[130330] Minho is complimented for his acting

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just brief translation.. and feel free to ask me if you wanna know some other parts in this vid..
at 02:24-02:43(talking about the time when they were trainees)
Key: Minho's behavior was usually mature for his age..so, I used to make fun of him bcoz he acted as if he was an adult in spite of us being at the same age. when we were fooling around, Minho gave us a pathetic look at times...
at 02:49-03:17 (rules at shinee's dorm)
Key: Don't put on other member's underwares (panties) . we get many underware gifts from fans but we sometimes can't remember what we got from fans bcoz of receiving similar underwares.. we've had experience that we said " oh, that's mine" when looking at the member's underware while changing clothes..
Minho: so now we write initials of our names on the underware.. for me .. M is written on them..
at 05:45-06:05
Key: when we were preparing for debut, there were almost 30 trainees at that time..but the only trainees that debuted were f(x) members..
some trainees went to the other companies, and others gave up after too much time passed...
at 07:22-09:00
after watching Minho's dramas, MC: Key, what do you think about your friend's acting?
Key: in the drama, there were so many such (shy) lines .. since we've been seen each other for long time, I couldn't watch it..(all laugh)
coz I couldn't stand things like confessing a woman and such shy lines.. after all I ended up either watching it with non-volume or skipping it..
MC(gang seok woo, he is a famous actor): as for me, Minho's voice was very nice, so it makes him look very sincere..
what do you think about Minho's acting?
Jo hyung-gi (he's also a veteran actor): I like his eyes...his eyes look deep and sorrowful..so he'd act wonderfully in a melodrama..
at: 09:25-09:38
MC: you got lots of compliments.. do you have any actors that you wanna resemble?
Minho: I'd like to act in many dramas with outstanding personality rather than resembling someone
and I think it's more important to approach the public with comfortable appearance...

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[130330] Minho is one of the 25 Most Beautiful Faces of Boy Band

As the old saying goes- beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we can all agree that some of the most beautiful faces in Korea can be found in the numerous boy bands so popular in the K-pop genre. Whether you are a fan of SHINee, INFINITE, or BIGBANG, in almost every band there are faces which are worthy to be on a catwalk. Indeed, many of the male musicians and artists of today are also models and spokesmen for companies like Gucci and The Face Shop.

Whether you love a beautiful smile, big eyes, full lips, gorgeous bone structure, a sexy smolder or a mischevious, boyish look, no doubt you will find something beautiful about every one of these faces!

So after consulting numerous K-pop and boy band fans, here (in no particular order) are the top 25 most beautiful faces of boy bands.

#25 Jonghyun from SHINee

#24 L from INFINITE

#23 Lee Hong Ki from F.T. Island

#22 Ryeowook from Super Junior

#21 Lee Minhyuk from BtoB

#20 Lee Joon from MBLAQ

#19 Woohyun from  INFINITE

#18 Jung Yong-hwa from CNBLUE

#17 Donghae from Super Junior

#16 G-Dragon from BIGBANG 

#15 Kai from Exo

#14 Kevin from U-KISS

#13 – Taemin  from SHINee

#12 JR from NU’EST

#11 Sungjong from INFINITE

#10 Taecyeon from 2PM

#9 Suho from Exo-K

#8 Kiseop from U-KISS

#7 Jeongmin from Boyfriend

#6 Jaejoong from JYJ

#5 Hong Bin from VIXX

#4 Taeyang from BIGBANG

#3 Minho from SHINee

#2 Siwon from Super Junior

#1 Kim Hyun Joong from ss501

What do you think? Are these the 25 most beautiful faces in boy bands? Did we mention your favorites? Do you think there is someone that should have been included in the list? Tell us who is your favorite and why. Please comment below and let us know what you think!

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[130330] Minho and Key cut in Generation Empathy Saturday

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[130330] Hongki mentioned Minho in WGM

Minho said to Hongki "Please dont join WGM . you might hurt her" Credit: @twitter.com

[130329] Minho and Jonghyun in MCM Candy Bag Party

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[130329] Minho departure at Gimpo Airport

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[130329] Minho updates Japan Mobile Site

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Hello everyone on the fan site.
It's Minho.


The cold winter has already ended, the warm spring has arrived~!

I want to go see the cherry blossoms ♪-- is there anyone who'd like to go with me!? *laughs* Since I get to meet you guys tomorrow and next week, my heart is thumping ^^

Please look forward to the first performance of "Fire"♪ 

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[130328] KeyMinTae (Minho focus) in 10 Corso Como Seoul Melody

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[130328] Minho to guest and MC KBS' new sports/variety show

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Minho will soon be guesting on KBS2's new sports-centric variety program under the name of "Our Neighborhood's Fine Arts and Physical Education". The trio of emcees for the program include Kang Hodong, Lee Soogeun, and DBSK's Changmin.

During the program, contestants take part in different sports and have battles with each other. A team of celebrities faces off against a team of regular citizens.

Fitting of his reputation as a competitive sports champion, Minho was invited as part of the very first group of guests to be featured on the show along with Park Sungho and Cho Dalhwan. The first episode that Minho will participate in focuses on the game of ping pong.

The heated battle that took place between the contestants was full of suspense as their skills were evenly matched. Throughout the competition, "Ace Minho" gave his best and didn't let his team down.

The first episode of the show was recorded on March 27th, and is set to broadcast on April 9th at 11:10 PM KST.

Fighting Minho!!!

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[130328] SHINee's Regret of the Times and Dream Girl in M! Countdown

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