[110130] Minho watching NBA All-Star st Jamsil Gymnasium

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[110128] Minho and Onew Preview in Star Couple Challenge

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[110117] Krystal has a caring oppa, Minho!

Previously, we posted pictures on KARA’s Hara taking good care of Krystal. It seems like not only Hara is only the one taking care of Krystal, SHINee’s Minho also took care of her.

The pictures are taken in Thailand during the recording of SBS New Year’s Idol Coupling Program.

Minho really makes a good oppa, agreed?

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[110117] Minho and Krystal Fancams in Pattaya

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[110117] Minho arrival at Sydney Airport


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[110116] Minho, Krystal, and a guy strike a pose at SHINee’s concert backstage

Krystal attended SHINee’s concert recently and she posed with SHINee’s Minho backstage,check out the photo here.
They look pretty good together,they have won first place together on Dream Team,still remember that?

Source: en.korea.com