Make It Real: Chapter 40

When they arrived at the Seoul Woman’s Clinic E.R., Minho put Juniel into stainless steel stretcher after they took her into check-in area.  She was lying in the bed semi-conscious on what happen to her. The doctor in the emergency department had to ask some questions but she could not respond properly. They proceed into pelvic examination right after to feel whether her cervix is still open. Juniel underwent through pregnancy test and ultrasound to check if she is having a miscarriage. Minho and Myeon were there with her as Chansung had to leave for tomorrow’s schedule. Myeon gave Minho a paper towel to wipe the blood stain on his hands. “Thanks.”  He was particularly anxious about his child’s survival and Juniel’s health.
After a while, the doctor met them. “The bleeding is not related to miscarriage, but due to hormonal changes. Her cervical os is close and her laboratory result is normal. Fainting was only triggered by emotional stress as she was having a high level of emotional turmoil earlier.” The doctor diagnosed.
“I see.” A thorn had been taken off his chest, Minho could not forgive himself if the result is different.
“I’m advising you to avoid sex for the meantime and have her bed rest at home until the bleeding stops.”
“But how about the baby’s health, will it affect it?”
“Extreme stress may affect developing baby’s health so she must able to rid herself of all worries.”
“Ohh okay, we will do that. Thanks doc.”
The girl was transferred into a confinement room and Myeon was there to take care of her. Minho went out to buy some medicines and drinks for her treatment.
The old woman was adjusting the pillow under Juniel’s head and noticed the girl looking at her strangely. “Hello. You might be wondering who am I. I’m Bae Myeon, your husband’s closest noona. You know I have long wanted to meet you.” The 43 years old friend introduced herself cheerfully.
Juniel had regain her consciousness awhile ago but remain weary. “Where’s  Minho oppa?” She asked with a softest tone Myeon had ever heard.
“Your husband went to the pharmacy to buy some medicines for your treatment. “
“Is he going to leave me?”
“No, of course not. He will comeback in a few moments.”
“I hope yes.”
“Why did you said that Juniel?” Myeon was surprised at her statement.
“He don’t love me unnie.” Tears started to roll down her cheek as she answered. She recalled everything that happened last night before she fainted and the pain is piercing still.
“Don’t say that. Your husband loves you.“ Myeon remembered Minho’s excitement when he announced to her that he is having a baby with Juniel. Her convo with him last time was about his marital relationship with the girl and that was rather intimate. She even teased him if he will allow Juniel to cheat on him in which he rebuked.
Juniel shook her head. The fact that she witnessed it with her own eyes was enough to convince herself. She loves Minho undoubtedly but he could not turn it back. He is committed with someone else and was just denying himself for her.
“I'm the reason why he broke up with his girlfriend.” She opened. “He suffered enough for this marriage.” A dispirited expression came out her face.
“I wish I never met him.” She regretted. Normally, Juniel does not speak her issues but the burden is too heavy for her to hide.
“Don’t think too much. It’s not good for your baby.” Because of her condition, she was not allowed to be stressed. Myeon held her hand and calmed her.  Their problem seems serious with Minho having an outside affair as the girl revealed.
Minho arrived shortly after. He was carrying a bag of bananas and berries he bought from the grocery and the prescribed drugs for her. He noticed she is already awakened.
“How are you Juniel?” He greeted her with a smile on his face to warm her up.
Juniel wiped her tears and turned her back against him. She was not ready to talk with him as her condition will only get worsen.
The girl was sulking and it was normal reaction to what he did last night.  He ignored her the moment he saw Yuri at that party.
He came near and breathed ”Juniel listen to me. I’m sorry for what I did last night. I have a tendency to act impulsively without thinking about the consequence. I realized that it was my fault that I should control my feeling then.” Minho perceived that Juniel had caught him with Yuri. Although it was his impulse to run to Yuri, he should have think of Juniel’s situation that night.
“Leave me alone please.” The more he is being apologetic, the more she is feeling guilty about it. Minho is in love with Yuri that is why his impulse automatically sends him to her. He assured her before that he is done with his girlfriend but Juniel is doubtful of that. His facial expression and their gestures will prove how in love they are. Juniel would rather gave up than being a block between them. This marriage will never be happy no matter how much they force each other, she thought.
“Juniel please forgive me. What I did was foolish but I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Juniel shook her head. She could not accept it for now. Minho came near and held her arm trying to persuade her. Myeon who was witnessing this scene stopped him. “Minho don’t force her please. Just obey what she’s asking.”
He could do nothing but agreed. Minho truly looked pained when she declined his apology. He known her for being amenable wife but his mistake had really injured her emotion. He understand that she is really frustrated after last night yet her respond sounds alarming.
Mrs. Hasun went back from Vietnam immediately after she was being informed that Juniel got bleed. She had no rest and did rushed quickly to the hospital after she landed from the airport. The old woman was bothered so much about her daughter’s state.
Minho went to his office the following morning even without sleep. However, Myeon took a leave to look after Juniel as her friend’s request. Juniel was with her when her mother came over.
“How are you feeling now my angel?” The mother asked her, caressing her head.
“Feeling better now Mama.” Juniel smiled, despite of her agony.
“But where’s your husband? Where’s Minho? Don’t tell me he’s gone for work.”
“Mam. He told me that he’ll go back after lunch. He must attend some meeting.” Myeon answered.
“How important is that?”
Myeon could not answer as the mother sounds mad.
“Mama, I want to go home now." Juniel asked her mother.
“Yes we will angel. But I would rather have you rest in our house not in the condo. Is that okay?”

to be continued…

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