[110717] Minho is choosen as No.1 Sports Idol

Minho of SHINee have been selected as the no. 1 Idol whose good in sports
A survey was held last June 9 to July 15 and 914 sports stars was asked the question: “Who is the best Idol in sports nowadays?”. Minho comes in first with an overwhelming votes of 512 (56%) and Sistar’s Bora comes in second with 174 votes (19%).
Best of Seven Star Instructor ChaJilYoung representative said “Mingo got an overwhelming votes in this survey because of his participation in programs such as Idol Stars Athletic Competition and Dream Team Season 2 and with this shows Minho stands out from everyone and impressed the viewers with his incredible skills in Athletics, Swimming, High Jump, with Minho’s skills he take up the title: one of the entertainment industry’s leading national treasures and he also build the image of Idols not only for singing and dancing but also in sports.”
Another representative of ChaJilYoung also stated: ” Minho of SHINee got a well-balanced with an intimate physical condition that enables him to be good in athletics sports championship!”
Meanwhile SHINee’s debut song in Japan is doing great and is now Gold Certified, their Japanese tour is currently in process and they will visit places like Fukuoka, Saporo, Tokyo and many others. In addition, SISTAR19 debut song is currently loved by fans.
Source: shineeperudotcom.wordpress.com

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