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[131231] SHINee Off-camera

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[131227] Minho arrival at Gimpo Airport

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[131227] MInho and Onew will has a special stage on 2013 KBS Gayo Daechukje


[131227] SHINee (Minho Gag) on KBS Gayo


-Minho opened the door used during 2PM's performance and walked out, saying something like "Your yeobo (husband) is back" to Key

-During SNSD's rehearsal, Minho suddenly said, "I'm really angry" so Onew anxiously asked, "What happened, what happened?" It was because the next line is Tiffany's "I'm really angry" keke

-Whenever other artistes begin singing on the stage, Minho will start dancing. Do you have a desire for a gag role?

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[131226] Art Magician updates twitter on Minho's hardwork


131226 ArtMagician’s Twitter update :)
@artmagician:샤이니 민호 캔들 마술 연출 디렉팅…. 완전 열심히 했던 민호씨 파이팅 넘쳐서 정말 잊지 못할 멤버. 계속해서 한번 더 한번 더 
@artmagician: Candle magic directing for SHINee’s Minho…. Minho worked extremely hard. His fighting spirit was overflowing, so he’s a member I won’t be able to forget. One more time, one more time.

credit: @artmagician 

131226 ArtMagician’s Twitter update :)
@artmagician:샤이니 민호 캔들 마술 연출 디렉팅…. 완전 열심히 했던 민호씨 파이팅 넘쳐서 정 잊지 못할 멤버. 계속해서 한번 더 한번 더
@artmagician: Candle magic directing for SHINee’s Minho…. Minho worked extremely hard. His fighting spirit was overflowing, so he’s a member I won’t be able to forget. One more time, one more time.


[131226] Minho is nominated for "Best Newcomer" (Medical Top Team) at 2013 MBC Drama Awards

SHINee will perform he "Queen's Classroom" OSTat the same event.



[131224] SHINee (Minho focus) JAT Tokyo

Today Minho prepared a small paper, said “I have something that I want to tell everyone, but because i have difficulty speaking it in japanese, everyone... everyone.. Merry Merry Christ-Christmas~” The whole place started breaking out in laughter. (Using Japanese to express Merry Christmas and using English, there’s not much difference. You still need to prepare a small paper for this = = But the embarrassed expression of Minho made everyone felt that he was very cute.
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[131218] SHINee's support message to in Miss Korea

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[131218] Minho is no. 1 Google’s most searched K-pop Celebrity in the Philippines

Most searched K-pop stars

Most searched K-pop stars

Boy band EXO and SHINee’s Choi Minho became the most searched K-pop group and Korean personality in the Philippines in 2013, respectively.

Google Philippines released its annual year-end Zeitgeist, a collection of the top search queries by Filipinos on

Leading 2013’s top searches is Hollywood actor and “The Fast and the Furious” star Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash last Nov. 30.

“Zeitgeist is a tool in discovering the pulse of the people through searches made on Google. With the growing percentage of population going online, Zeitgeist becomes reflective of the issues and topics we’re interested in. This year’s lists speak a lot about our concern for national achievement and progress, while at the same time our curiosity in pop culture issues,” according to Gail Tan, Google Philippines Country Communications Manager.

In the Philippines, EXO topped the list of most searched K-pop groups. This year, EXO surged in popularity with the release of their studio album “XOXO.” EXO visited the country last January and September for concerts.

SHINee placed second on the list followed by Girls’ Generation, Tasty, Infinite, CNBLUE, B.A.P, B1A4, 2PM and Super Junior.

Eight groups on the list have visited the Philippines this year.

SHINee and EXO K performed at the K-pop Republic concert last September at Araneta Coliseum.
Last January, Girls’ Generation, EXO, Infinite and Tasty performed at the Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert along with U-KISS and Tahiti.

Infinite held their “2013 Infinite 1st World Tour: One Great Step” concert in Manila last Nov. 3.

CNBLUE arrived in the country and held their “Blue Moon: 2013 CNBLUE World Tour” last June 15.

Last March 2, 2PM held their first concert in the Philippines, “What time is it” Live Tour 2013,” at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Super Junior returned to the country for their “Super Show 5: Super Junior World Tour in Manila” held last Oct. 24 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

On the other hand, SHINee’s Minho is the No. 1 most searched Korean personality in the Philippines.

Actress Yoo In Na placed second followed by actors Lee Hyun Woo and Ji Hyun Woo, EXO’s Chanyeol, actor Jang Geun Suk, actor Yoo Seung Ho, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, actor Song Joong Ki and actor and Cross Gene member Shin Won Ho.

In the Top 10 most searched TV shows in the Philippines, three were Korean dramas.

“The Voice Philippines” topped followed by “Got to Believe,” “Queen and I,” “Missing You,” “Juan dela Cruz,” “Maria Mercedes,” “Wowowillie,” “The Innocent Man,” “The Heirs” and “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 20.

“Missing You,” which starred actress Yoon Eun-hye, JYJ’s Park Yoochun and Yoo Seung Ho, aired in the country on ABS-CBN from April to July this year.

Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon starred in “The Innocent Man,” which aired in the Philippines on GMA Network from July to October this year.

“The Heirs” recently finished its run in South Korea. The drama’s main actors are Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

Top overall searches in the Philippines
1. Paul Walker
2. Samsung Galaxy S4
3. Movies 2013
4. Onehitcf
5. Camera 360
6. PAL Express
7. Neri Naig
8. Miss Universe 2013
9. EB Babe Yosh
10. iPhone 5s

Most searched K-pop groups in the Philippines
1. EXO
2. SHINee
3. Girls Generation
4. Tasty
5. Infinite
7. B.A.P
8. B1A4
9. 2PM
10. Super Junior

Most searched Korean personalities in the Philippines
1. Choi Minho

2. Yoo In Na
3. Lee Hyun Woo
4. Ji Hyun Woo
5. Chanyeol
6. Jang Keun Suk
7. Yoo Seung Ho
8. Kim Jong Un
9. Song Joong Ki
10. Shin Won Ho

Local celebrities
1. Neri Naig
2. EB Babe Yosh
3. Wally Bayola
4. Ariella Arida
5. Chito Miranda
6. Megan Young
7. Freddie Aguilar girlfriend
8. Totoy Brown
9. Krista Miller
10. Alyssa Quijano

Most searched TV shows in the Philippines
1. “The Voice Philippines”
2. “Got to Believe”
3. “Queen and I”
4. “Missing You”
5. “Juan dela Cruz”
6. “Maria Mercedes”
7. “Wowowillie”
8. “The Innocent Man”
9. “The Heirs”
10. “ANTM Cycle 20″

Most searched music in the Philippines
1. “Harlem Shake”
2. “Gentleman”
3. “Titanium”
4. “Lord Patawad”
5. “Magkabilang Mundo”
6. “Gwiyomi”
7. “Chinito”
8. “Heart Attack”
9. “Wrecking Ball”
10. “Daylight”

1. Paul Walker death
2. Miss Universe 2013
3. Pork barrel
4. FIBA Asia 2013
5. Election results 2013
6. SONA 2013
7. UAAP Season 76
8. Typhoon Yolanda
9. Wimbledon 2013
10. Nelson Mandela death

1. “Pacific Rim”
2. “Despicable Me 2″
3. “World War Z”
4. “Insidious 2″
5. “Warm Bodies”
6. “Beautiful Creatures”
7. “After Earth”
8. “Silver Linings Playbook”
9. “Pitch Perfect”
10.”The Croods”


[131212] Minho was mentioned by a magician

샤이니 민호씨 일단 너무 잘생겨서 놀랐어요 남자가봐도 멋지니 이건 뭐 거기에 마술도 계속해서 열정적으로 배웠고 본인이 만족할때 까지 촬영하는 프로 정신에 박수를 보냈습니다.
[Trans] @artmagician: SHINee Minho ssi, first, he's very handsome it's shocking even if it's a guy seeing he's cool. He also keeps on learning magic passionately and I applaud him for having a pro mind as he films until he himself is satisfied. Credit:

[131212] Minho with Medical Top Team Cast and Crew


[131212] Minho on SHINee's Official 2014 Calendar

131212 SHINee’s Official 2014 Calendar - minho ( tagged)
131212 SHINee’s Official 2014 Calendar - minho ( tagged)
131212 SHINee’s Official 2014 Calendar - minho ( tagged)
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[131212] Minho arrival at Incheon Airport

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[131010] MBC's Medical Top Team HD Live Streaming

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10 P.M. KST

[131210] SHINee's Official Site updates our birthday boy Minho with a cake

[From. Min Ho] 2014 년에는 더 행복해요 우리 !^^
촬영하느라고 ㅠ 이제 글을 쓰네요... 늦었죠? 미안해요
여러분과 함께하진 못했지만 멀리서도 축하해준 마음은 다 느껴졌어요!
너무 고맙고 2013 년에도 행복했지만 2014 년에는 더 행복해요 우리 !^^
I'm only writing this now because of filming... It is late right? Sorry. Though I can't spend it with everyone, I have received the blessings of you all who have congratulated me from a distance! Really thankful. Even though 2013 was blissful, 2014 will be even more blissful! ^^  Credit: