[130531] SHINee cut in Nankam School

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[130531[ SHINee cut in Dream Concert

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[130531] Onew Key Minho cut in Tooniverse Nankam School

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[130526] SHINee in High Touch Event Fanaccount


Onew recognised the fan ? He raised his hands , did a weird but cute expression and it mesmerized the fan so much that she forgot whether she high-5ed him or not.

Order :Key - He put up his hand for you to high 5 with
Minho - The most active when doing high 5 with fans.
Jonghyun - seems a little tired.
Taemin - cutely raises his hands.
Onew - depends on his mood.
Source: 伊Jinki
Translation by bling_saur

Ended. I wanted to tell taemin that i will always cheer for him but when i saw him , i was lost for words and only sputtered out 2 words !! Taemin kept looking at me and waited for me to speak but i really blanked out. Staff chased and rushed me but i still managed to interlock my 10 fingers with him . With that , i am more than satisfied already.
Source: tudou_taem
Translation by bling_saur

Before they left the stage , Ontae discussed and decided to do a heart shape. Minho later also ran up to stage and walked one round. Cute babies.
Source: 我相公是温梦郎
Translation by bling_saur

It was the first high 5 meet so the fan doesnt not know how to do it. Taemin said to do it with both hands. He then held the fan's hands with his fingers widely opened. His hand is really soft.
Source: yilin710
Translation by bling_saur

Jonghyun had one hand on the table and he raised the other hand. I kept touching his hand cos once you high5 with them , you will be chased by the staff so i had to high 5 with him lightly. I told him that i was chosen for the fansign but he wasnt there. He apologised and i said next time(staff chased me away). He smiled and nodded his head.

When it was Minho's turn , he purposely raised his hands higher. I high-5ed with him and told him you are really good looking. his face is really small and very good looking.

Key's complexion is really ... poreless like a doll. His hands are really huge and he has huge knuckles. I really want to just place my hand into his forever. He just raised his hands and did not move and so i just kept comparing the size of our hands.

Onew's hand is the softest , like pudding. Soft , warm and it was the best !! I told him that he wrote my name really nicely last time and he slanted his hand , smiled and went : Ne ?? with an unbelievable look.
Source: human-lock
Translation by bling_saur

Taemin said that he wont high 5 but instead he will hold the fan's hands and he really interlocked fingers with noona. Taemin's hands are really small, soft and warm. When i asked him if he saw the bus advertisement for his coming-of-age gift , he smiled and said "Ne ~". During the ending , he said : I high-5ed with everyone !"
Source: Lastfantasy0718
Translation by bling_saur

I stood in front of him and grabbed his hands tightly. His hands are really comfortable ! I held and shoook and told him : Kibum , you are golden. You did really well !" He then gave me a foxy smile ! He is really beautiful when you see him in person.
Source: 甜心小bongbong
Translation by bling_saur

Onew's hands are really small... Meaty but soft like cat claws. It was really nice.
Source: 热可可
Translation by bling_saur

Told Key to "Please come to HK" then he asked " You come from HK ?" Fan said "yes , i come from HK". Minho only nodded his head and Jonghyun nodded his head in a silly way. Taemin grabbed both of my hands and shook my left hand. Onew said : Ya , Ok Haha~"
Source: 身心疲累想要自我了斷-永KEY媽媽
Translation by bling_saur

ah, i hear jonghyun and taem did not just touch fans' hands but folded hands with fingers interlocked T.T
at hight touch, F said 2 MH "yeobo, I came cuz u didn't come home" MH "Why did u come? I won't go" xD
F to key "oppa ur glasses were cute yesterday" Key said "Glasses? Ah~ pabo glasses!" n laughed
F to JH "Love you" JH "Me too~" T.T
F to ON "It was a good year thanks to u" ON "It's not ended yet!" - yes, it's not!
Taem said there could be a surprise, n other members were like "what? what surprise? we don't know!" - oh curious~
F's mind going blank b4 onew, said only "chicken" to him n On was like o_O xDDD
F: taem's hand feels like marshmellow~
ON teased smaller fans by raising his hands high n fans teased JH by raising hands high - orz
a fan brought green confetti and sprinkled it on key at high touch, key surprised xD
Source: juju_home

In the beginning, 2min were demonstrating how to hold hands? They interlocked their fingers really tightly!
Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基
Translation by squishyjinki

Minho said "fighting" together with a fan. Jonghyun highfived her once and the other time, their fingers interlocked.
Source: 金鐘鉉我的暖男我等你回来
Translation by squishyjinki

There were only 3 microphones and Minho didn't have one. When Key was talking, Meanho snatched Key's mic from the back Source: human-lock
Translation by squishyjinki

Minho's mood was very good. He was high from start to end. He said that they will be back from Japan very fast.
Source: 珉时刻MrMinho
Translation by squishyjinki

When Minho saw that the fan was crying, he was stunned and told her not to cry. He kept looking at the fan and asked her why she was crying. He held her hand and kept saying "don't, don't".
Fan: Thank you. I will stop crying. (But she was still crying) you have to come to Hong Kong for the 3rd concert oh. HK fans are waiting for you.
Minho: You're a Hong Kong fan!? Planning for 3rd concert is still undergoing. It'll not be so fast as have to wait for the Japan tour to be over.
Fan: Oh, I'm a HK fan. HK Fans are all waiting.
Minho: I know, don't cry.

Source: Iron_Jong
Translation by squishyjinki

Kibum started to say hello to me in Korean but when he saw i was foreigner, he said 'Hiii~' with a very cute smile

And Minho said Hi too and i could just say 'Hiiiii1' happily to the boys ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I stayed a little longer in front of Jonghyun cuz the girl before me took her time with Taemin

I was so embarrassed repeating 'kill me kill me now' in my head as the dino was just next to me

And all their face were so bright and beautiful ㅠㅠ

There was a fanboy lmao the boys faces went like 'uh' so funny xD

Key found a long hair on the table he was like 'there's a hair here, who's this?' Lmao

At the end Onew & Taemin joined to make a heart it was sooooooo cute
Fan account by OoMurasakioO

"a fan asked jjong if jinki and he could follow each other. he simply answered no.”
At high touch event, there are many fans who lost their "soul" after passing jonghyun.

Minho: Let Key do some little dance Key snatched the mic back. Key: Care about yourself
Source: human-lock
Translation by KEYBE0MMIE

There's so many Japanese fans here I feel like Im in mini japan T.T
Omg there's like an uncle queueing as well. I dont know if he's waiting for someone or not but the sight's too funny ahahahahaha ahjussi fan
There's a hugeeeee banner on stage its so pretty omg

Okay first. The boys came in their inki outfits & greeted the fans ~ all of them seem to be in a good mood today!!! Kekekeke.
So fans will just go on stage and hi5 with them ~ I was just staring at them trying to decide what I shld do & what I shld say

TM said he will interlock his 10fingers with all the fans and HE REALLY DID OMG taemin-ah...Onew said he has no idea what to do 헐
Halfway throughout Onew used a tissue to wipe his face after each turn acting like it's really tiring 헐 you old man
A fan threw some...cotton(?) stuff like magic and Kibum gave a really shocked face hahaha kibum-ah. My view was OnTae kekekekekekekkeke

When it ended they just said all the usual thankyou stuff and TM whispered to Onew & then told the fans he has a surprise for them
The other hyungs just gave him the "taemin-ah what are you gonna do" face lol it was really cute!!! And then when they walked out of stage..

Taemin raised his 2 hands in the air and Onew walked right into it (-.-) and gave a pained expression lol you actor wannabe
TM turned around and saw Onew and they had hands around each others' waists okay WHAT ARE YOU 2 DOING
And then OnTae turned to face the audience and did a big HEART SHAPE TOGETHER OMG. MY ONTAE T...T just when Im there I witness OnTae omg ♥♥♥

After they all went backstage Minho suddenly ran out to wave at everyone again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so cute.
I was out of my mind during their talk but I managed to catch this phrase "we'll hurry to japan and hurry back" yayyyy ♥♥♥

Key. I love Key with hats and he looked like a freaking DOLL today. I told him "Hi Key you're so beautiful, my friend loves you!" and he sniggered (you know his famous laugh) and said thank you very much, and your friend too! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Minho. He's like trying to see who hi5 w more force LOL I told him that he sings very well & shld sing more. He said ok! KEKEKE

Jonghyun. He looks so HOT in this hairstyle & eye makeup omg T.T his hand was a lil rough and quite bigggg. Like a namja KEKE. I told him to stay healthy and he said yes he will thankyouuuu (literally 감사합니다ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ) omg I died

There was a holdup at Jjong's side so I had OnTae all to myself for the longest ♥♥♥

Taemin. He held up his 10 fingers & interlocked with mine omg. His soft baby hands literally T.T I told him to be careful & stay out of danger. He gave that SHEEPISH SMILE. Onew looked at Tae & kept nodding his head!!!! He replied me okay i will try.

Onew. He was already smiling at TM's direction when I reached. Omg precious eyesmile T...T I felt like I couldnt breath for that moment. Idk what he was trying to do but he moved his hand in diff directions & I felt like an idiot trying to match his -.---------
In the end he laughed and stopped and shook hands with me omg he grabbed my hands in a handshake OMG SAVE ME
It was like...dubu hands with a firm handshake omg. I told him to stay healthy & happy always. And he just KEPT SMILING OMGGGGGG. He said "yes thankyou" in an aegyo manner "넹 고마워용~" omg guys T.T and when I was walking away he didnt let go OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Then he finally did and kept laughing to himself omg what are you trying to do to me T.T

Ah we couldnt bring our bags up so no PINee sobs T.T I think Onew was trying to delay cos there was a holdup at Jjong. THANKYOU JJONG T.T
In all, Key's skin is FLAWLESS T.T his hands are huge!!! Minho's eyes are really big and round omg like goldfish. His fingers are longgg!
Jjong's hand is the roughest amongst them I think, Taem's hand is so soft like a baby T.T
Onew's hand is soft compared to Jjong's but his handshake is firm omg namjaaaa. His fingers are chubby kekekekeke ♥
Fan account by onewsokyute

i told jonghyun i liked his song and he didnt hear/aknowledge me because he wasnt looking at me
i kind of lingered too long touching key's hand i hope he didnt think it was awkward LMAO
minho was really energetic and cute idek what else to say he was just so excited and leaned in a lot
taemin..is a weird kid omfg he grabbed everyone..like not high fives like double-handed handshakes and stared into our souls
onew smiled really a lot but i couldnt tell if it was forced or not..his over-friendliness flustered me (but not as much as 2min omg)
onew has a weird face. like a fairy elf. he has really distracting ears LOL
key was not having it today or sth he didnt smile much. he was polite though and said thank you when i gave him my letter
key made a face when i walked up and cocked his head to the side like ????? prly bc at the last fansign i said i'd never see him again lol
jonghyun is sexy though ok like inhumanly attractive..the contacts and hair..his hair looks a little fried but not bad and his skin is perf
Fan account by kimkeyy

Source: shineee.net

[130526] SHINee cut in Inkigayo

Credit: onsoo lee

[130526] Minho attends Shin Hyunjoon's Wedding

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[130526] Minho at his Aunt's restaurant in Incheon

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[130525] Minho sings John Park's Good Day in SHINee's 5th year Anniversary

Jinki oppa lowered his window and greeted the fans who were waiting in line for lightsticks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Jonghyun oppa is rehearsing his solo song
Minho oppa is rehearsing his solo song
Kibum oppa and Minho oppa are rehearsing their couple song
Kibum oppa is rehearsing is solo songㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Kibum oppa's solo song is a pop songㅠㅠㅠ His falsetto is killing meㅠ
SHINee is rehearsing Sleepless Night
Kiddy Jinki, Kibum oppa, and Jonghyun oppa cracked in Sleepless Nightㅠㅠ
SHINee is rehearsing Why So Serious
One member of SHINee was in the front seat of the vanㅠ Not even window butㅠㅠ he opened the doorㅠㅠ
I heard Minho oppa opened the front door of the van and went "Hi~"ㅠㅠㅠ dead
Source: @ghkddbsrud55
Translated by: kimchi hana

SHINee rehearsed then got in a van and left..
Source: @_chaaaaap
Translated by: kimchi hana

When they were rehearsing Sleepless Night, Jinkibum went off key, Jonghyun oppa sounded like he was having trouble, and Taemin oppa's mic didn't seem like it was good.
Source: @sw_Nojin
Translated by: kimchi hana

Credit: Dreaming129

[130522] AKB48 members who likes Minho


1) Anna Iriyama said on an arts programme that Choi Minho is her ideal type.

2) During an interview, Yuki Kashiwagi said that she thinks that Minho is very handsome.

Cr: Personal_Minho_闪闪5岁粗卡
Chi-eng trans: squishyjinki

[130522] Minho in Samsung Festival

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[130519] Minho fancam with Minah

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[130519] SHINee (Minho focus) in Inkigayo

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[130519] Juniel Mom likes Minho

Juniel's mom said she is a big fan of SHINee and she really likes Minho, she thought Minho would be there. Kyuhyun was like .__.
Kyuhyun asked her what does she like about Minho?. She said firstly she likes Minho's style and Kyu fixed his clothes, 2nd is Minho's handsome face. And Kyuhyun touched his face. Then Juniel's mom said she likes his strong gaze and Kyuhyun looked into the camera with that == eyes. Juniel added that her mom always searched about Minho on internet.