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[141028] Key updates Instagram with Minho and Onew

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[141028] Minho's cut in Medical Top Team BTS to be release on November 6

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[141023] SWJplus updates with Minho

It has been a long waited Saitama’s stage again right!
From the start of the concert hall performance in September, we have come to the last one left (before moving to arena).
Feeling a little sad~
But we are also preparing with all our hearts for the Arena(s), Please look forward for them~
Hall Performance, the last one at Okayama, let’s all enjoy it together! 


Make It Real: Chapter 31

 Juniel had been a constant source of agitation to Yuri since she caught them together hand in hand. She was restless fearing that Minho might permanently leave her because of that girl. The situation is unfair to her especially that he made a promise that he will marry her. She could not trust that words enough and remain silent while watching the two having intimate moments together. She had break her silence then and searched for Sulli to ask some help.

"What's the problem unnie?" Sulli asked. She knew that Yuri was already living in Seoul, following her brother.

"Juniel. I want to personally talk with her about their relationship. I fear that there's something going on between them. This is not an ordinary business deal he had told me.

"What made you think of that? I assure you that my brother don't love her. If anything, it's just out of pity. This marriage has expiration date and Juniel is aware of it.

"I saw them hand in hand the other day, seemed happy. Skinship isn't really usual to your brother even if she is his fake wife. I'm afraid that their relationship had developed and might suddenly leave me afterwards."

The only times when Minho was seen going out with another girls was during the times when they broke up. They had split many times but they kept going back together. Yuri knows how faithful Minho is when it comes to relationship, not until he was engaged in this marriage.

"If that so, we need to disclose the secret now for her to recognize you as his real love. If we will say the truth, there's no reason for her to stay."

"What if your parents will find out that we had confronted the girl?"

"Leave it to me. Juniel is scared of me. I'm sure she won't tell anything to oppa or our parents."

Meanwhile, Juniel had abdominal cramping that day. The pain was so sharp that she could not afford to finish her P.E. dancing class. No one in school knows her pregnancy as Minho's advise. Her condition might affect her morale as a young student that is why she never told anyone. Even her mother and parents-in-law did not know still as wanting to surprise them on his father's birthday. She made an excuse to leave early, wishing to rest in which the guidance office granted. She decided to rest in her mother's house then. Just exactly as she was leaving,  Sulli and Yuri had arrived and saw her from the red Mazda MX-5 roof open car they were riding. Sulli drove the car quickly to her side.

"Juniel!" Sulli called her.

Juniel was in awe seeing Sulli approaching her outside her school. The last time they fought, she thought they will never talk again as Sulli's fury could had kill her that moment. The scars were still there and it gave her chill remembering the incident again. However, she noticed the girl who was siting besides Sulli, looking stunningly gorgeous with her long wavy hair and exposed shoulder on the loose t-shirt. She was somewhat familiar to her. Ah! The girl from the magazine, she claimed within herself. She is more gorgeous in real life than in her photoshoot. The striking girl in Minho's privatized photo. Sulli stepped out of the car first and the striking model followed her.

"There's someone wanting to talk with you. Here she is"

Sulli and Yuri towered Juniel's small stature. With their high heels too, they stood like six footer against her 5'3 height.

"Hello. I'm Kwon Yuri." Yuri greeted her without smiling.

Juniel bowed down, partially wondering, partially tense of meeting the model. She had never seen a woman as gorgeous as her yet her gaze was kind of scary sending some negative vibes to her.

"He-llo." Juniel greeted back with her really soft tone, she could not force some smile being tense, worsen with her usual awkwardness. She tried to avoid her contact and bowed her head down. Juniel is so fresh and blooming. Yuri had searched the girl online out of curiosity. The girl is not photogenic in pictures maybe because she does not wear make up or flashy clothes but in real person, she looks really cute and simple. Her long hair is a natural brown as her eyesbrows. Her cheek is rosy pink and her lips are plump and ruby. Her skin is pale opposite to Yuri's tanned and glossy skin. Yuri quickly reminded herself that this girl is married to Minho. She considered her as the rival regardless of her innocent looks.

"I have something to open with you but not here, maybe in other place?" Yuri asked her.

Juniel's abdominal cramping might be an excuse to ignore this meeting. But there's something with Yuri that she could not resist. The fact that she saw her in Minho's Facebook photos and she is with Sulli, her biggest bully, there is something mysterious in her that she has to discover. "Okay."

Juniel went in the car after the invitation. She had no clue in where they will go or what they will talk about. It could be something really important for her and this woman. It scared her but her growing curiosity made her braving the consequence. After a couple of minutes, the car stopped at the side along the highway approaching Incheon airport. Sulli parked the car at the side of the road. Big cargos, trucks, and more vehicles passing by. The wind was blowing to east, only the sound of the transportation was being noisy. Juniel still had no idea why they went there, she breathed heavily trying to prepare herself from something. Sulli went straight to the topic, revealing their purpose.

"Kwon Yuri is oppa's girlfriend."

This had stabbed Juniel in the chest like a piercing needle. Sulli was too careless when it comes to her feeling, she was not really prepared although she had sense it earlier.

"Unnie. Please be more considerate with me." Juniel had to ask her. The sharpness of the truth had made her bleeding intensely inside. She knows this marriage was arranged by their parents and Minho accepted it only for some reasons. From the beginning there was no love involve. Hoping that they will soon love each other, Juniel tried her best to warm him up and he slowly conform as seen these passed days. Minho's willingness to support her pregnancy was overwhelming to watch. But this unwanted information had break her hope, she thought she can get his affection afterwards.

"We're already ten years. He's my live-in partner in U.S." Yuri opened. "If not with you, we could have married way before."

"But you can do it even without me?" Juniel asked.

"No. It's because we both have the career to settle and..."

"Actually, if not with our parent's refusal they're already married. Sulli interrupted "Yuri unnie was a commoner yet ambitious and hardworking one so just to prove she's not aiming only for his money. Our shameless parents tried to bribe her only to leave Minho oppa, but she didn't accept it. They both love each other as I witnessed it myself. They have no choice but to submit to our parents wish." She added. Minho's sister was trying really hard to persuade the poor girl.

"D-do you have a child?" Juniel asked her with a trembling voice. Her eyes started tearing up while listening at their story. Now she realized why Minho is cold at her sometimes.

"No...since I had miscarriage before." Yuri had to lie. The truth was they never get one since she prioritized her career. The supposed first child was miscarriage due to abortion pills she had took as request by her modeling agency.

"Love is the most important thing here Juniel. Why keep insisting yourself with someone who doesn't love you back? Minho oppa isn't inlove with you, you know that and now you know who owns his heart."

"Minho oppa hadn't tell me anything." Juniel was still in shock, trying to defend herself.

"That's why we're here to tell you. Leave oppa and let him go back to Yuri. Find someone who will love you in return."

It hurts Juniel as Sulli sounded like she kept pushing herself to him yet she is one of the reason why Minho and Yuri are now separated. Juniel had no idea about their relationship to begin with, this marriage was not her plan either. She just obeyed her parents' wish even if it was against her preference too. However, this revelation breaks her heart unexpectedly more painful than everything she had endured before. Juniel had never fell to anyone until Minho came. She experienced having crush before but he is her first love. He is the first guy who captured both her heart and body.

"I won't do it, I'm sorry." She apologized and stood firm. Juniel believed that Minho is not that dumb to accept the proposal if he is really in love with Yuri. The fact that he let this marriage to happen will put their relationship at risk. He knew this will happen yet he allowed it.


"I'm his legal wife. Our parents will still support us and Minho oppa is happy with me." The girl needed to exaggerate the wordings though she thinks it is true.

"How dare you say that?! Minho oppa is just sticking with you until you find a guy. He's sacrificing his own happiness just for you! Don't be selfish, it is you who must do the move not him. Understand?!"

Minho is polite enough that he let Juniel to have the right guy before leaving her but Juniel had no plan of replacing him. It will make her really devastated if he will going to leave her just like that. She could not even imagine marrying another man for she thinks he is the right guy for her.

"I won't give up my husband!" Juniel cried out. She had no intention of surrendering despite what they told her. It might be so selfish of her, but what they think does not matter now. She loves him that is the most important for her.

Juniel's unwillingness to comply had boiled them up especially Sulli. She thought this adopted girl was a threat the moment she entered Choi clan. Her good relatives had spoiled her making her so egoistic more. Yuri had never gone so infuriated or so insecure with someone who is lot younger than her age. Juniel is incomparable to what she gain over the years. For that moment, she had the desire to slap her at least but could not do it.

A heavy strike came across Juniel's face, Sulli gave her the slap instead. She did not want to lose this time, she had to undergo with this kind of torture the moment her brother married the adopted girl and she had to end it here. Sulli was burning out of anger, she wanted to hit her, break her into pieces. She pushed her down to the ground with one move. Juniel promised not to cry braving all the harassment for the sake of her love. It is more tolerable for her than breaking up with him. Sulli kicked Juniel's back thrice ruthlessly while Yuri watched it. Juniel did not fought back but when Sulli stepped into her groin, the girl shouted in pain. "Nooooo! Unnie not there please." As cruel as she, she kicked Juniel further in the groin. With all her might, Juniel pulled herself from her, she held her stomach trying to protect what is inside "Enough unnie. Enough!" She begged for mercy.

"You deserve that mongrel. Here's more..." Sulli was about to kick her again but Juniel had to escape from her.

"I'm pregnant unnie!" She shouted.

"Huh?" Yuri  put a hand on her mouth in disbelief. Even Sulli who was in raged was stunned on what she said.

"What did you say?"

"I-I'm two months pregnant." The girl confessed, her abdomen was the most vulnerable part of her at the moment. It is where her child was lying.

Yuri pulled Sulli's hand. She felt like this problem would go worst if they will not stop. They did not expect it but Juniel had valid reason why she kept refusing.

Sulli felt like having mental breakdown. "Why you didn't say this before, bastard!"

Sulli ran to the car quickly and Yuri followed her. "Let's send back Juniel." Even she is her rival, Yuri still has slight concern of her state.

"No. She can go home alone."

"What if she will tell Minho. My God, what did you do?!"

"Shut up unnie, I just want her to learn lesson."

"But what you did is merciless. You could harm her and the child with the way you acted." Yuri told her.

"Let's just go now unnie. No need to point it out."

She turned on the key with shaking hand and drove faster leaving Juniel behind.

Juniel crawled in pain with her hand still on her belly. She was struggling to stand up with a fear she might gonna lose the baby inside her womb. Luckily, a taxi came to her as the driver saw her from a distant. Like an angel sent from above, he went to her fully concern of her condition "Are you okay Miss?"

"No Sir. Please send me to hospital." Juniel answered in pain. Her back was aching and so her groin as result of beating.

"Okay." The good old man helped the girl unconditionally. He carried her and drove her to the nearest hospital to check her up.

to be continued...

[141021] Minho with Indonesian President Jokowi and Daughter

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Yesterday, his excellency has just sworn as the new leader of the said state. He took photo with Choi Minho back March 19, 2013 as his daughter's request who is reportedly an avid fan. It was during Music Bank Jakarta when Mr. Jokowi was still governor.

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[141021] Sbsminam updates Instagram with Minho

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[141021] Minho on Allkpop Fantasy League: Male Idol Dream Team

RankCount LeaderRapperVisualDancerVocal
31,186OnewRap MonsterLKaiSunggyu
7843NBang Yong GookLKaiSunggyu
8795DoojoonRap MonsterLKaiYoseob