[120629] Minho departure at Incheon Airport

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[120629] Minho at Music Bank Recording

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-@Minhoney "Exclusive (Green) Hairclip T^T Baby, you are so cute~"

-Choi Minho is so good looking ah ah ah ah ah ah! White shirt and a black swallow tail vest, with a tie/bowtie. His face is onyl a tad bigger than the microphone. When the fans shout for him, he will wave his hands with the mic. TT TT TT Someone shouted "Minho Fighting!", Someone shouted "Choi Minho Saranghae" and he replied "Me too" TT TT It's been a long time since there has been a recording. What a good boy T^T After it eneded, Minho even stood tall to wave with everyone TT TT 

-Key told Minho "You are so noisy!" Minho then told the fans "He said that I'm noisy TT" so Key said to Minho again "You talk non-stop!" kekeke so cute TT 

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[120629] American fan meets SHINee

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[120618] Pre-order details for Salamander Guru and the Shadows DVD

■ Product Name : サンショウウオ導師と恋まじない DVD-BOX
■ Date of Release : 5 September 2012
■ Original Price : ¥ 19,950 (Different Internet site offers different discounted rates)
■ Disc : 5 DVD (Episode 1-10) + 1 Exclusive DVD

Exclusive DVD contents (120 Minutes)
→ Interview with Minho (Interviewed during his visit to Japan)
→ Interview with cameos/guests/other casts
→ Recording studio (The scene where Minho was drunk + Behind the Scenes + Collection of Trailers)

S/N : Additional Info
※ Audio in Korean | Subtitiles in Japanese
※ The cameo interview includes all the other main casts, Kara SeungYeon, Jewelry EunJung and TigerJK

■ Photobooklet : 24P Small booklet (Pre-order)
■ First Press Edition Limited Edition Contents (Pre-order)

*** VIEW THE 05:00 PREVIEW CLIP HERE :http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/mpd/permalink/m23KORIEE3KX35/ref=ent_fb_link

For more details + To pre-order the product, please feel free to visit and compare these 3 sites :

HMV JP : http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/5065637
Tower Records : http://tower.jp/item/3112549/サンショウウオ導師と恋まじない-DVD-BOX
Amazon JP : http://www.amazon.co.jp/サンショウウオ導師と恋まじない-DVD-BOX-lt-初回生産限定オリジナル生写真付き-gt/dp/B00842U40C


※ S/N : There are many other more sites selling this DVD but i’m just listing these 3 more well-known reliable sites.
※ S/N : Tried to compile and cover most of the information, for more details, please refer to the 3 sites listed above

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[120617] Minho departure at Taoyuan Airport

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[120617] Minho shows f(x) some support in Inkigayo

f(x)'s Amber updated her Me2day with a new photo.

She is seen posing with SHINee's Minho in the photo above.

She said,"Minho oppa came to support us for our first Inkigayo stage,my llama producer came to see our comeback today,thanks,peace and to our fans too".
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[120617] Minho in Hollywood Action Effect

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