Make It Real: Chapter 39

  “I'm thankful for this day. A day which God made things possible for our family 66 years ago. Imagine, if my father had never been born, I wouldn't be here either.“  The son looked at his direction and smiled. “I owe you everything Pa. You store my life, you nurtured me to become the person I am today. These event you allowed me to see. This independence I got…My integrity... Here is the toast for you , a wonderful  father who deserves me at my best! Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you! Cheers!” Mr. Choi Monghee could not hide his joy at hearing his first-born son’s greetings. They drink their wine together, cherishing that cheerful moment. As Minho gulped his glass of liquor, he caught a glimpse of her reflection at it. “Yuri.” It surprised him seeing her there.

She stared back at him with her irresistible beauty. His eyes were locked on her, with the fading resentment he had, he wanted to approach her.

Juniel  was beside Minho when she caught his eyes gloating over Yuri. Her fears intensified along the pang of jealous while witnessing their eye contact.  She had never seen his eyes glowing with affection like this.

“Oppa.” Juniel tried to interrupt but Minho ignored her like nothing. His love for that woman is probably more than what she ever know.

Yuri had him hypnotized, he moved to her sweet temptation willingly after months of constant hesitation. They reached for each other and he led her to the library room.  Just like they first met, he was mesmerized by her physical traits as he is so into it.

“Why do you come here?” He asked her intently.
“I want to see you.”
“You know we’ll get into trouble.”
“I don’t care Minho-shi…When are you going to divorce her?”
He had an intention but It was hard for him to apprise “Urgh…I wanted to talk to you regarding this. I- I’m think-…”
“Hush.” Yuri knew Minho was planning a break up after Sulli told her the confrontation. Due to only one mistake that she unintentionally did. Minho loves her even up to now that he is married. He is mad crazy over her and the only thing that triggers him to plan that is pride. While Minho could not recall as to when did he have this impulse, he was only hurt and became more devoted with his work. Whatever confuses him, still undeniable that he loves her despite her fault.

Juniel sat on the bench with palms on her face. Her teardrop fell like rain again as she cried unstoppable. She got to follow them but her weakness was preventing her. She had mixture of jealous, fear, anger, shame, hopelessness, all in once flowing inside her body. She could not able to apprehend the whole thing when he made certain that he is already done with Yuri.

“Now you know, will you still cling on him?” Sulli asked her from behind. She planned this scenes and it looks succeeding. “I told you he’s in love with Unnie.”

Juniel could not utter a respond, she just closed her eyes trying to uplift her demoralized self.

“They have been together for so long and you’re the reason why they parted. Do you think he’s happy?  Truthfully he’s only worried with his child nothing more.”

Painful to hear that but Sulli was right. Juniel realized that it is no better if she keeps pushing herself to him. “What to do?” She asked herself. This inner turmoil became too unbearable for her, Juniel stood up wanting to escape from this nightmare.  She ran to wherever her feet may direct her.  Momentarily, she stopped halfway down the passage feeling dizzy. She slows down her movement as her heartbeat grew faster and faster. Her vision darkened and after she drew a deep breath, she passed out.

“Mam!” Fortunately, a servant saw the girl as soon as she fell at the corridor. She screamed for some help.

Yuri undressed, exposing her curvy bosoms to seduce him. She is a daring girl who gets anything she wants. It was careless of her inviting him at the wrong place. Minho inhaled deeply as he set his gaze upon her chests.  He missed her obviously and all the sex they had.

“Touch me Minho-shi.”

The magnitude of her appeal attracting him like a magnet.  Minho came close. He leaned over and brushed hers with his hungry mouth. Her naked body pressing firmly against him, bringing back the ecstasy they had.  She trapped him under her charm, he was unable to resist this magical power inside his parent’s territory. The feeling never disappeared so it came back as she expected. However, his mobile rang barging in at the middle of their make out.

Minho answered. “Hello.”

“Minho where are you?” Chansung asked his bestfriend, sounding tense at the line.

“I-I’m here in my room. I’m just…hmm resting.” He lied.

“You better come down. Your wife had fainted!”


‘What happened?” Yuri asked him after observing his shock expression.

“Juniel had fainted. I need to see her now.  I’m sorry Yuri.” He clothed her on.


Minho left her hurriedly and ran downstairs. He cursed himself for being such a jerk when he neglects his duty with Juniel.

Juniel was still unconscious with Mrs. Sunhwa, Chansung, and Myeon taking care of her. Mrs. Sunhwa calmed them with the info that fainting is just part of pregnancy. Minho showed up in the living room where they laid her and checked his wife. He decided to bring Juniel to the hospital to get some aid. He carried his wife to the car and his friends accompanied him. Minho drove the car with Chansung at his side. Myeon was at the back fanning the girl, trying to give her some air. She unbuttoned Juniel’s dress and pulled it up slightly above the knee. However, she noticed some fresh blood dropping from inside.  It scared her “Oh my God. Minho, she’s bleeding.”

They were absolutely staggered at the idea of possible miscarriage. Minho got frightened by thought of losing his second offspring.  

Fearing for their lives as Minho sped up the car, Chansung volunteered to take over after seeing his bestfriend’s struggle. “Let me drive. Just watch over her.”

Minho nodded and he swapped seat with Myeon. He carried Juniel on his lap and dug his hand between her legs, compressing the drops of blood with her cotton undies. He brushed away her bangs and looked at her weary face.  He encouraged her in silence. “Please hold on.”

To be continued…

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