[140930] Minho's Message and Signature in SW2014

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[TRANSLATION] "Let us treasure this meeting!"

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[140930] Minho's "Medical Top team" DVD & Blu-Ray

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[140930] Minho focus in SW2014

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[140929] Minho's standee in a SHINee biased restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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[140929] Minho on 8 Most Shameless K-Pop Idol Antics

When it comes to gender-bending, the flower boys of Kpop-dom have it mastered down to a fine art. Slapping a long fake mane, falsies, lipstick and a skirt on a member of the male species yields two kinds of results: the revelation that your oppa is legitimately prettier than you are (cough Kim Heechul cough), or a slightly disturbing “make it stop” disaster (sorry, Ok Taecyeon).
Why fans love it: More than the fact that it brings on the chuckles, it also shows that they’re willing to have a little fun and laugh at themselves (which is sexy, ain’t it?).
Notable example: Not too long after their debut, SHINee broke out lush wigs and plaid miniskirts to masquerade as schoolgirls. Taemin’s delicate features made him especially convincing as a bob-haired lass, while Key’s natural diva attitude helped him portray his Regina George-esque (from Mean Girls) character to perfection.
Fans love their glitzy stage outfits (and love it when they take said outfits off even more), but seeing their oppa in a skin-tight frock and curly wig incites screams that are just as impassioned as those reserved for the sight of abs or a successfully conquered high note. Bonus points if they boogie to a girl group song in said getup.
Why fans love it: The same reason as the previous slide, except they get to witness it in person.
Notable example: At SM Town Seoul, the “Kyu Line” (a clique consisting of SHINee’s Minho, EXO’s Suho, TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun) bravely sported long hair and red lace gowns to cover Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’ with hip-swaying, thigh-baring and other sensual moves. Work it, Boy’s Day!

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[140929] Fans lining up to SHINee's cardboard

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[140928] Minho's warm-up in SW2014 "I'm Your Boy"

Minho's Tape Message: Let's cherish this meeting!
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Minho's ball is GR7 Basketball from MOLTEN. He woke up early today and did a little exercise ~ Basketball. He entered the venue energetic because of that.
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[140929] Minho was spotted in Shibuya by a fan

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[Fanaccount] Fan said she met Minho at Shibuya and he looks good in real life just like in the TV. apparently some people saw onew too. She also said Minho's face is small and looks thin.

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[140928] Minho photos on SHINee World 2014 'I'm Your Boy' Goods

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[140928] Minho's tour goods - Coaster

1  :   Lets sing and dance with us ☆Minho
2  :   When I dream of meeting all of you, I’m so excited ! 
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