[140228] Minho in Studio MoMo

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[140226] Minho has 2 million Impressions on twitter

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Minho made this impressions during his visit in Konkuk University and Skechers fansigning.
Credit:  flamingho129@twitter.com

[140226] Minho in Konkuk Entrance Ceremony

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[140226] SHINee (Minho focus) as Gangnam Honorary Ambassador

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[140226] SHINee (Minho focus) in Skechers Signing Event

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[140211] SHINee (Minho focus) Fanaccount in Let's Party

Minho and Key won the games, was eating Okonomiyaki, they were very kind to feed the  cameramans too. The punishment was to press the buttons which has currents going through it. Taemin got shocked by the button, said his fingers went numb, Minho snatched the button over and continue to entertain himself, pretending to be shocked and walked around like a zombie. (this has proven these few days in Japan Minho didn't bring medicine, he has not eaten his medicine for very long - T/N: it means that Minho looks like some crazy hyper guy who can't control himself XD)

When the fortune teller looks at SHINee's palms,
Onew: Not very smart
Jonghyun: Smart
Minho: Has the skills of leadership
Taemin: Has good luck
Key: Instead of dating/love, he's more work and friends oriented, he hates to be restricted / controlled, he's very vain with himself.

Q: Which member still needs to keep improving?
Key:『aaa,the one who has silver/white hair~?』
Onew:『The one who is very Ai Ai?』
Jonghyun:『It's not short short, it's ai ai! XD』
Taemin『Not ai ai! It's very short!XD』
Minho:『veryveryveryvery short!XD』
Jonghyun couldn't stop laughing.

Credit: kimkeysemily