[110227] Minho thanks fans and gives advice on Star Call

SHINee’s charismatic Minho recently made a new Star Call video. He talked about his triple crown win in the Idol Olympics, placing first in swimming, high jump, and the hurdle race. Minho began, “Idol Track Competition was held on  New Year’s Day. I did my best and won 3 gold medals.” Onew can be heard commenting in the background, “He was the best.”
Modestly, Minho replied, “Ah, I surprised myself. There were some events I didn’t feel so self-confident in. I was very happy to win the first prize. Many people congratulated me, and fans liked it so much that I was happy too.”
The rapper thanked his fans for their support, “I think it was thanks to your cheers that I won 3 gold medals. Thank you so much. I’ve liked sports from when I was little and have worked out regularly so I think that helped me to win.”
He concluded his call by advising fans to take care of their health. “I hope you make it a rule to work out every day. Health is the most important, so take care and eat well without skipping a meal. Take care not to catch a cold. See you again, bye!”
What do you think of Minho’s Star Call?
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[110226] Minho unseen photo with kids

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[110226] Minho phone call to Changmin from Quiz to change the world

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[110226] Minho, Onew, Jiyeon, and Suzy in Music Core

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[110224] DJ Minho and Taemin in Kiss the Radio

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[110224] Pre-debut pictures of Minho in a school uniform revealed

Pre-debut pictures of SHINee’s “Flaming Charisma” Minho in school uniforms have been revealed in an online community. In one picture, Minho is dressed neatly in a school uniform, giving off a warm and innocent aura. In another photo, Minho lowers his head and dozes off at his desk during break.
Netizens have left comments such as “He wears the uniform like a suit”, “The uniform matches him well”, and “So handsome.”
Check out the picture of Minho as a student, below!
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[110212] Minho and showcase professionalism & quick thinking during broadcast accident

SHINee’s Onew and Minho showed professionalism even during a freak incident during the broadcast.
On February 12th, Onew and Minho were introducing Lee Jung’s comeback stage on MBC’s Music Core when suddenly Minho’s microphone stopped working. Minho looked surprised for only a moment, and Onew displayed quick thinking by handing his mic to Minho.
As soon as Minho received the mic from Onew, he acted as if nothing had happened and continued naturally. At this moment, one could almost hear the production staff breath a sigh of relief!
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[110205] Minho wins triple crown at Idol Olympics

We had already reported that Minho had won gold in the swimming olympics. He took two more golds back home, in both the high jump and the hurdle race.
Minho competed with Infinite’s L, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and 2PM’s Nichkhun for the gold in high jump. However, he was the sole athlete to jump over 170cm, winning him the gold. Minho had previously won the gold for the 100m hurdle race last year, and this year he beat ZE:A’s Dongjoon for the gold in the 50m hurdle race.
Are you surprised that he won so many golds?
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[110205] Minho cut in Oh My School

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[110205] Minho, Onew, Jiyeon, and Suzy in Music Core

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