[140327] Minho's standee in one store in Chile

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[140326] Minho to participate in the “Asian Dream Cup 2014” in Jakarta


JS Park Foundation confirmed on March 25 that SHINee’s Minho is set to participate in a soccer game at the “Asian Dream Cup 2014” in Jakarta, Indonesia. The match is scheduled to be held on June 2 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta.


Minho with other celebrities, such as “Running Man” members and soccer player Park Jisung have been confirmed to compete with national team, Indonesia All- Stars.

There has not been any further confirmation regarding other idols and guest stars who will be invited to participate in the friendly match. The “Asian Dream Cup” had held a similar event in a number of countries, such as Vietnam (2011), Thailand (2012), and Shanghai, China (2013).

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[140326] Minho's greeting for Medical Top Team on PPTV

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[140320] SHINee Interview

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[140320] Minho attending class Account at Kongkuk University

I Met Choi Minho Senior tonight. I was hesitating on whether i should greet him but I did in the end ~ After I called out to him, he said in a shocked tone that “he hasn't attended school in a while but he is already a senior”. Then we chatted happily. My umbrella dropped and he even bent, picked it up for me and even signed it. He kept mentioning he is very happy that he now has juniors and asked me to study hard. So touched… I always thought he is a very cold person >_<

I haven’t met him before.  He mentioned that he hasn’t attended school for a while. When the prof. was taking attendance and called out Choi Minho, he said “present” and the prof raised his head and asked Choi Minho ??? in shock. He said “present” again and the prof repeated, SHINee minho ?? in shock . Then the whole class laughed.

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[140319] Minho trends in U.S.

*2,151 users and 2,173 tweets (2086 RTs) in 3 days made 'Minho' a Trending Topic in United States. *1,164,455 people could have seen 'Minho' since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic. *Did you know that 'Minho' was Trending Topic for 3 hours?

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[140319] Minho has the best face among male idols according to experts


▲ face ratio - SHINee Minho  (According to dermatologist, plastic surgeon, cosmetologist)

Minho has the most perfect golden ratio among idols. He has small face down to the jaw line and equipped with sharp visage.

Face of the golden ratio is not significantly different for men and women. 'Vertical scale' in the case of the middle of the forehead hair line, nose in the middle of the forehead lines, nose to chin line should be the ratio of 1:1:1. If the ratio of the horizontal line right outside face of the outer line of the right eye, the width of the right eye, left eye and right eye point inside point inside, the width of the left eye, the left eye and the outer face of the outer side of the left one: referred to as the golden ratio 1:1:1:1 yirulttae.

Director of Plastic Surgery Joeul Article Aimi "Overall speaking, the visage of the ratio of vertical and horizontal size and fit well as the most beautiful face which is a good ratio, Minho's face is the most consistent," he said.
Director of Dermatology Gim Hongdu fence "Minho's dark eyebrows, eyes big and long lashes, moderately tall male nose, plump lips, masculine jaw line and the whole face, it was amazing," He said. INFINITE's L and was followed by a TOP of Big Bang.

Body ratio -TVXQ's Yunho. 
Nice butt -2PM's Junho
Best abs -Jay Park
Athletic body -2PM's Taecyeon
Nice skin -ZE:A's Siwan
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=042&aid=0001956305 

[140315] Minho's cut and fanaccount in Music Core

And during second prerecording wookey kept saying "toheart fighting" and suddenly another voice came out "toheart fighting!" Apparently Key revealed that is was Minho and he went "Choi Minho" and everyone screamed ㅋㅋ

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[140309] Actors Jibin, Hyunwoo, Boreum and friend support Minho

On March 8, actor Park Ji Bin uploaded a set of photos on is Twitter. Along with the images, the actor wrote, “I attended ‘SHINee World.’ With Han Bo Reum and Lee Hyun Woo.” The photos showed the three actors posing with SHINee’s Minho, while the other photo showed the actors and an unidentified male waiting backstage. Although it was well known that Park Ji Bin and Lee Hyun Woo were close friends, Han Bo Reum’s friendship with the two actors were shown through these selfies.

lee hyun woo

In the past, Lee Hyun Woo starred in the SBS drama “To the Beautiful You” along with SHINee’s Minho, thus showing their friendship even after the end of the drama. Furthermore, in the past Park Ji Bin and Lee Hyun Woo featured in their own reality show, “Real Mate in Saipan.” It’s great to see actors enjoying concerts and time together off screen!

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[140309] Minho focus in SWC III Seoul

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[140308] Minho's clear file for SWC III Seoul

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[130308] Minho focus in SWC III Seoul

[Fanaccount] Choi Minho ripped his pants again!! during Why SO Serious!! Credit to the owners

[140308] Minho and Sohyun performance in Music Core 400th Special

Article: 'Music Core' 400th episode special, eyes and ears get a special treat with star stages

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+706, -53] Today's episode was legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Really fun hearing songs that you already know

2. [+540, -49] I really liked today's episode~~~~

3. [+413, -22] Can't believe it's already been 400 episodes

4. [+497, -132] Seeing TVXQ at the end really proved to me that they still have it ㅋㅋ

5. [+489, -160] TVXQ and SNSD were the best

6. [+132, -7] These special stages were better than the year-end awards

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[140307] Minho is included in SM's Deer Line


According to Ryeowook in Super Idol Show, SM's 'deer' line is composed of Yoona, Changmin, Minho and Luhan.

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[140307] Minho focus in Rouge & Lounge 2014 S/S Collectio

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[140305] Minho's beauty shines

Pann: Shinee Minho's handsome looks don't get affected by his awkward hair


1. [+98, -110] Cheesy... Everything he does looks cheesy... His acting, singing and rapping... Even his wide eyes are cheesy..

2. [+68, -7] ... You're shining.


3. [+62, -6] You're pretty in any way ㅠㅠ


4. [+34, -0] His looks don't get affected by his awkward hair. So handsome <3


5. [+32, -0] I started to like Shinee because of Minho ㅋㅋ When I first saw him, I thought "how can someone possibly look like that?' <3


6. [+29, -2] I'm again nervous because of the comments criticizing his talent. Minho Panns are always like this.

7. [+27, -2] He's really handsome. He's ideally handsome. I saw him performing Everybody and he sang well live! He's cool because he's listening to the criticisms and trying to improve himself. Hope he does well!


8. [+26, -0] I really don't understand SM. He sang well on Strong Heart... Why did they choose to make him a rapperㅋㅋ

9. [+24, -0] I listened to him singing and he actually had a pretty good voice. He gets buried because other Shinee members are too good.. But his rapping is still bad... ㅋㅋㅋ

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[140305] Fight Club updates Instagram with Minho

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[140305] Kyunhyun mentioned Minho on Radio Star

Kyuhyun: Me, Jonghyun, Changmin and Minho drank alcohol at the end of the year, Yonghwa joined us later too~ Yonghwa is the type who is very enthusiastic,he kept saying "hyung! Drink!" Changmin already drank till he collapsed on the table, Minho was so drunk he couldn't greet anymore, Yonghwa kept drinking with me, but he himself was already so drunk that he spilled the alcohol

Yonghwa: Kyuhyun hyung was very comical as well, the alcohol had already spilled and there was none left in the cup but he still said "good! Drink!"

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[110305] Cute Ahn Seohyun came to see Minho

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[140301] Minho was mentioned by Yunho om Music Core Pre-recording

  • Then he talked about how Minho & Changmin are friends. Then he talked a bit about Kyuline.
  • Yunho suddenly praised SHINee's balloons, "As everybody already knows, Minho is part of the Kyuline. Although I don't know why this is so, this is SM's golden line right! Minho is a friend who will do well in the future!" 
  • After Yunho spoke about other fans, Minho and Kyuline etc, perhaps he was embarrassed about it and said, "Why am I talking about irrelevant stuff?" hahahha
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