[120831] MinSul and Lee Hyun Woo transform into hot baristas

f(x)‘s Sulli, SHINee‘s Minho, and Lee Hyun Woo transformed into baristas on the set of SBS‘ ‘To The Beautiful You‘.

In the revealed cuts, Sulli and Minho are wearing white, long-sleeve shirts and black aprons in a clean-cut barista style, while Lee Hyun Woo adds his own bit of fashion sense with a black vest.

Minho grabbed more attention when netizens noticed his cute behavior towards Lee Hyun Woo, who was wearing the tiger costume. However, it was revealed that Minho acted this way because he thought it was Sulli in the costume. Netizens are anticipating a ‘love battle’ between Minho and Lee Hyun Woo over Sulli.

The producers stated, “Sulli, Minho, and Lee Hyun Woo all have great looks and much to offer, and they’ve shown us a new side to their charms throughout the drama.

The next episode of ‘To The Beautiful You’ will air on September 5th KST.

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[120830] Minho stills in TTBY

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[120830] Minho did CPR to save Sulli

To the Beautiful You
Min Ho saves Sulli, who was pushed off the diving board because of someone's prank, and gives her CPR.

In the 5th episode of the SBS drama 'To the Beautiful You' that was aired on the 29th of August, Goo Jae Hee (played by Sulli) was seen being bullied by someone and being pushed into the swimming pool from on top of a diving board.

Jae Hee receives a text from an unknown person who claims to be Kang Tae Joon (played by Min Ho) telling her to meet him at the swimming pool. As a result, she goes up to the diving board where she finds a not for her that says, "Don't play around." She turns around but is then pushed into the swimming pool.

Tae Joon figures out something is wrong and goes to look for her with Eun Gyul (played by Lee Hyun Woo). They go to the swimming pool and save Jae Hee who is floating on top of the water.

Jae Hee doesn't wake up and therefore Kang Tae Joon gives her CPR to save her. He then gives her tea to help her get warm, showing his caring side.

However, while saving her, Kang Tae Joon lost his mother's ring in the swimming pool. Jae Hee finds out and goes back to the pool the next day to try and find it. However, Tae Joon finds her and makes her stop and so she was unable to find the ring.

On the other hand, in this episode of 'To the Beautiful You,' Kang Tae Joon was seen starting high jump again.

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[120830] MinSul with LED Apple

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[120828] To The Beautiful You Second Pres Conference (MinSul)

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[120828] Gil Sunghoon tweet about Minho

Haha Mino thought that it’s me who did it haha wow wow it’s not me haha it’s Bling Bling shining’s beautiful boy Jonghyun who did it!!
Picture Translation :
Minho : What‘s this ha

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[120828] Strong Heart: To The Beautiful You (MinSul) Episode

120821 Episode 142
Youtube Links Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

120828 Episode 143 
Youtube Links Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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[120827] Jonghyun tweet on Minho

Why was a field uploaded... Minho's good looking

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[120827] Minho, Sulli, Hyunwoo, and Jiwon in TTBY Presscon 2

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[120827] Sulli enjoys performing with Minho

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f(x)’s Sulli recently talked about performing with SHINee’s Min Ho, who works for the same agency with her.
On August 27, four actors, including Sulli (plays the role of Goo Jae Hee), SHINee’s Min Ho (plays the role of Kang Tae Joon), Lee Hyun Woo (plays the role of Cha Eun Kyul), and Kim Ji Won (plays the role of Sul Han Na) attended a press conference for SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You.
Min Ho and Sulli, who play the lead roles in the series, are from the same agency, SM Entertainment. Reporters asked the two stars about their feelings shooting the romantic scenes for the series.
Sulli said, “Since I play the role of a girl who gives unilateral love to Min Ho, he leads me and makes me feel comfortable. Many romantic scenes are coming up next and they even make my heart flutter. I ask him how we are going to shoot the scenes and he takes care of everything for me.”
She made people laugh by saying, “Even though I crushed on him first in the series, he kissed me and hugged me first and it makes me comfortable.”
The series is about a girl named Goo Jae Hee, who transfers to the same school that high jump gold medalist Kang Tae Joon attends. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m.

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[120827] Minho choose to act with is Jonghyun-hyung

Summary of Minho's Interview: 
1. The members were in Japan during the drama premiere, they specially went to download the drama. 2. Jonghyun was the most enthusiastic, even asked him what will happen in the next episode. When he saw the kissing scene even said on SNS a pervert, NG on purpose and displayed jealousy etc. 
3. Jonghyun-hyung would often say how he would write the script if he's the screen writer. 
4. The member he would choose to act with is Jonghyun-hyung because he's the one who is the most engrossed in the drama and it will be very interesting if he appears as the role of a friend. 

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[120827] Sulli says Minho does all the work in close-up scenes

Sulli said she never feels awkward in scenes where she has to get close with Minho, because Minho takes care of everything.

Sulli talked about her views on acting in romances at the press roundtable for SBS’ To the Beautiful You held on August 27 in Yongin.

Sulli said, “We’re label mates, but I’m also supposed to be the one liking Kang Tae Jun. I just feel good because whenever the two of us have to get close, Minho oppa (big brother) leads and takes care of me.”

“Whenever a scene like that pops up in the script, I feel flushed. I always ask Minho oppa what he’s going to do about it. He takes care of everything. It’s good for me,” she added to laughs from her audience.

She even got Minho to stagger a bit by saying, “I’m the one that likes Kang Tae Jun (Minho), but oppa is the one that always approaches me first.”

To the Beautiful You is about how Koo Jae Hee (Sulli) dresses up like a boy to transfer to a boys’ high school and meet her favorite high jump player Kang Tae Jun. The drama has been garnering fairly low ratings of about 5 to 7 percent.

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[120826] Compilation of Minho's Interview in TTBY Presscon 2

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Four episodes of the new SBS drama For You In Full Blossom starring Minho and Sulli have aired so far. Minho expressed his disappointment in the low viewership ratings and his regrets because he could have done better. Now he has more determination to try even harder. To him, the outcome was expected because, "There are amazing sunbaenims on other TV stations who are doing really well," referring to the popular KBS drama Bridal Mask and new MBC drama Arang and The Magistrate. He shared, "I believe this is the type of homework for a starting actor to come across," and, "I'm thinking of it positively in the way that it will be fun to see if [the viewership rating] rises as I figure it out." Minho talked about how the director fills the lacking parts well and that things are working out as he talks to his fellow actors. He commented that, "If you look at it one way, the only thing left to do is for [the viewership ratings] to increase," showing his optimistic side.

"I worked hard to show a charm different from the Kang Taejun in the manga and Japanese and Taiwanese drama," Minho shared. Although Kang Taejun is very different compared to the original Japanese version, he tried his best to relate to the pure emotions. In his view, there are many cheerful and fun scenes in the original manga. The Korean version contains more vivid visuals and has many situations that can happen in the Korean standpoint.

From the four episodes that have aired, Sulli and Hyunwoo were able to show a lot of their cute sides. Minho was asked how he will show his charms as the male lead to which he answered, "Kang Taejun found out in episode four that Sulli is a girl. That's why he tries to let her go but he also wants to protect her. He grows strong when he's with her. Even though he's cold, I think he'll approach her somewhat tenderly and show his charm." He added that since he knows Sulli is a girl but Hyunwo does not, it will make for an interesting love triangle.

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Minho picked his kiss with Sangchu as the most memorable scene in the drama. He thought back to when they were filming and said, "It was really difficult while we were filming. The dog didn't want to kiss me. I even had to put feed in my mouth... But anyway, it was tough." After filming the scene, he thought to himself. "My first kiss in a drama was with a dog." Aside from that, Minho thinks the most memorable scene is where he wins the gold at the youth sports competition. He plays the role of a high jump athlete so he practiced a lot before the actual filming started. Since it took the longest to film and it was tough for him, it left the biggest impression on him and he really likes it.

The first episode aired when SHINee was in Japan but they still downloaded it and monitored it. They said he did really well and came out nicely in relation to the amount of work he went through. Minho thanked his members for their interest even when they're overseas. He mentioned that, "After watching the drama, the SHINee members don't call me by my name but by Kang Taejun."

When the second episode including the kiss scene with Sulli aired, Minho was in Japan so he was not able to watch it. Jonghyun asked Minho in the car how the episode ended so Minho told him it was with a surprise kiss with Sulli. Jonghyun replied, "You punk, you did that to Sulli?" and got worked up, calling Minho an obscene devil. He even teased Minho by asking if he made the NGs for the kiss on purpose. Not only have the members of SHINee scolded Minho for being cold to Sulli, Minho has received several calls from the members of Super Junior scolding him and asking if the cold treatment is Minho's true intention.

Jonghyun has been showing a lot of interest in the drama and tweeting about it often. He always asks what the next episode will be like and even talks about what he would have done if he were the writer.
If Minho could invite one SHINee member to play the role of his friend, he would chose Jonghyun because he has the most interest in the drama and he would be a fun character .

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Sulli was asked if it felt awkward to start acting romantically with Minho who is from the same company as her. The actress playing the role of Goo Jaehee answered, "It's not a sunbae-hoobae relationship but it's Goo Jaehee unrequitedly liking Kang Taejun." She continued to say, "Whenever we do that sort of acting, Minho oppa leads me well," and, "That's why I just feel happy." Sulli feels nervous whenever a scene with that type of skinship comes up. Sometimes before the filming, she asks Minho how he's going to do it. If she doesn't ask, he figures it out so it's comfortable.

All the actors and staff are working hard day and night on this new production. Minho expressed that, "Since many of the actors are around the same age, our team work is important. Even though we have a lot to film and we grow tired, we laugh and have fun playing around. The atmosphere of the set is nice so we are all working hard." Lastly, he added, "I hope this becomes a piece of work that will remain as a beautiful memory."

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[120826] Jonghyun tweet on Minho

 I lose my things often, but there are bad people like Minho who use that for bad things.

Picture translation : 
Minho: What do you think this is? kekekeke

Jonghyung: Oh kehe. You were the one who stole my sunglasses, huh? I raised a tiger…

Minho: kekekekeke Finders keepers, right? Jonghyun: You have too many unnecessary thoughts. You’re a diaper.
For example, he knows I’ll look for my wallet so he puts it in the fridge like this…
Or he knows I’ll put on a belt when I go out so he puts it on…
Mm… I see it’s me who just forgets a lot…
Minho said finders keepers. I found Minho’s room without its owner in the dorms. Minho’s room is mine.
 If I think about it, it’s just that I don’t really remember where I put my things. The twist of the story is Koowoonmong level. (T/N: The Korean novel Koowoonmong is known for its twists, where the dream was shown to be reality and reality was shown to be a dream.)

Since I did a storm tweet, Bolaven should not come but do a moonwalk and go to an area where no one would get work… Everyone, if Laven comes, put newspaper on your windows. I’m ending with a tweet to public interest. (T/N: Bolaven is the giant typhoon that’s due to hit Korea soon. If you put newspaper on glass during a storm with heavy wind, the newspaper prevents the glass from breaking.)

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[120826] Minho Arena Tour in Japan Compilation

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[120825] Minho comes to Sulli’s rescue and whispers, “I’m sorry I’m late”

SHINee’s Minho has saved f(x)’s Sulli from danger.

In the episode of SBS’s drama series To the Beautiful You that aired on August 23, a male employee of a guest house learns that Sulli (plays character Goo Jae Hee) is a girl and drives to a beach having her seated on the passenger seat planning something bad in his mind.

Leading her in a strange road, he reveals his true colors and says, “You’re a girl, right?” Sulli tries to run away from him, but it seems beyond her ability to face a man as a girl. Eventually, she runs into danger.

Worried about Sulli, Minho has been following her. He gives a sharp side kick to the bad guy and saves her. Then he hugs her tight in his arms and whispers, “I’m sorry, I came late.”

Netizens who saw Sulli and Minho hugging commented: “My heart beats at the sight of Sulli and Minho together.” “You two look good together. Minho is awesome.” “Did Minho come to like Sulli?”

Carrying Sulli who got hurt on his back, Minho wanders on the street, lost.

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[120825] Minho cut in Entertainment Weekly

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[120823] Minho & Sulli just Idol Actors?

SBS Weds/Thurs drama "To the Beautiful You" cast members SHINee Minho and f(x) Sulli are catching the audience's eyes with their acting abilities.

SBS Weds/Thurs drama "To the Beautiful You" cast members SHINee Minho and f(x) Sulli are catching the audience's eye with their acting abilities. 

On the Thursday episode of "To the Beautiful You," the drama showed Tae Jun rescuing Jae Hee from a risky situation and the reveal of Jae Hee's older brother Daniel (played by Julien Kang). 

Someone who works at the condo that the group of friends rent finds out that Jae Hee is in fact a woman and tries to assault her but Tae Jun appears in the nick of time to save her. Tae Jun and Jae Hee spend some time alone just the two of them, getting small confirmations of the way they feel about each other. 

Eun Kyul, who doesn't know that Jae Hee is a girl, begins to search the term 'gay' on the internet. He even imagines marrying a male Jae Hee and despairs when the imagined Jae Hee tells him they must go back to the army.

Jae Hee, who gets news that her half-brother Daniel is in town, dresses up as a legitimate high school girl in order to meet him. She spends some fun time with him shopping, which they hadn't done in a while. 

Sul Hanna and Tae Jun coincidentally attend a fan signing at a store, which Jae Hee and Daniel are also at. She almost gets seen as a high school girl in front of Tae Jun but manages to avoid him barely. However, Daniel finds out that she has been pretending to be a boy in order to attend a sports high school and takes her back to America.

This episode was special because the two idols' acting skills really came to light. 

Minho, who comes to Jae Hee's rescue like a knight in shining armor, showed off his masculine side, not hesitating to take on a little more action than usual. When he hugs Jae Hee after saying, "Sorry I'm late," he won the hearts of many female viewers who were watching. 

The three idols Minho, Sulli and Kwang Hee are all being lauded for their acting skills which don't seem all that bad. They're not facing criticisms that idol actors so often face at the hands of the viewers. 

The last scene of the episode was Tae Jun deciding to let Jae Hee go and treating her coldly, which only is sparking the curiosity in viewers.

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[120822] Cute Sangchu Licking Taejoon's Face

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[120822] Jonghyun tweet on MinSul Kiss

Jonghyun twitter update @ 10.07pmkst 120822
He actually took a pic while watching Minho's drama and uploaded it

And he kept tweeting,
this time about how he forced the whole cafe to watch the drama lol XD

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[120821] To The Beautiful You Special in Strong Heart

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[120821] Minho updates Me2day

저 태준이가 나오는 ‘아름다운 그대에게’ 본방사수하고 계시나요!?! 저희 촬영장 이야기를 많이 궁금해 하시는 것 같아서 여러분과 미투채팅에서 만나려고 합니다. 저와 구재희양이 함께! 궁금한점은 댓글로, 참여방법은 사진 설명 보시고 신청하세요~
Did everyone stay tune to Kim Taejoon role which i act in for ‘To the beautiful you’ broadcast!?! Everyone curious about our filming site so let’s me2chatting. I’m with Goo Jae Hee! If you’re curious on anything leave a message , to participate look at the photo and you can register~
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[120821] MinSul in Showbiz Extra

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[120820] MinSul missing from SMTown concert

Posted Image

Fans were left wondering on the whereabouts of SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli after their no-show at the recent SM Town concert.

The SM Town Live World tour II in Seoul took place on August 18 at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium by SM’s biggest stars including Kangta, BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO, CSJH The Grace, Zhang Li Yin and more. However, Minho and Sulli were not seen at the concert.

It was revealed the two were unavailable due to the ongoing filming for their SBS drama, To the Beautiful you.

On stage, the f(x) members shared, “Though Sulli was unable to join us due to her drama shooting, we’re thankful you continue to show your love like this. Please show your love for Sulli’s drama, To the Beautiful you too!”

The SHINee members also later shared on stage, “Minho is currently shooting for To the Beautiful you. Though we’re all disappointed he couldn’t join us on stage today, you’ll be able to see a lot of him through his drama so we hope you will understand. “

Member Jonghyun even joked, “He appears even more on TV than me!”

SM will next carry its global concert tour to Indonesia at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on September 22.

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[120820] MinSul with Hyunwoo and Haneul in Junyoung's tweet

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[120816] Minho express sadness when no contact with Sulli

SHINee Minho: "I'm sad because there's no contact from Sulli!"

Q: Your first impressions of each other?
Some guy: Listen carefully~! (laughs) When Minho doesn't laugh, he has a cold impression. At first I thought he was hard to approach, but it was the easiest. Like a boy next door.
Some girl: I only saw Sulli with long hair. Looking at her short hair, it's not "Electric Shock", it's "Visual Shock".
Another guy: I have keen eyes for ppl (see ppl through/good at judging ppl, etc..). Just kidding. We first met at script reading but everyone greeted me first so there was no pressure, I could get along well too. There were both hyung, noona and dongsaeng, that's why it was so much fun at the filming site.
Sulli: I have keen eyes for ppl too. I wanted to get along soon since the first meeting. We would become closer so please take care of us.
Minho: Junyoung's character Seungri is the lead but was it because he's the oldest? Because he led very well, the filming was getting more fun
Previous guy: (If you keep talking like this, isn't it like making me talk?)
Minho: That's why it was fun.

Q: You're sunbae hoobae from the same company. Were you getting along well previously?
Minho: Actually we got closer thanks to this drama. We're from the same company but we weren't that close. We usually contact each other because of the drama. Also we got in tune at the filming so we're getting along well. Many ppl asked "Isn't it hard to act because we knew each other beforehand?". I'd rather say we knew each other before so it's relaxing and it made the expressions more natural when we filmed somehow. Nowadays we have most scenes together but we both indulge in the drama, we make fun of each other like during this interview.
Sulli: He's sunbae so just like he said, we weren't that close, it was a little awkward. So I was worried if we could get close but we got along well right at the script reading and we usually contact each other. I put in my personal effort.
Minho: I often contact Sulli but she never once contacts me. I'm saying it like this but inside I was thinking "Why doesn't she contact me?"
Sulli: Originally I'm not the type to contact first.
Minho: I knew that very well.

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[120816] Minho arrival at Haneda Airport

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[120816] Luna shows support for MinSul's drama

f(x)‘s Luna showed her support for fellow member Sulli and SHINee‘s Minho via me2day.

On August 15th, Luna attached the above photo and posted, “Today, I am on the way to filming with Vic-mom and my koala Amber. The rain is pouring down. Everyone be careful on the wet roads. Today is also the first broadcast of ‘To the Beautiful You‘. I love you Sulli ♥ Minho oppa fighting!!

Luna revealed three sets of photos in which she can be seen posing with f(x)’s Amber and Victoria.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “‘To the Beautiful You’ fighting!“, “You are all so pretty“, and “I will do my best to watch the original airing of the show“.

In related news, SBS‘ ‘To the Beautiful You’ broadcast its first episode on August 15th.

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[120816] Minho at Gimpo Airport

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[120815] Minho, Sulli, Hyunwoo, Jiwon Interview

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[120815] Jonghyun tweet to support Minho in To The Beautiful You

To commemorate the debut of SBS’ drama ‘To The Beautiful You‘ starring SHINee’s Minho, bandmate Jonghyun left a supportive message to support the idol’s drama via Twitter.
On August 15th, Jonghyun wrote: “The first episode of ‘To The Beautiful You’!! Minho!! You’re looking even more handsome with all the practice you’ve put in!!! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!!”
The idol also added, “Of course, I didn’t actually watch the episode yet!!!” causing much laughter from fans and the like.
Netizens and followers of the idol responded to the message with various comments like “Jonghyun is so cute”, “Don’t tell me he’s not going to see tomorrow’s episode too?” and “Jonghyun would say something like that!
Meanwhile ‘To The Beautiful You’ aired its pilot episode on the 15th, reaching 7.3% in viewer ratings according to AGB Nelson.

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