[110711] Minho's UFO Replies

[Fan] Today won’t be replying to UFO right„^_ㅠ„?
[Minho] Today will be reply heh long time no see ^^
[Fan] Minho ya where can i see you.. ㅠㅠ
[Minho] hmm where can you see?
[Fan] Fried chicken at East Incheon (a district in Seoul) is the best~
[Minho] East Incheon fried chicken… I need to ask mom to buy! I like it too ^^

(*LMAO this fan actually posted this once and Jjong replied her “Looks yummy”)

[Fan] Minoya~mi mi mi mi no ya~
[Minho] Wae wae wae wae ae ae aeyo???? (Why????)

[Fan] How was the broadcast show? Couldn’t watch because I was at Jeju. Sorry~
[Minho] It’s ok ㅎ Did you have fun playing there?

[Fan] Today’s my birthday but I have a test so I can’t play… Minho please reply to this. Wish me a happy birthday
[Minho] Happy birthday to you~ Don’t be depressed in the middle of setting the goal. You can do it ^^
(received it 20mins before the exam. So happy ^^)

[Fan] It appears like except for JongHyun, other members don’t seem to bother about UFO. When will i have friendly conversation with you guys?
[Minho] No! Since now I will do more friendly conversations than Jonghyunie hyung~

[Fan] I’m having cold. Dying
[Minho] Get better soon~ Be strong today~

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