[110829] Minho scans on Juliette Japanese Album

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[110829] Minho focus at Japan Odaiba

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[110827] MInho updates Me2Day

[민호] 오늘 너무 고생 많았어요 ^^ 정말!!!!! 너무 고마워요~~ 큰힘이 됐어요!! 여러분!! 아쉽지만… 그래도~ 저 잘했죠?!?
[Minho] Everyone worked really hard today. ^^ Really!!!!! Thank you very much~~
You were a huge strength to me!! Everyone!! It’s disappointing but… still~ I did well, right?!?

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[110825] Minho in airplane going back to Korea

Minho helped a noona put her luaggage in the compartment above the seats.
- I was going to Korea from Japan since my college is having a vacation. I’m very happy because my seat was really closed with SHINee’s member especially Minho.
I wanted to put my luggage into the baggage but since its too heavy i almost fall. Minho who seems busy with his iPad look at me and then stood up asking me ,” Are you okay?” He helped me to stood up and put my luggage into baggage. I answered “Thank you.” and smile. And then he smiled and back to his seat.
I was really speechless that time.”
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[110820] Minho fancam

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[110820] Minho’s cousin appeared in Superstar K3

SHINee member Minho’s cousin appeared on ‘Superstar K3‘ which aired on August 19th. The appearance surprised both the judges, as well as the viewers, because of his completely different look compared to Minho.
On this day, a hefty guy confessed, “SHINee’s Minho is my aunt’s (father side) son” during his audition on ‘Superstar K’ revealing that he is indeed Minho’s cousin.
However, his confession garnered interest and curiosity because his aesthetics were quite different than those of Minho, who is known for his devilishly good looks. In Soon Ee, one of the judges on the panel commented while giggling at his confession, “Minho is really good looking though, right?“.
Already receiving much attention from his scandalous confession, the potential singing ability of Minho’s cousin also became a topic of discussion; his talent will be revealed on the next episode of ‘Superstar K’.
Meanwhile, this episode flourished with various family members of celebrities such as, T-ara’s Jiyeon’s brother, and 5Dolls‘ Chan Mi’s sister as well.

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[110817] Minho departure at Suvarnabhumi Airport

- When they were walking, key walked slowly to wait for Minho.
– They went to the immigration together.
– Key was always turning to Minho to talk to him, and he was always smiling.
– Key put his arm on Minho’s shoulder, they talked and laughed a lot, that key has almost leaned on Minho’s shoulder. so cute.
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[110817] Minho at 13th Korean Academic Society Of Business

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[110814] Mayor of Incheon is proud of Minho

The mayor of Incheon on the opening video for the Korean Wave Concert 2011:
- Who is your favorite SHINee member?
– Minho…
– He is our Incheon’s star
– A world star… World star Incheon gave birth to.
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[110829] Minho’s lines to be cut off from Music Japan’s Performance

Recently, SHINee performed their upcoming 2nd Japanese single, “Juliette,” on popular Japanese music show “Music Japan.” Unfortunately, it seems that our charismatic Minho has become victim to the show’s editing. His entire rap was edited out of the performance, making Minho the only member that did not receive proper screen time.

This will be SHINee’s first televised performance of Juliette, and, as we all know, Minho was working very hard to deliver his rap perfectly. Just as he wished to give viewers an enjoyable performance, many fans also confess to feeling anticipation towards listening to his rap.
It is understandable that the show’s PDs have a time slot to keep up with, but to omit a performer’s only chance at a spot light is a bit too much. Flames and Shawols everywhere are infuriated with this and have decided to take action. In order to fight for Minho’s screen time on Music Japan, many have agreed on contacting or tweeting EMI and SME (click: EMI Contact, EMI Twitter, SME Japan Contact). We ask that everyone pass this around to get the word across. Please remember to ask kindly for a re-edit of Music Japan’s performance! Please do not be forceful or demanding!

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[110802] Minho's UFO Replies


Fan: Minho ya ㅎㅎ if you're not here what else is fun to live~ be a world star then come to korea~
Minho: World star,,, it's only like a dream ㅎ

Fan: (idk how to explain what she was trying to say into words but the point of her message is this:) Don't get sick, be a cooler man keke I love you TT I miss you TT your wife come out (??) hyu
Minho: Always stay beside me please TT because of noona's cheer please love this cool figure a lot ㅎㅎ


Fan: Minho ya, I'll only go for you and believe in you ! We'll always cheer for you here
Minho: I'm... still lacking a lot...ㅎ * you're able to believe and come ~ try harder!* sweet dream

* T/N: not sure with what he's trying to say ;~; but this shed me into tears reading that one :'( 

Fan: You need to take care of your health~ keep shining I'll be minho's fan until the end
Minho: The picture is flaming man!choi minho! ㅎ thank you for saying that you'll be my fan until the end~

T/N: The fan actually sent a pic of her minho placard on her message to him 

Fan: Minho ya you're a nocturnal?? Do you sleep late but wake up early? or sleep late and wake up late as well?^^
Minho: Everyday is different~ ㅎ usually,,, either I sleep early or late, I still can't wake up early in the end ㅎ

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[110802] Minho at Gimpo Airport

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