[110730] Minho at Odaiba Mezamashi Live

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[110728] Minho's fancams at Reception Event

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[110720] Minho's UFO Replies

Fan : The weather today is warm, after going to Japan do come back early, we will be waiting for you all and we won’t climb over the wall 

Minho : Thank you , don’t climb over the wall alright !
Fan :  While washing my face, I close my eyes and then I took up the facial wash and squeeze a little and put in on my face , suddenly my face feel so hot  like there’s fire !!!! and later I found out !!!!!!!!  TOOTHPASTE ㅠㅠㅠ how? Till now it still feel like it’s buring
Minho : THIS !!!!! Next time please reassure …

[Fan] oppa please stay healthy i love you
[Minho] i love you ^^ stay healthy
[Fan] in Korea or Japan , In the universes or in my heart
[Jonghyun] don’t try to restraint me
[Fan] What do you think of the Member mental age!! haha
[Minho] Same as their heart..i guess it’s 7 years old heh heh
[To OnewJonghyunMinhoKeyTaemin] ㅠㅠ Please give me a reply! I’m gonna cry. ㅠㅠ
[Minho] Don’t cry~~ I gave you a reply ^^
[To SHINee] I ate an ice cream! It’s tasty. At Japan~?
[Minho] Why didn’t you buy ice cream for me… At Japan ^^
[To OnewJonghyunKeyMinhoTaemin] What you ate for lunch… I haven’t eat ㅠㅠ
[Minho] I ate fried pork steak ^^ ㅎ Why didn’t you eat? Quickly grab something yummy!
[To SHINee] I miss you I miss you!
[Minho] miss u too! (he replied in English! ^^)
[To Onew] Oppa, i miss you ㅠㅠ
[Onew] lalala

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[110717] Minho is choosen as No.1 Sports Idol

Minho of SHINee have been selected as the no. 1 Idol whose good in sports
A survey was held last June 9 to July 15 and 914 sports stars was asked the question: “Who is the best Idol in sports nowadays?”. Minho comes in first with an overwhelming votes of 512 (56%) and Sistar’s Bora comes in second with 174 votes (19%).
Best of Seven Star Instructor ChaJilYoung representative said “Mingo got an overwhelming votes in this survey because of his participation in programs such as Idol Stars Athletic Competition and Dream Team Season 2 and with this shows Minho stands out from everyone and impressed the viewers with his incredible skills in Athletics, Swimming, High Jump, with Minho’s skills he take up the title: one of the entertainment industry’s leading national treasures and he also build the image of Idols not only for singing and dancing but also in sports.”
Another representative of ChaJilYoung also stated: ” Minho of SHINee got a well-balanced with an intimate physical condition that enables him to be good in athletics sports championship!”
Meanwhile SHINee’s debut song in Japan is doing great and is now Gold Certified, their Japanese tour is currently in process and they will visit places like Fukuoka, Saporo, Tokyo and many others. In addition, SISTAR19 debut song is currently loved by fans.
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[110717] Minho in Kiss & Cry

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[110713] Minho on the cover of Peruvian magazine Zona Joven

In this edition there is an especial report called “K-POP INVASION”!! They’re talking about SHINee, SS501, TVXQ, Girls Generation, Super Junior and Big Bang!

I’m buying the magazine tomorrow and scan it all!!!! (Roxy)
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[110711] Minho's UFO Replies

[Fan] Today won’t be replying to UFO right„^_ㅠ„?
[Minho] Today will be reply heh long time no see ^^
[Fan] Minho ya where can i see you.. ㅠㅠ
[Minho] hmm where can you see?
[Fan] Fried chicken at East Incheon (a district in Seoul) is the best~
[Minho] East Incheon fried chicken… I need to ask mom to buy! I like it too ^^

(*LMAO this fan actually posted this once and Jjong replied her “Looks yummy”)

[Fan] Minoya~mi mi mi mi no ya~
[Minho] Wae wae wae wae ae ae aeyo???? (Why????)

[Fan] How was the broadcast show? Couldn’t watch because I was at Jeju. Sorry~
[Minho] It’s ok ㅎ Did you have fun playing there?

[Fan] Today’s my birthday but I have a test so I can’t play… Minho please reply to this. Wish me a happy birthday
[Minho] Happy birthday to you~ Don’t be depressed in the middle of setting the goal. You can do it ^^
(received it 20mins before the exam. So happy ^^)

[Fan] It appears like except for JongHyun, other members don’t seem to bother about UFO. When will i have friendly conversation with you guys?
[Minho] No! Since now I will do more friendly conversations than Jonghyunie hyung~

[Fan] I’m having cold. Dying
[Minho] Get better soon~ Be strong today~

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[110710] Onew and Minho with Music Core Staff

온유 민호 막방기념 ㅋ 절대 앞에 서지 않겠다는 작가들대신 앞에 쭈구리 두녀석 ㅋ 고생들했다 ㅋ http://lockerz.com/s/118727513http://lockerz.com/s/118727722


To commemorate Onew Minho’s last day ㅋ the two squatting in front because the scriptors insisted standing in the back ㅋ you two ㅋ thanks for your hard work ㅋ http://lockerz.com/s/118727513 http://lockerz.com/s/118727722
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[110710] KeyMinTae and f(x) Hello on stage

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