[140831] Minho cut (0:42) in SM Rookies' Jisung

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[140830] Minho, Kyuhyun, Changmin, and Suho on Chinese Epop Magazine

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[140830] Minho, Taemin, Hara, and Sohyun in Music Core

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[140830] Minho in Chuncheon K-Pop Concert

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[140827] Minho and Key on "5 Incredibly Handsome Korean Male Idols In School Uniform"

As one of the most common pieces of clothing for kids in Korea, it’s no wonder that many idols have also featured in the clothing before! Check out our list of 5 Incredibly Handsome Korean Male Idols In School Uniform 

1. EXO


3. BTS

4. B1A4

5. SHINee

Source: http://smb2stfinitesubs1.blogspot.com/2014/08/list-5-male-idols-in-school-uniform.html

[140826] Minho is no. 6 on Ridiculously Beautiful K-pop Idols in Nerd Glasses

6. SHINee Minho


Source: http://blog.koreaboo.com/post/95762874033/11-ridiculously-beautiful-k-pop-idols-in-nerd-glasses

[140826] Minho updates Japan Mobile Site

Translated by keihissi 肉桂
Minho’s message:
Thank you very much to everyone who came to support me in the (Medical Top Team Premium) event. Did you all have fun? Right now we are preparing for our tour which will start in September. I look forward to meeting everyone~!
Credit: minoutshine
The rest of the post was a summary of the Medical Top Team Premium Event, so I left them out.

Source: 19911209choiminho.wordpress.com

[140826] Minho is filming with Sohyun and Zico

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[140826] Minho with Zhoumi arrival at Korea

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[140825] Minho on Instyle Magazine September Issue

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[140825] Minho, Kyuhyun, Changmin, and Suho in Practice Room

[Photo] Boy’s Day Practice Room for ‘Something’ - Minho (1P)
Photo is probably taken on 11 August.
Source: kikiikyu

Source: forevershiningshinee.net

[140825] SNSD's Gee MV with Minho hits 125,000,000 views on YouTube

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[140825] Minho, Kwon Sangwoo, and Alex in MTT Fanmeeting Japan


Translated by tWeeTy_jAc@twitter.com

Alex said his 1st impression of Minho was only that this kid works very hard on TV. After getting to know him, he realised that Minho likes to show aegyo to his hyungdeul, impossible not to like him. He is very caring towards his friends but if the friends made mistakes, he will seriously point them out.

Kwon Sang Woo said the 1st time he saw Minho, he felt Minho was like someone walks out from a comics. After getting to know him, Kwon Sang Woo realised he was very kind, really like a younger brother. After working with Yunho & Minho, he said both are very well-mannered & very refined.


Translated by milliseconds_@twitter.com
During the picking/drawing of gifts segment, Minho helped to tidy the surgical gown that was being given out and folded it neatly for the fan. He has such good manners! Indeed, he is our well-behaved Minho~

Question: Which character/role did you like in the drama?

Minho said that he liked Kwon Sang Woo's character because his scalpel handling skills were great. After that, Kwon Sang Woo then acted out that part (T/N: The scenes where he uses the scalpel to operate) and fulfilled Minho's wishes.

The fanaccount author said that Minho's popularity in Japan is really high! Japanese fans kept calling him, "Minho-ya", "Minho-ya" and he smiled very happily and kept waving to everyone. And at the ending, he bowed 90 degrees like always.

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[140825] Minho with Kwon Sangwoo arrival at Haneda Airport

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