[121130] MC Minho focus in MAMA 2012

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[121130] Minho and Key arrival in Hongkong Airport

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[121130] Unseen MinSul Photos for Eichitoo

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[121129] Minho's free birthday handhelds by fansite

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[121129] SHINee on ELLE Girl Ultimate Two Game

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[121129] Minho and Key fanphotos heading to Heathrow Airport

This fan said ‘BYE KEY’, and Key nodded.
Minho is dancing (Sherlock)!!! and they went the wrong direction !!!’
Minho and Key's flight to Hongkong is at 11.25 am London time!
Minho walking around at Manchester City

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[121127] Minho in Japan Mobile SIte Update

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[121127] SHINee's Comment on 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side

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[121127] Minho and Key filming in London


Today was quite an awesome day because I bumped into 2/5 of SHINee in London!!! What the hell who would've thought of bumping into KPop idols in a foreign country while on vacation?? That's just entirely crazy and I would've never dreamed of such a thing happening to me.

It was pretty awesome to just bump into them while on the way to a tube station! It's funny because approx. two years back, I still remember queueing outside LotOne for a few hours because SHINee was gonna be there for a meet and greet, and after queueing for the whole morning I only got to see their reflection from a glass panel T^T


 Me and the fam were walking past the Hilton hotel in Paddington to get to the entrance of the Paddington station at about 10am, and I noticed there were a bunch of koreans just standing there with cameras so I was like "oh they're filming some travelogue thingy" but then as I walked I saw Minho and I was like just like 'omfg is that Minho from SHInee omfg omfg omfg' and then I looked around and saw Key standing nearby (I actually walked past Key without noticing it was him at first) and then I panicked and told my mum!!

Then I whipped out my camera, walked up to Key and said "Picture?". I wanted to say something in Korean but my mind totally blanked out and all I could think of was 'kamsahamidah' (thank you in Korean) so obvsly I didn't say that LOL

AND THEN /jeng jeng jeng/ KEY SAID "sorry, no". Well he wasn't being rude but I wouldn't say he was being friendly either... he didn't appear to be very apologetic but nvm he said sorry hehe. and he spoke to me hehe.

I was really shy/nervous and upset that Key rejected my request for a photo so my any courage I had left in me went down the drain and I didn't try asking Minho for a picture :/ I didn't think of taking their pic from far either cos I think they wouldn't have liked it :/

So just like that I walked off, completely
starstruck... Obviously I regret not trying harder to get a picture but trust me it came as a complete shock to me and I was surprised that I even had the guts to approach Key to ask him in the first place @.@ Since I didn't get a pic of them, I thought I'd just show you guys where exactly I saw them LOL. GOOD ENOUGH RIGHT?? HAHAH

So this is the exact hotel where I saw them!!!!! :)

Okay firstly I apologise for the blur pic! Was on the bus and it was moving so I couldn't get a clear shot T-T ANYWAY ladies and gents, the area near the illuminated blue cone thingies is exactly where MinKey + A bunch of other koreans were standing!! Omg such an awesome moment for me.

OKAY So I decided to unprivate my twitter today so that the shawols could ask me questions regarding MinKey in London! And lo and behold my MinKey tweet got like 75 retweets!?!?? That's a first for me :O

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[121123] Minho mentioned Sulli in Hanako Magazine

SHINee’s Minho mentioned Sulli in his interview with Japanese Magazine, Hanako No. 1031.

Taejoon, the charcter Minho plays fell in love with Jaehee, the female character played by Sulli from f(x) under the same management company. Talking about the hot-discussed kissing scene, “because my relationship with Sulli is not bad to begin with, so I think that the effects came out well.” Was the kiss initiated by Minho? After asking him, he (replied) “Yes” hahaha and laughed bashfully.

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[121123] SHINee rehearsal for SMTOWN Singapore

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