[120229] Minho, Jonghyun, Key, Amber, and Sulli on H2 (Eithoo) Photoshoot

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[120228] Minho and Dara filming romantic scene photos

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[120224] Drunk Minho cuts in Salamander Guru

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[120224] Ryu Hunkyung mentioned Minho in her mini-hompage

Flaming charisma Mino-koon
gave me a SHINee live CD.

Minho-koon is such a
good manner-dol
who is loved by all sunbae-nims and staff

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[120223] Minho photos in Etude Kiss Note Interview

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[120223] Rapper Tiger JK tweet on Minho

Just finished shooting… with SHINee Minho. You’ll find soon. got done wit filming somethin somethin with Minho from Shinee.
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[120223] Jung Ryeowon tweet on Minho

Sbs set 촬영하다 만난 민호님. ㅎㅎ 신난당~

Filming on the SBS set and met Minho-nim. Haha, how exciting~

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[120220] Etude Exclusive: SHINee and Dara's Interview

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[120220] Jang Jin tweet with Minho

@truejangjin 공연후 .. 배우들과 뒷풀이 ..오늘의 게스트 .. 민호랑 현경배우도 .. ㅋ
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[120218] Minho get some spotlight in Kara concert

120218 MRMINHO - Minho at KARASIA<br />
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When Minho appeared, the spotlight was shining brightly. Everyone was surprised. Guess who came? One reporter asked “Who is this?” Someone replied “SHINee”. Reporter “Who in SHINee?” “Minho”.. Then the reporter sighed “Ah.. he looks like Bae Yong Joon!”. He meant to express that our Minho looks handsome keke.
A lot of other idol stars went – first, it was SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, then Kan Miyeon. B2ST Dongwoon arrived later then Choi Minho and Kim Jonghyun appeared! So all sorts of spotlight shone brightly (towards the guests), everyone turned around to see what happened…

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[120215] Minho's Salamander Guru in Popular Drama Word Search Ranking

@Choi家冰团子_ice1209: 10 Feb Popular Drama Search Ranking – As a sitcom, not an actual drama, being able to rank with other dramas is an honour. Fighting Choi Minho! Fighting Salamander Guru Staff!
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