAT Fukuoka

OnHo Interaction
While bowing each other
Minho: “Daijobuka hyung?”
“(Are you ok hyung?)”
Onew-hyung : “I’m fine Minho-ya”

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[131125] Minho as Dr. Kim Seongwoo's TV

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[131123] Minho is well liked by celebrity mothers

The celebrity was saying that her mum is more trendy than her. She knows everything about KPOP & even the names of idol groups with 5 members like SHINee & MBLAQ. Another celebrity's mum said "SHINee's Minho". The lady MC exclaimed "Just like my mum .. she likes Minho the best!" The mum further added "Minho is very handsome!"

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[131123] MC Minho in Music Core

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