[150331] Minho teaser for Fluttering India


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[150331] Minho supporting his father at Gangwon Football Club


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[150327] Local Indonesian newspaper claims that SHINee's Minho and Suzy are dating

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[150327] Minho departure at Incheon Airport


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[150327] Minho's selcas

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[150327] Fluttering India Teaser

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[150327] Minho rallies with Konkuk University students


Choi Minho, Kim Yoo Jung, Miss Korea Kim Yoo Mi, Sihyun Jeong, NineMuses member, etc. support Konkuk University's Students in their campaign 'saveKUFILM'.

 "The Film major of Konkuk University is in a critical situation. The people who work in the university are trying to abolish their major and force them to combine it with the moving image major which is totally different. This combination means the film major is going to be disappeared. Students in the film major are here with passion for working in a film industry and being an actor/actress. The students need people's attention and support them to stop this. Help them!"

Like the page to help Minho's department: https://www.facebook.com/saveKUFILM