[110626] Minho and Taemin in Dream Team

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[110625] SHINee with AKB48 at MTV VMAJ

[TRANSLATION] Members of AKB48 who likes Minho 

1) Anna Iriyama said on an arts programme that Choi Minho is her ideal type.

2) During an interview, Yuki Kashiwagi said that she thinks that Minho is very handsome.

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[110625] Hyunjoon mentioned Minho at Entertainment Weekly

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[110622] Minho on An An Magazine

Q. Your favorite J-POP song? – Fukuyama Masaharu’s Milk Tea.

Q. If you can take three things with you to a desert island? - a cell phone, SHINee members, and Korean instant ramen.

Q. What is your every day rule you follow? – Drinking water when I get up in the morning.

Q. What do you do during a break? – I work out and study Japanese.

Q. What color do you like? – White. It’s clean and fresh.

Q. What did you buy recently? – Sneakers for basketball

Q. What is your fashion item for this summer? – Simple style like a blue jean with a t-shirt and snickers. Monotone line will be fine.

Q. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? – Recently I think it is cute to match a long t-shirt with leggings or hot pants.

Q. What do you think you’ll be doing if you were not a singer? – Perhaps an athlete. I would like to be a soccer player since I like soccer.

Q. What is your motto? – Always be respectful and humble.

Q. Anyone you respect? – It’s been always my dad from my childhood. He teaches me lots of things, and we are very close.

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[110602] Minho declined High Kick 3

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It’s being reported that because of SHINee’s Japanese promotions, it will be difficult to cast Minho for “High Kick Season 3“.
Earlier, officials saw a high probability in casting Minho for the MBC sitcom. In fact, according to entertainment representatives, a proposal to cast Minho had come up during the initial negotiations. Unfortunately, a specific meeting was never set to discuss his appearance.
Meanwhile, on June 22nd, SHINee will release their first Japanese single, “Replay“. But before they kick off its promotion schedules,the boys will be jetting off for the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in England, where they’ll be holding a debut celebration performance.
SHINee will also be traveling extensively throughout Japan from the beginning of July to hold their live events.
Considering how jam-packed Minho’s schedule looks, it’s no wonder that it’ll be difficult for him to stick around in Korea to film for “High Kick 3″.
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[110602] MinSul with Mascot Staff Fanaccount in Dream Concert

The photo of Minho & Sulli and the hotdog doll has become the topic.

2 day’s ago one of the website forum has got this message left on the board the title was “Magical feelings toward the hotdog doll, Minho-Sulli” photo was uploaded, in the photo
Minho and sulli was trying out the food during the event, near them was the curious hotdog doll staring at them. Another photo was they were standing together, posing just like they are dancing. Seeing how cute are they, Netizens said: “Minho ar, grow some fast please” , “you have forgotten you are artist?” and so on for their reaction towards the article .

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[110601] Baek Minhyun tweet on Minho

에이스 미노민호와 분당에서 농구 한게임!! 크크~~오랜만에 신난다~~~야호!!~~
I think he’s talking about playing a game with Minho but not sure ^^
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