[130630] Minho aegyo at JAT

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[130629] Minho signed a cap for Stylist

【Backstage Report】 "Taemin discussed with his stylist to have something stylish written on his cap, but as he was busily styling up (for the concert), he did not have time to write something (on his cap). Hence the stylist, who is planning to write on behalf of Taemin, asked Taemin what does he want to write instead. Taemin thought about it and decided to write down what he usually says on stage “Ittemin". Upon hearing it, Minho popped out from nowhere and took away the pen on the stylist’s hand and began writing (laugh). Minho was being praised for his nice handwriting by staff around him -and he was slightly bashful about it! ^^"
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Chi-Eng : thpapergangster

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[130628] Minho snapshot in Queen of Classroom MV Making

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[130627] Minho and Taemin were featured on "Celebrities wearing Hang Ten Best Items"

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[130628] To The Beautiful You Promotion with MinSul in Japan

[TRANS] Q&A: Minho and Sulli on TVfan Interview

Minho: I've got to know Sulli well through this
drama and we could succeed in finishing this
drama coz we worked in perfect harmony, and
this drama also gave us a good opportunity to be
able to know each other's common thoughts. We
had a really good time during this drama and first
of all, we've become much closer to each other
through this drama.

Sulli: Minho was just Seonbae and I wasn't that
close to him at first, but I'm very glad to think
"this drama (working together) have become a
good chance to be close to him" and during
filming drama, (off camera) even though Minho
was my Seonbae, I was so comfortable (or close
with Minho) that I even called Minho "Hey! Kang
Tae-Jun (어이 강태준!-very intimate(banmal, rude)
expression when calling close friends, and lovers)
the words just spilled out of my mouth. I feel
really comfortable being around with him and I
feel like having one more oppa as I have two my
real oppas.

Sulli: for me, the most impressive episode was
when we stayed in the beach house for a week for
filming and I had a real great time riding a desert
bike and eating watermelons together there. I felt
like really having fun together (not filming).

Sulli: when there was a kiss scene with Minho, f
(x) members called and teased me but they also
cheered me up by informing me of good news
about our drama reviews.

Minho: (on kiss scene) It's similar to Sulli, shinee
members teased me and they remembered my
lines coz I practiced memorizing my lines in a car
when moving around.

Q: The event will be held in August..

Sulli: Japan makes me think about delicious
foods, good manners and....image..(?)
I want to go shopping and eat sushi from this
japan trip,.. there are lots of things I want to eat
there, (laugh)

Minho: at first I thought Japan had image like
what Sulli said but whenever I have a concert
tour and meet Japanese fans, I think female
Japanese fans always have girl-like hearts, so I
always thank fans for supporting Shinee and I'm
really looking forward to this event coz it's a
good chance for me to show a good drama as an

Translated by peach20kr
Source: http://tvfan-k.kyodo.co.jp/fe-in/interview/61542

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[130626] Minho on 'Boys Meet U' Japan Album


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[130626] Minho on Skechers-Naver Update Photos

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[130626] Minho Etude House Morning Call

Good Morning! I'm Minho~! Could you please turn backwards for a while? No no, the opposite direction~ No, the right-hand side~ How was it? After stretching, you totally waken up right? So shall we now begin the steps to maintain our moist skin?

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[130626] Minho in Okinawa

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[130623] Minho garnered cheers from China soccer fans with his outstanding potential.

On the 23rd, the 3rd Asian Dream Cup was held in Shanghai, SHINee Minho, Exo-M Luhan, Xiumin garnered cheers from China soccer fans with their oustanding potential. 

Especially SHINee’s Minho, who is the son of a former soccer coach, his childhood dream was to become a soccer player. With his deep passion for soccer, he participated this event. 

What about Park Jisung’s father Park Sungjung? Before this event he mentioned at a press conference “For this competition, I will be anticipating Minho’s ball/game!”. With such anticipation, the focused Minho for the 2nd half of the game ran passionately throughout the game. His outstanding potential has captured everyone’s gaze. 

Source: minholand@tumblr.com

[130623] Minho on K-pop's future in the eyes of entertainment representatives


Translated by Myth@onehallyu.com

This is a partial translation from two different sources. For other parts, I translated what I could, but my flop Korean isn't going to get me very far. If there any errors, feel free to point them out. Translators are also welcome.

K-pop's future in the eyes of entertainment representatives

K-pop, represented by "Korean-style idol", is charming the hearts of movers and fans of the global music market with outstanding performance, singing ability, and the incubating system that supports them. Korea's top idol groups such as TVXQ, SNSD, Big Bang, and 2PM are spreading K-pop's excellence all across Asia as well as Europe, North and South Americas. Then, who are the anticipated leaders of K-pop that will follow them? For our 28th anniversary, Sports Seoul surveyed 20 music agency associates on the theme of "Future of K-pop".

K-pop idol groups representing the next generation: ①Exo ②B.A.P. ③B1A4, Infinite

<Basically, 11 of the 20 representatives chose Exo, 3 chose B.A.P, and B1A4 and Infinite got two votes each. I'm guessing some other flop groups got one vote and were too irrelevant to list. Or I can't count.>

◇ Exo's advantages, weaknesses? The power of SM, SM's style of songs

<Basically: SM excels in power and planning. Their groups can perform well, are good-looking, and have a strong international fanbase.

The shortcomings: the style SM's songs are very similar to one another, and the public is simply not buying into their inability to stop being basic. As strong as their international fanbase is, they continue to lack support from the general public. This is especially true for male groups, and their members needing to go off into the army isn't helping.>

◇ Next Generation K-pop Idol Representative Star = ①4minute's Hyuna ②Shinee's Minho ③ CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa

4minute's Hyuna who appeared in the world phenomenal Psy's "Gangnam Style" MV led to fans' attention, has received 7 votes, and hence taking the #1 spot.
Hyuna's advantage is that she was the first to have an 'Oriental Sexiness'. An agency for idol groups, in charge in overseas activities, expressed, "When Hyuna went to America, the local male producers and African Americans said that they wanted to meet Hyuna, the reaction was good. The person who broke the prejudice that Asians can't be sexy is Hyuna", while giving a thumbs up. Other comments included, "Her expressiveness on the stage is unrivaled", "She has that mysterious charm that captures attention".

<Following Hyuna is Shinee's Minho, who received four votes. Minho benefits from his good looks, acting, performance, etc.>

With 2 votes, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa reached number three with praises such as "He's diligent", "Also has high potential to succeed as an actor".

◇Next Potential Top K-pop Agency: ①FNC ②Starship ③Cube

FNC Entertainment with artists CN Blue, F.T. Island, and Juniel topped the list with 6 votes. Praises like "They established themselves well in the Japan market", "They own a stable sales structure in Japan", and "Their ability in popularizing bands is recognizable" were remarked.

<With one of Korea's representative girl groups Sistar, along with Starship's other acts Boyfriend and K.Will... something something... I gave up here tbh. Oh, Starship got five votes>

<Beast, who has become one of Korea's representative idol groups, as well as 4minute's rising digital success, earned Cube four votes. And some other praises, whatever.>

◇Next Top Producer: ①Brave Brothers ②G-Dragon ③ Han Sungho (FNC)

<Braver Brothers (real name: Kang Dongcheol) takes the lead with four votes. Praised for his countless hits, melody and arranging skills, etc.

Big Bang's G-Dragon received three votes, received praise for being a "genius", his fashion and style; described as being superior in every way.>

In addition, Han Sungho, the producer of CN Blue and F.T. Island, received 2 votes to rank 3rd.

Source: news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1200429.htm

[130623] Minho cut in Asian Dream Cup 2013

[Fanaccount Translations]

#1 It was really orderly fans didn't crowd around Minho. He was very happy and waved many times.
#2 Minho today is really a soccer guy ~ When he entered , he waved to the fans. Even when he was sitting at the reserved section , he had the most serious look on his face. He watched the match so intently and he was sitting in a “half ass off the chair” position. During the break , he came out to wave to fans. 

#3 When Minho went out to play , me and the noona beside me started to get very excited. But we kept silent and waited for other fans to scream first before we did… I was raising the banner throughout.. I was expecting Minho to shoot a goal as there are many professional players in the field and a lot of people were defending against Minho thus he cant find a good opportunity to score. But Minho is very professional. He wont run after the ball aimlessly but instead , he will stand in front of the goal post area. When the ball is nearing , he will signal to the person kicking the ball that he is open and can receive. This is something that is absent on the other idols.

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[130619] Minho to participate in Asia Dream Cup 2013

Flaming charisma Minho is known to be a football fanatic, with evidence shown through the MBC special, SHINee's Wonderful Vacation. He will now be fulfilling his dream of becoming a football player by taking part in the Asia Dream Cup 2013!
The friendly football match will be held at Shanghai's Hongkou Football Stadium on June 23rd. Other K-pop stars who will be taking part in the event include Minho's juniors, EXO-M, and the cast of SBS Sunday variety show, Running Man. Together, they will be representing Korea at the charity event. 
Minho's love for football was cultivated since he was a child. Thanks to the genes from his father, who was a national football player, the sports lover grew up to be an all-round athlete. As a member of SHINee, he has gained recognition in the Korean entertainment scene for his outstanding athleticism.
With stars from both China and Korea coming together in the name of charity, it sure is going to be one football match you wouldn't want to miss!
Source: shineee.net

[130618] Minho and Kyuhyun support for Changmin

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[130618] Minho & Key to Auction Off Items, donating to help multicultural families

Helping out in any way they can, Girls’ Generation, SISTAR, SHINee, Secret, and Teen Top have joined forces for the greater good.

Beginning on June 19, DongA.com will be auctioning off donated items from SNSD’s Tiffany and Sunny, SHINee’s Minho and Key, SISTAR’s Dasom and Bora, Secret, and Teen Top. All proceeds will be sent under each star’s name to the Holt Children’s Services Inc. to help out multicultural families living in Korea.

Some of the donated items include a SNSD DVD set, tumbler mugs, SHINee puzzle set, shoes, signed CDs, jewelry, and more.

The auction will close on June 28.


[130617] Minho and father in Honoring Father's Day

The following are pictures displaying close relationships between Korean celebrities and their dads. 
 Eru with his dad

SHINee's Minho with his dad

2PM's Nichkhun with his dad


Super Junior's Siwon with his dad

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung with her dad

miss A's Suzy with her dad

After School's UEE with her dad

Girls' Generation's YoonA with her dad

Source: smb2stfinitesubs.blogspot.com