[141231] KBS Drama Special to released OST special including Minho's 2010 mini drama "The Pianist"

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[141230] Minho cut in Star 10 News' Most Shining Star born in 91


[Star 10 news excerpt] As surveyed by people, the top 10 most shining sheep zodiac in 2015. As 2015 is the year of the sheep, who is the most shining star born in 91? Results from the survey held on December 4th to 5th.

Number 9: Minho (SHINee) December 9th 1991

SHINee's Minho, who is perfect from head to toe. Perfect handsome flower boy looks, no signs of any burden and [possessing] a style that is almost customized, succinct and tailored and that is not all. Even during the period of [carrying out] activities, he was able to pass the university entrance exams, a person with a logical/clear brain and kind and warm personality. An entertainer that is very fulfilled and enriched.

T/N: Star10 also included a description of people born in the year of the sheep: Warm personality, big heart, relationship skills are highly praised with strong patience and will power that will not succumb to difficulties.

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[141230] SNS updates with Minho, Kyuhyun, and Changmin (Kyuline

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[141229] Minho scores Popularity Award at MBC Awards Show


The most popular member of SHINee is Choi Minho! Today, the "Everybody" singer won the Popularity Award from the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards alongside his fellow Show! Music Core co-hosts Block B's Zico and young actress Kim So Hyun. Music lovers enjoyed their weekly hosting style so much that they honored them with the top award.

Comedian Jun Hyun Moo joked that he was a part of SHINee too when he presented the award to the handsome singer. During Minho's acceptance speech, he graciously accepted and promised to have an even better public image in the future. 

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[141222] Naver Starcast updates with Minho in SMTOWN@coexartium

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[141222] Depth The Sixfeet Blog updates with Minho


"A lucky day for SHINee fans who went to the Day 1 of the Guerilla Sale...supernaturally handsome Minho-goon #shinee #minho #shinee #minho #vagx #mht #madhatter n35snapback/madcapsulelab hoodie"


"Minho-goon is so handsome, you don't want to be beside him. madhatter fedora hat / MA-1 allblack / Mad capsule lab hoodie #shinee #minho #샤이니 #민호 #vagx #mht #madhatter #depththesixfeet"


"It seems like he knows about the sale and came for the first day somehow.....
#shinee #minho #shineeminho #choiminho
#vagx #mdhtr .
From the hood, to the crewneck, to the MA-1 snapback, to the fedora, all the way to the bag_!!!!! keke just change your clothes, wear a hat, and go. keke
by the way, his face is really small


"You know our Guerilla Sale and came..??????!!!!! hahaha

#shinee #minho #shineeminho #choiminho
#vagx #mdhtr

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