Make It Real: Chapter 33

 Minho sat on the edge of the bed whiles resting his forehead in his hand. He sighed heavily, a way to ease his hurting pride. He had a tough day and just ended it up quarreling with his auntie. Aunt Hasun had picked him to marry her daughter and now she is scolding him for the same person. The old woman is manipulating him even before he accepted this marriage agreement and he hated it. They should be grateful enough that he is kind to save Juniel and JSB, he thought. Afterall that he had done, complain is what he received. He is not the guy who is willing to be controlled by other. He is a strong-willed Choi. The lack of parental attachment had shaped him to be more autonomous. He is a casual person, giving himself more time for his own development and plans. An easygoing marriage suits him not the kind of ceremonious lifestyle Aunt Hasun demanded them to have.  
Minutes later, the girl came back after she escorted her mother to the lobby. Juniel rushed to her husband's side who was still looking upset.  
"Oppa, don't take it seriously. She often scolds me too." She said it trying to calm her husband's mood. She knelt down in front of him and slowly removed his shoe. Juniel knew how tired he was, anyone would feel bad the way her Mama welcomed him. 
"Get off me." Minho sounded calm with a scent of irritation. 
"..." Juniel got startled by his words but still pursued what she was doing. She knew he was mad but she understands him. 
"I said get off me!" He kicked her hands away with the shoe and it struck her. Juniel saw those fiery eyes making her utterless trembling. She sat down on her side, do not know what to do. "Did you go to your mother and cry all these complains instead to me?" 
"No oppa. I didn't say anything." Juniel replied innocently as her heart was racing so hard. He was apparently affected by her Mama's word, redirecting his anger to her. 
Minho could not believe her. She was acting so eagerly compliant but whatever her mother is protesting about. "I thought you already understand the nature of my work?" He clenched his jaw while having his furious gaze still on her. She could not respond out of fear. "I let you speak your wishes but the problem is you didn't say any, so I assume you're already fine."  
"I told you that your presence is enough. I'm not requesting anything." Juniel replied softly, being certain about her answer. 
Her answer only shows how much dependable she is so he told her frankly. "I'm not supposed to center myself with you. You know that. I have other goals too and they are actually far more important for me." He can only support Juniel's pregnancy as his responsibility but he has to prioritize the company above all so she must embrace his dedication to his work, otherwise...  
The words had hit the girl. Tears pouring down her face again while she drew deep breathes to release the heaviness inside. Her Mama is right, he is insensitive with her and he is obvious. Minho immediately wore his jacket and went away. "Oppa..." She tried to stood up but stumbled with her weaken body. It scared her momentarily. What if he will return to his girlfriend? What if he will leave her finally? Juniel suddenly felt having a breakdown from all the troubles that bothered her. 
Since child, Minho promised to pursue his father's dream and he will not break it. He has to uplift the company to its highest potential, taking some risk that leads to success. One consequence of this marriage is to merge their banks into new larger lender. He took the opportunity for the benefits of his company even if it puts an end to his relationship with Yuri. Minho decided to release his load with Chansung. At his bestfriend's unit, he was able to confide his argument with his former auntie. 
"What do you really think of Juniel?" Chansung was confused that is why he needed to ask again.  
"I can't explain it in a simple sentence."  
"You said before that you're still in love with Yuri and you're just waiting at the right time to divorce Juniel." 
"Yuri and I are done." The moment Minho married Juniel, he knew it will cut off his long-term relationship with Yuri.  
"But why? Because of Juniel?" 
"Love is not enough as Yuri broke my trust for her." 
Was she is cheating on you?" 
"Much worst but I tried my best to keep my promise. I still love her but that's enough. I want to move on with my commitment with CFG." After Minho lost his first fruit (child), it killed his trust and loyalty.  
"So this marriage with Juniel has hope?" 
"She pleases me in bed." Minho confessed. 
"So you're giving her a chance because of that?" 
"I feel sorry for Juniel to be honest. Unfortunately, she has to suffer your appetite for vengeance." Chansung told him as he analyzed it. 
"Huh?" Minho is such an intelligent business guy but when it comes to affinity... 
"Like you, Juniel's freewill was oppressed because this marriage. She naively accepted this set-up but you required her to fulfill her duty in bed. You're not inlove and even planning to divorce her. Now I get why her mother is mad at you. You're using her only daughter to satisfy your selfish desire." 
"Wait a minute, Juniel likes me. In fact, she loves what she's doing. I didn't force her to have sex with me." 
"Is that the reason why you're abusing her weakness my friend?" Juniel was too young and defenseless when she entered this marriage. She was carrying nothing, relying on whatever circumstances that may lead her. While Minho is more engaged with his work who only remembers her when his drive is firing.   
"No." He replied, was astonished by that fact. 
"Don't deny it. You're certainly displacing your frustrations towards her, making her apologize with pleasure." 
to be continued...

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