[140531] Minho and friends with Brazil Women National Soccer Team


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[140531] Pyunghong updates Insta with Minho

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[140529] Minho with Kai selca

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[140529] Osmar updates FB with Minho and Cool Kiz on the Block guests

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[140529] SHINee Lucky Star PV


[140529] Minho's arrival at Brazil Trends

[FA] Beast Dujun seems genuinely concerned about Minho as he surrounded by fans all the time because he kept looking around. Credit: YumiB2uty

[FA] Some fans criticized minho's sulky attitude when he arrived at the airport but most fans also defended him saying he is just tired from 24 hours travel which is understandable. Minho has so many fans in Brazil even more than he expect. Source: https://www.facebook.com/SHINeeBrazilBR/posts/414231242052955

Definitely Brazil is Minho land ;) @GloriaShawol

You must know that Minho is the ideal type of an average Latin american girl. I think Minho is popular in all the continent (Latin America), except Argentina, and maybe Uruguay. In Perú, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, even Bolivia I'm pretty sure Minho is the most popular. You should not be surprised!! ... Latin America is Minho's Land . (Except Argentina i think). @Sara_mpv

minho famous in america latin...s0bbsssss :>>>>>>>>>>>> @mutiaraguyo
minho is a president of latin america @toomyaak

minho is king of latin america @leo2tubasa

teachnically, latin america is 's land-mexico, chile, argentina now-Brazil.. :) @jamayajuami2

 For sure <3333 RT @/Azza_yaa south america is really minho's land.. #WelcomeToBrazilMinho @DaniMoncada12

Latin America more like Minhomerica tbh :"D @Lesita93

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[140529] Schedule of 'Our Neighborhood with Minho' for this week.

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With exclusiveness, the SarangInGayo get the complete schedule of "Special Episode of World Cup” of the show Our Neighborhood Variety Sports' - also known as' KIZ COOL ON THE BLOCK ' for this week.

Previously, SarangInGayo reported that Kang Hodong (MC), Kim HeungGook (singer), Lee KyuHyuk (ex speed skater), Seo Jisuk (actor), Lee Jung (singer), Jo HanSeon (actor), Yoon Doojoon (BEAST ) and Choi Minho (SHINee) would play a match against a female futsal team and participate in a gymkhana with the Korean community.

However, they gave to SarangInGayo new informations that members of ONVS will be playing against the national women's football team on 29 May; participate in a friendly match against a team of futsal (men) - sponsored by KIA, by the championship "KIA CHAMP INTO THE ARENA" on May 31; and make a gymkhana with the Korean community in June 1.

With that, check out the full schedule. Since the arrival of the members and the production of the varietyshow, beyond the schedule for this week.

► Arrival

Guarulhos International Airport - May 28
Etihad Airways – EY 191
Time: 4h35 PM

► Schedule

• May 29
Recording and match against national football team (female)
Location: CT Palmeiras
Time: starting from 9AM
(Not open to the public)

• May 31
Recording and match against Brazilian team. Tournament by "KIA CHAMP INTO THE ARENA".
Location: Arena Sports World
Time: starting from 2PM
(Not open to the public)

• June 1
Recording and gymkhana with the Korean community.
Location: Olympic Center
Time: starting from 10PM
(Open to the public)

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[140528] Minho and Jonghyun in Etude Pink Blooming Day

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[140528] Minho to participate in a soccer match in Brazil

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SHINee’s Minho has flown to Brazil with other idols to participate in a friendly soccer match that is arranged by KBS’s variety show “Cool Kiz on the Block”. Minho and the rest of the idols have departed from Incheon international airport last night, May 27.
The other idols who participate are Jung Hyung Don, Seo Ji Seok, Lee Jung, B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon, and former national soccer player Lee Young Pyo. The idols will be competing at World Sport Arena and play against amateur soccer players from Brazil in a friendly match.

SHINee are currently busy preparing for their solo concert, the “SHINee World Concert 3″ in a number of Asian countries, such as Shanghai, Jakarta and a concert tour in Japan.

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[140527] Our Neighborhood with Minho is top 18th show last May 27 with increase rating

Cool Kiz on the Block with Choi Minho as guest rating increase again from his first appearance last May 20 (5.9%). Leading the time slot with 7.1% against competitors SBS 2.0% and MBC 1.5%.

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[140527] Minho had eye checkup

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[140527] Minho departure at Incheon Airport



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[140527] Minho cut in Cool Kiz on the Block



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[140526] Actor Jang Donggun said Minho will suceed in acting coz of hardwork

SM C & C Actor Jang starred in the movie "Crying Man" was asked about who is the best among SM Idol actors. He said that SHINee Minho seems to be much better now as he really works hard. He feels the young boy has highest potential to succeed in acting. Siwon is also good too. The article received positive comments by netizens are like...

Jang knows Minho works so hard that's why he praised him.
Choi Minho jjang jjang  ^ ^
I am happy to hear that Minho received praise from his great senior 
Minho is doing good in drama but the rating is upsetting. Next time he must choose good project.
Minho really works hard.

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=001&oid=213&aid=0000485128

[140526] SHINee greeting for Etude House Malaysia

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[140526] A girl kissing Minho's picture


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[140526] Minho (sharing his fans some foods) on IAC Recording

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Minho's Team A (Minho, Xiumin, Luhan, Woohyun, Hoya, Sorong, and Baro) won!

Fanaccount>>>>> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s1ttjs

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