[100526] Minho, Krystal, Nicole during Dream Team filming

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[100517] “A smart, sincere, and hard-working Minho”

“A smart, sincere, and hard-working Minho” – Two blog entries of Rap Composer JQ

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** Composer JQ is the main rap composer of SM. He has composed many songs for SHINee. If you read the information track list, you will see his name.

Random things like these really tell me why Minho is so much loved by other artists. They see in him not only a good-looking child but also a hard working, sincere, thoughtful, caring, and full of potential human-being. Hopefully one day his efforts will be fairly recognized.

Choi Minho, FIGHTING!! **


~2008 ~


After composing the drink CF song on Friday, I was so busy due to the lack of sleep.
Planned to go out with friends but then I had to canceled the party and went straight to bed.
Suddenly around 2:00 AM my mobile phone rang.
In the darkness, I couldn’t really see whom the call was from.

“Hi hyung~!!” I reached closer to the phone to hear the voice.
“Hyung, it’s Minho!! Today we received the Newcomer Award!!
I immediately think of you so I call! Really really thank you! Really appreciate your help!!”
Minho has usually been a quiet kid, talkative is surely not his personality, but that night he kept repeating those “thank you” words.
At that moment, I totally forgot about the fatigue and chatted a lot with Minho through the phone.

“You really are the best and you will do even better in the future”, I said.
I felt so excited for him and when I hang up, my heart felt so warm.

Because I didn’t catch the live MKMF Award, I came to the Internet later on to watch the video.
I felt touched when seeing the kids crying after they received the award.

Debuting in May, since then, SHINee has never stopped working, practicing non stop.
I firmly believe that in the coming year, they will become even shinier stars.

Fly High SHINee ~ Fighting!


After I finished the ending rap composition, Minho started recording his part.
He was standing in the studio and practiced his rapping seriously.
When I looked at him at that moment, I thought he looked so beautiful, so attractive. Seriously too good-looking.
I couldn’t help but secretly taking his picture from the back with my mobile phone.
I was thinking that I would keep this picture for myself only, but then maybe I should share it …
To prevent the trouble though, I used photoshop to filter the photo with sketching effect.

Honestly, when SHINee recorded their first mini album, Minho’s pronunciation skill was quite weak and a lot of people agreed on that.
However, he continued to work so hard and use the efforts to make up for those weakness.
He shared with me the feeling
“Hyung, how do I make the rap better??”
I gave Minho this answer
“Do not stop practicing, your rap will improve”

Minho kept that phrase in mind.
Each time SHINee recorded a new album, Minho’s improvement would surprise me again.
I can imagine how much he has worked hard to have such advances in skills.

In fact, looking at Minho now, just like the photo that was filtered, we can only see the tip of the iceberg.
We haven’t seen his full potential yet, and it will be gradually uncovered.

2009 Daihatsu SHINee!!!

Source:  shineeshawols.wordpress.com

[100510] Minho was phonecalled by Junho in Heechul’s Young Street Radio

Heechul: Right now, like he predicted during the break, he sent Minho a text message and Minho is calling him.
Junho: Should I just answer?
Heechul: Yes, just have a short conversation. Hold the phone near the mike so we can hear Minho’s voice.
Junho: Hello?
Heechul: Speakerphone… put him on speakerphone.
Junho: Hold on.
Heechul: Our Minho shi is so kind
Junho: Minho yah.
Minho: What’s wrong, hyung?
Junho: Ah, hyung is…
Minho: Yes.
Junho: on the radio right now.
Minho: Oh, really?
Junho: I’m on Heechulie hyung’s radio right now.
Minho: Oh, really? You really surprised me, hyung!
Junho: Our Minho is really… ah… there’s really no one but you.
2PM: He’s impressive/cool
Minho: I was so surprised, I was practicing just now but I called you to get ready to go out.
Junho: Oh, really?
Heechul: Whoa. Wow.
Junho: Say something to the Youngstreet listeners.
Minho: Am I on air right now?
Heechul: Yes, you’re on air.
Junho: You’re on live broadcast right now.
Minho: Really?
Heechul: Minho-shi, we don’t have much time, so speak quickly, kid.
Minho: Oh, ah, hello listeners, this is SHINee’s Minho.
Heechul: Ring ding dong ring ding dong.
Minho: We’re currently in album preparations.

Heechul: For certain, his professionalism.
Minho: We’re in album preparations and it’ll be released soon so please anticipate us, and please give more love to Junho hyung’s, 2PM hyungs’ Without You.

2PM: He has sense, he has sense.
Junho: Minho yah.
Minho: Yes, hyung.
Junho: I really love you.
Minho: I love you, man
Heechul: Minho shi.
Minho: Yes.
Heechul: This is Heechul.
Minho: Yes.
Heechul: To you, what type of presence is Junho shi?
Minho: To me… Junho hyung?
Heechul: Yes.
Minho: Uh…
Heechul: Yes.
Minho: How should I explain this…
Heechul: You have to be quick. If you don’t speak for 3 seconds that’s a broadcasting accident.
Minho: To me, Junho hyung is…
Heechul: Yes.
Minho: A hyung who will be a big help in my life in the future?
Heechul: Oooh, our Minho shi goes around saying this sort of thing very often.
Minho: Ah, Heechulie hyung!
Heechul: I see, Minho shi, thank you, and come to Youngstreet some time.
Minho: Ah, hyung, I’ll definitely go.
Heechul: Yes, I see, thank you!
Junho: Minho yah, bye!
Minho: Thank you.
Heechul: Thank you.
Minho: Goodbye.
Heechul: Yes.
Minho: Yep.
Heechul: Ah, for sure, Minho shi really called. He must be very close to Junho shi.
2PM: He’s very sincere.
Junho: After I sent him the text, I imagined that he’d call me instead of just texting back.
Heechul: Ahh, yes, this means that these two are really close friends, and on the flip side, Wooyoung shi and Junsu shi must be feeling very uneasy right about now, no one’s calling.
Heechul starts off formally, calling Minho “Minho shi” but then ends informally with 임마. I can’t think of an exact translation, but it’s similar to “kid” or something along those lines.

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