[140429] Minho spotted playing soccer

Minho attended a friendly match between his team and FC AUR. The soccer match took place in Songpa-gu. The person who wrote the post, said that he didn't know he was playing against Minho until the end of the game. The guy mentioned that Minho is really handsome. Also, he was wearing a hairband, which helped him have a better vision while playing. Finally, he said that Minho's team is really good at soccer and he didn't recognize him because he was too engrossed in the game.

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Make It Real: Chapter 13

Minho went back to Seoul to pay visit to the deceased uncle in its last day before burial. The funeral home is Jang Rae Sik Jang, lining its hall way were great number of wreathes made of flowers positioned outside the chairman's room. As he entered the modern room, he removed his shoes then bowed and shook hands with relatives, employees, and friends that are connected with Sungho. All men were wearing black suits and women wearing their traditional hanboks. He signed at the guest book table and put his condolence gift in a white envelop. He kneeled on the mat and performed two and a half big bows toward the shrine as he gave his honor to the dead body. After, he was escorted to another larger room where Hasun was comforted by some friend. Her intense weeping was a heart touching scene for Minho. He came near and gave a humble bow towards the auntie.
"Condolence Auntie." He told her with a sincere voice.
Hasun did not expect to see his nephew there. She thought that he completely forsaken them after he stepped down from his position. Evenso, she accepted the condolence with a warm embrace, seemed she had forgotten the resentment. The friend left them, giving them some privacy.
"Thank you for visiting us." She told him while wiping her watery eyes.
"Yes. I just found out the news yesterday through my friend. I feel your pain." He told her.
"This is the hardest time for me. It's like my soul has been crashing down these past days with Juniel's adversity and your uncle's death." She told him.
"I'm deeply sorry for the hurt I've caused you Auntie. For my irresponsibleness too. If I didn't' quit, possibly this was prevented." Minho felt like his step down added to his auntie's burden. Furthermore, evil people took advantage of that vulnerable state."
"I'm sorry too when I threatened you on your position. I almost forgot your great help to us. Maybe I'm just terribly upset then because you turn down our offer."
"Is Juniel okay now? I got totally stunned by the news." Because of long distance, Minho had rare chance to see his cousin before but his impression of her will still the same. Juniel is as innocent-looking as her name. Such a pity that she has to experience this kind of trauma.
"She's critical after being hit yet surviving. I asked your mother to monitor her in the hospital while I'm here." The tears started to fall again from her eyes. "You know the most touching part is when the staff told me that Juniel kept calling my name while bearing extreme pain. I'm her strength." After Juniel's surgery, she got unresponsive for three days, still alive after near-death. Hasun transferred her daughter then to the same hospital, sharing the same ICU room with her seriously illed father. Juniel was presumed to die due to excessive blood loss. Wondrously, Sungho who got stable signs prior on that, died that same night. They all came to believe that he had taken the suffering of his daughter.
"Be strong for Juniel. She's holding on just for you." He told her.
Yes. I pray that she'll be healed quickly."
After their sincere talk, Minho decided to leave the place when he and Chairman Monghee's paths crossed at the hallway. Even with this load against his father, he set this aside and gave him respect. "Good Morning Pa."
"I thought you won't go back." He asked him with stern expression.
"I came to see Uncle." He told him politely.
His anger partially diminished when he saw his son again. "This is your fault. If you have agreed to marry the girl, there would be no problem."
Minho had no intention to stir up another fight again especially at his uncle's burial. He just swallowed what his father had said even if it is blaming him. They ignored each other for one month, possessed by pride. Now is the right time for some reconciliation. The two sat down on a near bench, talking about the girl.
"Investigators suspect that the mastermind of this failed kidnapping is non other than your Uncle Jihu."
"But why he had to do this with his niece?"
"Money. Sungho had stopped supporting him after he found out his gambling addiction. Moreover, he had no plan to give Jihu inheritance that made him mad."
The Investigators informed Monghee about their research on the conflict between two brothers and inheritance as the possible cause. The brother wanted his shares so badly.
"Sulli told me about this."
"It's possible he might do it again until he gets what he wanted."
"Did auntie already knows it?" If the girl recovers, her safety will still a problem.
"Not yet. She's already overwhelmed by these incidents so I'm taking care of it." Monghee is too willing to help Hasun solving this problem for she is already a family for him.
His son bowed his head lower as this event pushing him to help his relative as well. "What I'll gonna do, Pa?"
"It's a must, marry Juniel." It seemed like that is the only solution for Chairman Monghee.
"But I don't love her, she's like a sister."
"If you marry her, her money will be taken into your account as well as JSB. Jihu can't do anything anmore. He'll go to accept that he has nothing to get."
Minho stood up. "So that's it?" He was kind of resisting but had nothing to suggest. "
"This marriage can protect her too. While Juniel is connected with us, they can't touch her."
"How about her right? Do you think it won't hurt her? This disrespect her to choose whoever she loves."
The father got silenced for a moment, however... "Other than Hasun and Juniel. The company really likes your service. They wanted you to go back."
"I still has my girfriend, even if you're against her." The request might possibly tear them apart.
"If you can't split with your girlfriend, so be it. Marry Juniel and divorce her after a year if you want. You just need to secure her and JSB now. No other person can do that task except you." Monghee do not care about his son's relationship anymore. All he wished is Minho will do what is needed for the company most especially.
"If I agree, will everything go back to normal?" After all, he felt like his decision is the only answer for this problem.
"Everything will become better." The father remained persistent.
"I'll think it first." It was hard for him to decide yet there was an urge to accept it even if his relationship with Yuri will be in trouble.
Minho went to visit Juniel. The hospital room was guarded by two security persons outside, protecting her. He opened the door slowly as to not disturb her. Her angelic feature always amazes him. The girl was glowing in dim light with her light skin and white hospital gown. She was lying there with excruciating pain while unconscious of her surrounding. It was hard for him to imagine that the girl will soon wake up, find out that her father is gone. He felt pity for her and for that moment, he got some good reason to agree with his father. He held her hand wishing her to get better.
Three months after Juniel got shot, her wound healed as if back to normal. She tried to cope up with his father's loss, grieving still. Noticeably, Minho stopped insisting Yuri about marriage after their arguments about abortion. Contented enough with their informality since they still like each other. However, she had no idea that her partner was planning something with his father. Minho hide this from Yuri, that he will be marrying his cousin with a purpose. He agreed with his father taking it just like an ordinary business project. If he is the only solution of their problem, then he have to accept it regardless of real feeling. Other than securing the girl and her company, power and wealth is definite. He continued his work in Bank of America waiting for Juniel's recovery. His decision of accepting this marriage with Juniel finally had made his mother and auntie pleasantly surprised.
to be continued...

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Minho is nominated in the category of Most Popular Male Actor for Medical Top Team.
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Make It Real: Chapter 12

Minho came back to U.S. after his three months term in Junhee Savings Bank. He then applied as manager in Bank of America Boston branch where he was offered to get $200,000 a year. Yuri finally accepted his proposal to get married through civil wedding after her contract expired. She still had to complete her other projects before marrying her long-time boyfriend. Meanwhile, Chairman Monghee had cut its communication from son after they fought. He had no intention of bequeathing the company to his son if he continued defying his duties as future CEO.
One morning, Juniel was eating her snack alone inside school cafeteria when a classmate called her.
"There's someone looking for you." She told her.
"Who's that?"
"She didn't tell but she's an old woman."
"I see. I'll go down."
Juniel went out searching for the old woman and saw her there across the road. She was waving at her wearing simple blouse and long skirt.
"Why Miss?" She asked her.
"At last, I saw you!" She exclaimed, notably happy.
"Who are you?"
She held one of her hand while introducing herself "Juniel, I'm you real mother."
"Huh?" Juniel remembered Mrs. Hasun's confession about her real parents last month. "It can't be. My Mama said she already passed away since I was a baby."
"So you already know you're adopted but they still lied. Believe me I'm your mother." The stranger gripped one of her hand forcing the girl to come with her. "You father wants to see you too."
Juniel removed her hand from her touch. Instinctively, she felt something wrong about it. She could not explain but she wanted to leave quickly. "I'll ask my Mama's permission first." The girl started to move away when the woman pulled her hair back. It was painful to bear.
The woman turned creepy with her glaring eyes. "I said come with me!"
"Please don't hurt me." She asked the woman,  afraid of what she might do to her.
One moment, three firearm men came to her, purposely pulled her hands and tried to drag her on her feet. "Stay away from me." She panicky struggled from their grip and instinctively screamed some help. "Helppppp!"
Luckily, a police patrol was passing by heard the loud cry.
The gunmen quickly carried their struggling victim off to their motorbike when the cop caught them "Freeze!" He pointed his weapon at the gang and was able to duck when one gunman fired the pistol to his direction. The three ran away including the woman riding their motorbikes . The one who was holding Juniel found it difficult to escape. Juniel was too terrified feeling she could die there at the midst, while begging for some mercy.
The sound of exchange gunshots alarmed the security guards of Kyonggi School. They held their guns and immediately fired shots to the culprits as they were breaking away.
Now four guns pointed at the one guy left. The gunman held Juniel tightly as he could. "If you come to me I'll kill this girl." He threatened them. He was pointing his gun at her head, while holding its neck. Slowly he moved towards his motor. "Don't get near." He told them.
"Don't fire!" The cop commanded the three security guards during the standoff. He was trying to protect the girl.
After few minutes, at warp speed, the captivator pushed Juniel and rushed away with his bike, one of the bodyguard fired his gun and hit the girl unintentionally. The cop followed their direction while calling some help from their station.
The bodyguard who hit Juniel nervously came to her checking her badly wounded stomach. "I'm sorry Mam." He told her while using his own shirt to cover her wound. She was losing much blood and needed to send to hospital. Juniel was fearing for her life after she got shot. She kept asking for her Mama, fighting to survive.
Amazingly, Chairman Sungho's vital sings became okay that day. Mrs. Hasun was partly happy yet wondering about this strange thing until she received a call from Sunhwa. The younger woman was trembling in fear and seemed tense whe she said it.
"Unnie, go to Catholic Medical Center quickly, Juniel was shot."
"What?!" Mrs. Hasun was absolutely staggered by the news and hurriedly went to the hospital where Juniel was sent.
"The young girl was in critical condition, suffering from one gunshot to her upper stomach." Her husband had not yet recovered yet she is facing another trial with Juniel. She stumbled on her feet and sobbed loudly in front of the doctor who reported her.
Minho forgot something so he ran back to the unit. He remembered that document he inserted inside the bottom drawer. He searched all over when a container of mifepristone (an abortion pill) dropped on his feet.
The pill is 95-98 % effective in ending an unwanted pregnancy safely up to 12 weeks .
He re-read the note, suspecting that Yuri got pregnant before he went to Seoul and now she has those pills. He rebuked it until he hear her side. They were using any kind of contraceptive way eversince to protect her career, but this is too much for him. He had long desired to have her child, a good reason for his family to accept their relationship someday.
"I thought you already left? " Yuri said after she came out from shower.
"What is this?" Minho seriously showed her the pills she have been using.
"Oh-oh. " Yuri could not answer as she got troubled finding some reason.
"Why you have this thing?"
'Oh! My friend left it here when we had some drinks. "
"Don't fool me! You're using it aren't you?" He shouted and it startled her.
"No. I mean yes. Is that even illegal? I told you I'm willing to conceive after this contract."
"I don't care if that's illegal or not. He told her angrily. "I lost respect for you."
"My agency required me to do it otherwise, I'll lose my job."
"You're not different from my parents. You pick self interest over your family."
The girl was still speechless wanting to defend herself but how.
His long time partner suddenly wrecked his pride and desire to marry her.
"So what will you do? "
"I don't know." Then he went away.
Yuri got slightly bothered on what he said but remained unaffected. She was confident enough that he will forgive her and understand her action later on.
Minho never imagine that the one he supported for ten years and the one he was willing to defend against his parents will offend him just like this. Now, he do not want to trust anymore as the people who he expected to protect his love is the same people who are destroying it. He spent the night alone in his own condo, trying to reflect about this issue. Maybe it is just an ordinary problem but his ego was totally crushed the moment he found it. He was contemplating about it when his bestfriend called form Seoul.
"Hello bestfriend."
"Hey dude. I tried to contact you on your other number, you seems so busy lately."
"Yes. Why did you call?"
"You've missed a lot."
"What are those?"
"Uncle Sunho already passed away."
"Oh?" His mood turned to sorrow suddenly, hearing his uncle's death.
"And I'm sure you don't know this but your cousin Juniel was shot during a shooting incident."
"Really?!" He was not surprised at the death of his uncle, but totally blown by Juniel's news.
"It was all over newspaper three days ago. They wanted to kidnap Juniel maybe for some ramson. They were able to escape during shoot out as they used her as their shield. The girl was hit to her stomach incidentally."
"How about Auntie, how is she?"
"Poor old woman. She has to go back and forth to funeral and hospital, just to manage things."
"Is Juniel okay now?"
"Juniel is still critical. We actually thought she'll die ahead of her father."
The news came as a shock for him. Minho then felt guilty of leaving Aunt Hasun in times like this. He suddenly wished to return to Korea to at least pay tribute to his uncle and to visit his injured cousin. Above all, he had an urge to apologize for what he did that might hurt them.

to be continued...

Make It Real: Chapter 11

"Do you know my real parents, Mama?"
Hasun and Juniel were still awake talking about her biological background .
"I never met them. It was your grandmother who brought you to Holt ." The memory was still fresh from the old woman's mind.
"Did she tell anything about them?" Juniel was eager to know about the story on how she went to Choi family.
"You don't need to ask, it's not important now." Mrs. Choi Hasun is the major donator of Holt Orphanage where the girl was brought. She paid a huge amount to the grandmother for her not to disturb her grandchild again. She signed the agreement for her not to break her promise.
"But I want to, please..." Juniel was too curious on how her parents look like or how they behave.
"Your grandmother said that you looks exactly like your mother except that you have brown hair and eyes which you got from your father. She said your father has foreign blood."
"Whatelse? How about my attitude? Is this why I'm not intelligent?"
"Your parents were still students when you were conceived. Your grandmother was running a small restaurant as the source of their income."
"Then...Why did they abandoned me?"
"They didn't abandon you. This would just make you sad if you find out angel so don't ask about it." The girl's background is actually dramatic.
"Please Mama just tell me. I try not to get affected."
The mother breathed deeply, thinking on how to say it to her curious daughter. "Your real father died in a motor accident and afterwards, your mother committed suicide."
Juniel's eyes went big as she learned it "Huh, why did she do that?
"Too much depression. She thought that she can't live without your father. Your grandmother had been tormented by the tragic death of your mother and was forced to send you to orphanage."
The girl got saddened by her family's story and could be seen all over her face.
"Don't imitate your mother. She killed herself because of love."
'She's in love with my father that's why she did that?"
"Your grandmother said she was nice until she became obsess with him even taking her own life." Sungho and Hasun were giving everything to Juniel for her to experience comfortable life unlike with her real parents. The only thing that they feared of was Juniel might get the same fate as her real mother which they are trying to prevent.
Chairman Monghee's secretary, Mr. Shin  was sent to Boston to investigate Minho's girlfriend, two days after he reported to his boss on what he discovered.
Yuri was the eldest daughter of a dentist and his wife who is RTW owner in Seoul. She has three more sisters and had graduate from Seoul National University. She moved to California U.S. to pursue her interest in modeling and fashion designing where she met the young man, Minho. She became one of the most hired model from her rising company and has been on the pages of popular magazines such as Vogue recently. They were living in together for almost ten years now and Minho gave her a luxurious condo and BMW. They don't have children due to her career but there is a rumor spreading out that she got pregnant by her boyfriend, apparently Minho's child and secretly went to abort the baby but she denied it.
"Offer her with $2 million. If she decline, raise the amount until she accept it."
"Yes Chairman."
Mr. Shin went to Yuri's condo in Mandarin Oriental. He did what his chairperson told him.
"What they think about me, a whore?! I won't accept that even if you pay more!" She told the man furiously. She never felt so disgraced as this being threatened by Minho's parents. "I'm not depending on their son's money if that's what they're thinking. I have my own job too."
"I'm sorry. I'm just following their order." The man asked for forgiveness as he understood Yuri's feeling.
"They're too arrogant, they thought they can buy everything. Go now and never come again. Shove that money to their face!"
After the secretary left, Yuri called Minho complaining about his parents' wrongdoing which greatly upsets her boyfriend. Right after, he announced that he is stepping down as chairperson of JSB on the same day which stunned everyone in the company  especially the employees.
Sulli just found out Minho's decision and went hurriedly to see her brother .
"Is that true that you stepped down because you want to leave us.?" She asked him looking so scared about his sudden decision.
Yes. And I'll never go back." He answered while packing his things.
"Why? What happened? I thought you will going to marry Yuri here."
"Our parents turn evil as they offered her some money to leave me."
"They did?"
"Yes and I'm grateful that Yuri didn't accept it. She can't replace love with money."
"I'm sorry for that but can you talk with them first regarding this, maybe you can fix it peacefully."
"No need. I'm done with this constant manipulation. The more I see them, the more they look greedy."
The information regarding Yuri's response and Minho's step down reached Chairman Monghee. He went home wanting to confront his son.
When did you become stupid?!" He asked his son,  was so angry that his face turned all red.
"You don't care about me just your wealth." His son frankly told him.
The father and son never fought before and it was Sulli's first time to see them facing fiercely at each other. She did not know how to stop them.
Chairman Monghee's eyes were scary, he grabbed his son's neck preparing his wrist to punch him.
"Nooooo." Sulli screamed when she saw it. She went between them, crying for mercy. "Don't do that"
"Disobey my orders or you'll taste my fury." The father told him.
"I'm not afraid Pa. Just disown me if you want." He told him bravely as he was prepared for it. He pulled himself from his raging father and went away.
Sulli tried to follow her brother but her father stopped her. "From now on, treat him like he's dead."
Upon Minho's step down, Monghee appointed Director Gongchan as JSB's new chairman. He had no plan to let off JSB as Sungho was still alive .
Minho went back to America, carrying hard feelings toward his father. On the positive side, it's a sort of relief as he finally do whatever he wants without their oppression.
Meanwhile, Jihu was aware of Sunho's worsening condition. He did not visit him as he held grudge against his brother. He had promised to give him some inheritance but he broke it. Jihu's Pawnshop Corporation has been facing bankruptcy with his growing gambling addiction. He already spent out his 75% deposits and continuously losing his business's profits. He tried to ask his older brother's wife Hasun for financial support but she ignored him. He then came up with an evil plot for Juniel, his brother's adopted. She is the reason why his brother could not share him any inheritance thus he needed to kidnap the girl and hold her for ransom. He hired some gunmen, and they carefully planned for this operation.
to be continued...

{140426] SHINee to perform at Music Bank Brazil on June 7

Note: That will be on Saturday and Minho will host Music Core. I hope he'll come.

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Make It Real: Chapter 10

Mrs. Sunhwa angrily moved towards Sulli as if she wants to give her some quick slap after her unwanted revelation. Minho perceived it and went to block her mother.
"Ma, don't! Leave it to me okay? We don't need to hurt her." He told his mother, preventing her to hit his sister. Sunhwa dropped her hand and leave them to follow Hasun and Juniel.
Juniel ran away crying out, feeling out of control caused by distress. The word "adopted" kept repeating inside her mind. Mrs. Hasun was able to caught her and held her. The mother knows how heartbreaking it is when she discovered the truth so she tried to calm her daughter. They sat on the stair while embracing her tightly.
"Calm down please, Mama loves you." Mrs. Hasun could not stop herself from shedding tears as well, her daughter has been suffering enough even before this.
Juniel was long ago suspicious of herself as to why her feature and trait are different from her parents. She remembered one time when her teacher said normally a woman age 50 above is no more reproductive. She then asked her mother about it and Mrs. Hasun denied, saying she still has menstruation then that is why she still gave birth of her.
"Ma, why did you kept it from me?" Juniel was sobbing hard, gasping for some breath with her broken speech. She asked why they needed to lie.
"We're afraid that you might rebel against us if we'll tell you. We love you Juniel and we're willing to give you everything we have." The mother explained.
"You don't need to give me everything to prove your love, Mama. You and Papa's presence are the most important for me. I love you so much." Even though she found out that she is only adopted, for her they will always be her real parents.
"Thank you so much my daughter." She hugged her again and kissed her on her forehead. She wiped her daughter's tears and said "Please remember this, you might not conceived from my own womb, but I carried and delivered you inside my heart."
Juniel nodded "Yes Mama." She was moved by her mother's quote and will never forget it.
Sunhwa followed them on the stairs, comforting each other. She felt sorry for what happened and so she came near wanting to ask some apology.
"I want to ask forgiveness Unnie. I got shocked too on what they did."
"Don't apologize to me but with Juniel." She asked the younger woman, still bitter at what Minho and Sulli did to her daughter earlier.
"Don't cry Juniel. I'll talk with your unnie after this." Sunhwa gently stroked the girl's back.
"I'm okay now Auntie. Don't worry." She answered, more calm now with such comforting words.
"Juniel has a good heart. I really don't understand why she always getting hurt."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
The frustrated father left the lounge while holding his aching head. Monghee already had so much stress dealing with his company and had no time to solve this trouble. While the siblings stayed inside the room. Minho was bit mad at the trouble Sulli had caused, yet he appreciate her aggressive defense for him. She had fault but he needed to stand by her side.
Sulli slammed herself on a single couch, with cross-legs. She looked at his brother who seems like irritated "What? You will scold me?"
"Whatever you did, it's still wrong."
"I know. They're just annoying. They pampered Juniel way much to extend providing her husband. And the worst part is they chose you. You're too perfect for her."
"I don't  wanna think that I would marry Juniel only for wealth nor particularly filling her incapacities. They didn't give us enough trust or freedom to decide by ourself, that's hurt me."
"Oppa, she's really stupid, she's very dependable girl. She can't decide alone so they need to provide everything for her. Even if she has billion, his husband is still too unlucky to marry such useless wife. And it's right you disagreed, you'll just turn miserable if you did."
"You know I feel like the only reason why our parents want me to marry Juniel is because of her money and JSB."
"You can surpass Uncle Sungho's wealth since you're smart. You don't need to rely on their inheritance. Consequently, Uncle Sungho and Uncle Jihu fought because of that." Jihu is Sungho's youngest brother.
"I heard that Uncle Jihu is so upset that Uncle Sungho doesn't have plan to share his properties to him contrary of what he pormised before his adopted came. Actually, eversince Juniel came, Uncle Sungho and Aunt Hasun had changed.
"On the other hand, it's better that Juniel already knew her identity as they can't hide it forever."
"Of course." Sulli stood up and came to him, needed to brainwash her brother's mind. She held his shoulder and told him "Oppa, even if they'll going to force you, don't agree with their plan. Call Yuri to come here and marry her right away. I still prefer that commoner but career-minded woman than the adopted girl."
The mother approached Minho searching for her daughter, still disgusted at her daughter's action.
"Where's Sulli?"
"Ma, I already talked with her earlier."
"But where did she go?"
"She said she'll meet some friend." Sulli went out to spend the time elsewhere fearing of her mother's wrath.
"We still need to talk."
They entered inside his dark father's office room so he switched the light on.
"Aunt Hasun said before they went that if you'll keep turning down their proposal, they might leave CFG."
"I see." It hurted Minho's pride. Despite his service in JSB, just because of his rejection they intended to break away from its holding company.
"Not really threatening us, she said if they can find a person who will take care of JSB then they'll separate from us. So I hope you change your mind."
"Let them do what they want."
"Are you serious? Do you not consider CFG's major contribution to JSB until now?" The mother wondered as to how her son looked care less about it.
"What do you want? To force me in this business marriage?"
That is what Sunhwa wanted to happen. She will come to regret once CFG and JSB got separated. "JSB has been established since 1975 by your uncle and father. It won't become second largest bank now without the help of CFG. I'm afraid that it's competitors will overtake it's position in the future."
"So you choose the company over your son 's happiness?" Minho could no longer hide his disappointment but still optimistic about it. "Let's believe that many more opportunities will come after JSB so please don't act like it's the only thing we have, Ma." He told her seriously.
"Why you oppose this offer so much? Juniel is a good girl too. Besides CFG and JSB's future, we know that you'll become great couple. We won't choose girl who doesn't fits you." Sunhwa learned to like Juniel because she knows her personality ever since she was baby.
"The truth is, I'm engaged with my girlfriend."
"What?" The mother was surprised on what she heard.
"Yes Ma. I'm committed with a commoner girl. We're already ten years in relationship. I'm sorry for hiding it for the benefits of our relationship too. I'm planning to marry her when I return to U.S." Minho confessed to his mother who was still in disbelief.
"I'm also deciding to step down as chairperson of JSB. I think it will be fair enough with auntie."
"No, you won't do this."
"Seriously I could. I have no reason to stay in JSB. Sorry Ma." Minho remained hard and persistent to his decision. He is matured enough to handle things, not wanting to controlled by his parents anymore.
Minho left his mother and she went quickly to tell this to her husband.
"He said it?" Monghee suddenly got angry after hearing what his son had said "Why he's deciding to step down if I didn't order him?
"I think our son got hurt by his auntie's words. I don't know what to do."
"It was clearly said out of anger. But she can't do anything with it since I have full control." Being a chairman of its holding company, Monghee still has words.
"You know why your son seems contradicting us now is because he has girlfriend in U.S." Minho is always obeying his parents that is why they hate it if he will not comply.
"Yes. The girl is just ordinary person, no rank whatsoever. But our son loves her and wanting to marry her soon." Sunhwa disclosed it to her husband.
Out of anger, the chairman punched a wooden table "Is that the reason he wants to abandon his responsibility? Call the secretary and order him to investigate about that woman. If we can pay her just to leave our son, then we must!"
Sunhwa did immediately what her husband commanded her. They are too eager to dettach their son from her.
to be continued...

Make It Real: Chapter 9

It has been three months since the appointment of young chairman Minho in JSB. As he had promised, he successfully opened its first bank branch in Taiwan followed by another two in just one week span. He designed and improved the electronic services in Mobile-banking and SMS-banking system and implemented offers such as loans secured by movable and immovable property. The shareholders and board of directors gave him positive response after that honeymoon period.
Meanwhile, cardiac problem complicated Chairman Sunho's recovery after stroke. Aside from forming disabilities, the stroke damaged the part of the brain that control his heart making its rhythm beat abnormal which lead to myocardial infraction. The severity of complication might lead to sudden death as the mortality rate is high for his age. Upon learning her husband's deteriorating condition, Hasun prayed earnestly to God asking strength for her and her daughter to handle this circumstance. She was already preparing herself to face the worst despite of remaining hope inside her  The heart-rending view of Juniel massaging her Papa's dysfunction hand, weakened her everytime. She and Sungho have been together for almost thirty five years, long enough to devote each other. While Juniel who is just sixteen has to suffer this mysery besides her. They were old already when the girl came that made her blame their age. If only they were still younger, Juniel may spending much valuable time with them especially with her Papa.
Mrs. Hasun had decided then to pursue their plan for Juniel. While both are still alive, she needed to secure her daughter's future before any one pass away. They already talked about this with Choi Monghee and his wife and that is the arrange marriage between Minho and Juniel. It is the best option for both the girl and the company. This is common thing among rich people but she is willing to do it mainly for her daughter. Thinking that Minho possess everything they needed for son-in-law, with his good reputation and leadership skill as well as his socio-economic status that is equal as Juniel. They thought that he will not betray their trust and wealth unlike other guy. Even without love, Hasun is confident enough that her nephew will soon learn to love Juniel as she raised her kind and compassionate girl. Minho is easy to love either, she knows Juniel will develop deep affection on her cousin afterwards. It is in their traits that the chances of love may grow. She instructed Juniel to wear the best dress she has for they will visit Choi Monghee's residence that cold afternoon. The girl refused first as she did not want to leave her Papa but the old woman already ordered two of their private nurses in take caring of their husband while they were out.
Choi Monghee called together his wife, Minho, and Sulli after Hasun messaged him. He commanded the chef to cook the best meals for the visitors and prepare the indoor lounge for this important family matter. Minho had to postpone the meeting with some foreign clients with this urgent call. At exactly 6 p.m., Hasun and Juniel arrived at the area where Monghee's family were already gathered. They greeted one another with kisses and hand shakes. As usual, Sulli ignored Juniel's presence and the girl was kind enough to forgive her unnie. Minho came to his cousin and they shook hands, he greeted Juniel with a charming smile. "How are you?"
"I'm fine Oppa, thank you." Juniel who was still half-shy in front of him, put a cute smile on her face. It was three months ago after their first encounter and it left strange impression on her. The girl wore nice chiffon aqua dress for the occasssion. She can captivate hearts even without makeup or jewelry with only her rosy cheeks and natural brown eyes. Juniel might not be as good looking as his sister but enough to be called pretty with her distinct natural look.
"Good." Minho stood gorgeous with his casual suit. He then warmly hugged Aunt Hasun as he welcomed her.
They sat on the leathered couches, facing one another. Hasun begun the important announcement and they seriously listened when she spoke her intention.
"Before my husband got stroke, we already talked about this certain arrangement with you Monghee-shi and Sunhwa. I think this is the right time to announce it eventhough my husband is still fighting to recover. It is our wish before anything happen to us.  And it's about Juniel and JSB."
Now that Minho heard about arrangement connecting to his cousin and company, it might be the same condition that his father had talked about before.
Hasun turned her solemn eyes on her nephew who was sat facing her, "Minho, we had negotiated with your parents but it's nice to hear it from you. We carefully check all the possible options and it's you who fits it perfectly."
"What is it?" The young man remained composed, having its own prediction.
"We had chosen you to marry our daughter, Juniel." And Minho was right. Aunt Hasun's statement did not create much impact on him as he expected it, different with Juniel's reaction. She was quiet listening on her mother until this words surprised her completely. She had no idea nor her parents consulted her about this marriage plan leaving her open-mouthed right there. "We agreed to merge our company with CFG and will give you inheritance as the consequence of this matrimonial alliance. You're already doing great as our Chairman and I know that you'll do great also as being our future son-in-law." She told him.
"Thank you for you trust Auntie but I can't accept this proposal." Minho's voice was firm and hardened by his decision. He could not see his self being tied with someone else especially that his heart belongs to only one woman. Hasun did not expect him to easily rejects this offer and it visibly dismayed her as well as Minho's parents.
Sunhwa begged her son who was saddened by his refusal "Son, can you please re-think about it."
"I stand by my words. I'm sorry Ma and Auntie." He said.
"Son, how can you easily turn it down? This arrangement will give more benefits for both CFG and JSB's global market status. You know that it will maximize our shareholding's wealth by combining the two companies." Reminded by his CEO father.
"It's possible to merge the two companies without this marriage arrangement, Pa." It upsets Minho to know that they need to disregard his preference for the benefits of other person.
"Juniel's future is very important for us and we're willing to share our wealth to whoever guy who won't betray our family and her possession. Out of all the choices out there, It was you we greatly favored, that's why we're here." Hasun clarified herself.
Juniel did not know how to react in this matter. She was too naive to think about this kind of obligation and it hurts her somehow.
"Auntie, I can't accept this proposal. For you marriage is like a business, but it needs love to survive and It's not made solely for one person. You must find someone who had mutual interest with your daughter and I'm afraid I can't give that."
"I believe love can grow overtime." Hasun got teary-eyed as her proposal got rejected by her nephew.
Minho shook his head, unchanged by his choice. He would never settle with someone he did not desire.
Sulli who was shaking in anger could not control it anymore. The fact that they needed to pressure her brother just because of Juniel infuriated her thus she needed to defend him. She rose from her seat unafraid of the consequence of her action "This is too much! You already got everything Juniel even a husband needs to provide it for you. How relevant are you when you're just a feeble minded adopted girl!
"Sulli, stop it!"
"Yes. Why everyone is afraid to say the truth? Juniel is incapable because she's not a Choi. And now Oppa is obliged to marry her just to cover up her fake blood."
Sulli's unexpected revelation was clearly out of context and it struck everyone particularly the naive girl. Juniel's heart beats faster by the stabbing pain that hurts her, the girl instinctively left them, running away from this devastating reality.
to be continued...

Make It Real: Chapter 8

After his first day of service, Minho returned to Choi's modern architectural house inside Incheon where he would stay for the meantime. For his comeback and their mini family reunion, Mrs. Choi Sunhwa ordered her personal chef to cook special dishes for their dinner. Some native foods were Nakji bokkeum (stir-fried octopus and vegetables), Haemul Pajeon (Korean seafood pancakes), Kimchi Stew, Soy Sauce Crab, and Samgyetang (Chicken boiled in ginseng), all are Minho's favorite meals.
Sulli had long waited for her brother's return and was very happy to meet him at the entrance. "At last, my precious brother is here!"  
The siblings hugged each other happily after fifteen years. Sulli who was very attach with her brother when she was small had used to live without him.
"Look at you, you grown tall and lovelier exactly like Ma." Minho praised his sister who was reaching his height.
Sulli is now 21 with her stunning height and feminine feature, she can join a beauty pageant just like her mother did. Unlike his sister, Minho has tanned skin and rounder eyes which he got from his father.
'Yes. And I'm wishing you'll stay here forever." She told him, smiling widely.
"Well let's see. This wasn't my plan actually. I'm just obeying our father's order."
"So that means you'll go back to U.S. again after this?" Her smile diminished after his response.
"It depends. But if I could convince your unnie to stay here then we may." The only person who knows his hidden relationship with a commoner is his sister, Sulli. Her brother confessed it after she accidentally saw them together when she went to America two years ago.
"Just marry her and drag her here. There's nothing to be scared of. Our parents can't do anything once they found it." Sulli asked him irritated by their problem. For her, this issue is just simple to resolve if dealt properly.
"If I were asked, I wanted it so badly ever since we're together. It seems not hard as we're financially stable living there, but I have to think her modeling career too." Kwon Yuri is equally ambitious as Minho but unlike he, she is aiming to be next top model thus she disapproved his wish of having children. "She has load of promotion and fashion show projects lately. I can't stop her job though it upsets me at times."
"How important is that job? You can feed her all through her life."
"It's her happiness. I can't buy that for her."
"Duh? You're thinking of her happiness while you're sacrificing yours. You make things more complicated than it is." Sulli hated it when Minho acting so compliant with Yuri. Because of his love, he was willing to set aside even his own desire as long as they are together.
Yuri's beauty drove him crazy the first time they met. The lady is notoriously more beautiful than any girl he met thus he immediately fell, head over heels for her. He was once a nerd with boringly studious trait, but her approachable style changed this aspect of him. The ten years together made him more mature and responsible in life and the frequent thought of starting a family in his mind. They suit each other whether it's looks, ambition, and love for things. The only thing that he dislike about her is her reluctance about family, unwillingness to meet his parents and to give him a child. Yuri got nexoplanon implant on her skin to prevent herself from pregnancy, the thing that almost tore them apart. Nevertheless, Minho stayed with her as he had promise.
One moment, their parents arrived together from work. The well-refined son met them at the door way with warm embrace."Pa, Ma I'm glad to be here again."
"We're glad too. Seeing our family complete after how many years." The mother kissed her son on his cheek while Mr. Monghee tapping his son's shoulder.
"You must be too tired now, come your mother prepared your favorite meals?" Just like Sunhwa, the father seems proud of his son's accomplishments in States. He grown up independent yet aristocratic just like him. He could clearly see his determination to follow his footsteps.
The family gathered around a master carved dining table, nicely arranged with baroque silverware sets and water goblets. The dining area looks traditional with classy antique furniture. As they sat down, the meals were brought out hot from the kitchen one by one.
"Did you already visit your uncle?"
"Yes Ma. I got sad seeing him in that state, because of his age, it's difficult to recuperate." Sulli reached him the platter with gimbap "Thanks."
"How about your auntie? Did you already talked with her." Asked by his mother again while slicing her food.
"We did talk about the plan and some stuffs as well."
"Good. I hope she agrees with your goals."
"Yes. She does."
"Have you met Juniel too?" The father sipped his wine, asking him if he met the girl already.
"Yes. The girl barely talks however."
"Juniel is too quiet but she's a sweetheart once you know her." Said by Sunhwa.
When Minho was in U.S. he barely heard anything about Juniel aside from Sulli's complain of her being spoiled. She seems nice when he saw her although her reserved attitude screaming awkwardness between them.
"Juniel is nothing but a dumb, such an embarrassment in our name." Sulli butt in with her natural straightforward opinion.
"Sulli!" Mrs. Sunhwa caught her daughter's attention after hearing the words.
"Why did you said that Sulli?" Although he know that Juniel is incapable of succeeding their business, his sister's bluntness had pushed him to be more curious about the girl.
"She's a special child, oppa."
Minho was quiet taken aback by her sister's statement.
"Juniel is not special child Sulli. She's just poor with some academic subjects, not everything."
"Ma, do you actually believe to Aunt Hasun? a girl with IQ less than 90 is just normal kid really? She's just lucky that her mother is rich to hire pay-high tutors to inject knowledge inside her brain."
"Sulli, stop it! Don't disgrace Juniel in front of your oppa, she's still your cousin."
Sunhwa could not tolerate Sulli's continuous mocking of the girl. Juniel is actually harmless girl for her to deserve that words.
"Sorry Ma but I can't have pea-brained relative." It made Sulli mad jealous when every time they open a topic about the adopted girl, she only got positive response. If her loving aunt did not adopted the girl, Mrs. Sunhwa might trample down Juniel's ego now.
Minho listened quietly at their little argument. The fact that Juniel has this case made him feeling concern for the girl more.
"Juniel's ability is actually blessing in disguise for us. If she was smart, I don't think they'll be able to merge their company with us." Monghee spoke
"How can you say that Pa?" Minho knows the possibility of combining their companies yet the father spoke as if her weakness is their advantage.
Sunhwa agreed as she explained. "Sungho oppa once said he'll give half of his fortune to the charity and half will be divided among their families. But that changed when Juniel came. She could just inherit all their wealth if only she's capable to sustain. Being JSB's holding company and trusted relative of Sungho oppa, they are willing to share their company with us just for Juniel's sake."
"How much then will Juniel get if she'll be able to receive all the inheritance?" Minho asked curiously. The fact that his parents were disclosing this confidential information.
"Juniel was supposed to inherit $1.1 billion dollar total of personal assets. The fortune was reduced after they decided to merge with us and will just give 10% for charity. This is also to prevent family dispute over inheritance knowing Juniel is just adopted." He told his son.
The number of her supposed fortune undoubtedly the highest among Choi clan. "1.1 billion dollar is even greater than father's personal net worth." Sulli was still in disbelief. She considered Juniel as her rival since small. They were both treated as princess with their social status only she is smarter and prettier. On the other hand, Juniel remained average looking but more recognized as richest as she is being solo heir.
"It's a combination of their personal properties." Said by Minho. Sungho and Hasun's inheritance from their ancestors remained untouched as their business succeed over the years.
"Huh? Seems like her boyfriend won lottery."
"Boyfriend?" Asked by her mother.
"Yes. Did you know that Juniel has boyfriend who looks like monkey?"
"Monkey?" These surprised the three as they know Juniel's aloof personality."Is that really true?" Asked again by the mother.
"Well, I'm actually kidding." Sulli added. "There's a confident janitor in Kyonggi who keeps saying he'll marry Juniel if she reach 18. That girl seems like him too as she keps smiling whenever he's around." Sulli was talking about Eunhyuk, who was being called as monkey. He is popular among students with his jokes and mood booster. Sadly he resigned from his job.
Sulli is pretty straightforward that annoys Minho at times, yet it made him laugh for some reason.
"We may sound like opportunist here but I doubt and still thinking if there's a hidden agenda behind this?" Minho the smart son was sensing something fishy behind their agreement. Even if Juniel is not that smart, she could choose somebody who can help her to carry this burden besides her. If she'll get marry a commoner guy for example, 4 million dollar is enough to sustain a family for a lifetime. Her parents might protecting their bank as well but trusting their wealth with business partner to secure their daughter's future is quiet intriguing.
Mr. Monghee could see his son being puzzled up by this deal. He could not tell the secret yet he gave him some hint. "They gave us just one condition and I chose to say that at the right time."
Minho's guess was right when he thinks of agenda. The mother who was sitting besides Monghee knows everything about it since she was there when they talked about this certain set up.
"I think we should tell this to our son." Sunhwa said to her husband. After the dinner, the couple went to their bedroom to get rest.
"Your son is just started his work, it might frustrate him getting another request."
"I can feel he'll turn down this arrangement. He is too manly for her." Sunwa confessed. She was talking about a marriage between Minho and Juniel as their motive of business agreement.
"Whether he likes it or not he has to marry her."
"What if he rejects her because she's not his type?"
"Regardless of Juniel's personality, her fortune is no joke. If Minho will agree, he will possess everything she owns.
"I like the idea but It might be too cruel for them. They don't love each other." Thinking that her son and Juniel have opposite characters, the mother felt they will not succeed.
"There's no love in business. If Minho will use his mind, he will accept this proposal even if he doesn't like her. I'm sure he knows how Juniel's wealth will do for great for him and our company.
Minho is one of the few bachelors inside circle that has equal status as Juniel. Sunho and Hasun picked him among the potentials as they know the boy's background. Juniel being the youngest of all Choi is too young for Minho but he fits their requirements.
Minho called Yuri the following morning and thinking how was she. She was on her bedroom lying flat jaded by the fashion show she participated. "Hi love. How are you today?" He greeted sweetly.
"Hi. I'm fine just too tired." Yuri answered, being less enthusiastic after his departure.
"Have you taken your dinner?"
"No. I don't want to since It's past 9 now here. I just need to sleep." She told him as clearly shown in her voice.
"I see. Don't abuse yourself and don't forget to take your vitamins." Yuri was in diet that Minho had to remind her not to overdo it.
"Yes I will."
"I'll send you monthly allowance and if you need more just call me okay?"
"Okay. I love you." Yuri smiled after hearing that. She thought Minho would change since he went back to Korea but his concern is still there much more to her confidence is his financial support even if they are far away from each other.
"I love you too."
to be continued...