[150228] Minho on Pann's Flower Male Idols

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[150228] SHINee Japan Official updates Jacket Shooting Sketch with Minho

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[150228] Minho, Sohyun, and Niel cut in Music Core

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[150228] Minho taking photos for Jonghyun and Roo

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[150228] Minho cut in Baskin Robbins CF

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[150228] Beatburgerjae updates Instagram with Minho

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[150227] SHINee's Your Number

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[150227] SHINee (Minho focus) was appointed as Ambassadors for HR Destination Innovation

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[150227] Minho cut in Mezamashi TV

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[150227] Minho teaser in The Saem

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[150225] SHINee SWJ Q&A with Minho


Q1: What is your favorite dish cooked by your mom?
A1: ALL of the dishes my mom cooks are really delicious!!

Q2: Please tell us how you felt when you heard about the Tokyo Dome concert!
A2: I was so happy that I felt like flying there immediately! At first, I couldn't believe it! I'll work hard for a great performance to show everyone!

Q3: You visited many places during the tour, is there any new local delicacy that you liked?
A3: Hitsumabushi! It gives me power!!

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[150225] Minho drove his own car

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[150225] SMTOWN GLOBAL updates with Minho

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[OSEN] Netizes are impressed by Minho's goodlooks


SHINee Minho, bursting with dark colour charms, city man

In the released photos, Minho wore a sturdy leather jacket and white shirt and showcased his 'City man' charms. Netizens have reacted to this in the comments, with, "Isn't he a little too handsome", "When will SHINee make a comeback?", along with a variety of reactions and expressing their deep feelings towards SHINee Minho.

1. [+1613, -82] He doesn't create/get into trouble, works hard, really love you~

2. [+1465, -60] His looks leave one breathless.

3. [+1186, -60] Handsome~~

4. [+1166, -54] He is good looking and is very practical and realistic in handling things. that's why I especially like you~~

5. [+1100, -50] His face is so small, yet it can accommodate his eyes, nose and mouth, it's really amazing!! Too handsome~~

6. [+880, -66] His face is really good looking~~

7. [+821, -34] When I saw SHINee in person, I was really shocked by Minho's small face!

8.[+801, -39] Really handsome, really handsome!!

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[150224] Nndekkk update Instagram with Minho

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[150225] Minho cut in Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival

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