[121031] Minho with a friend Selca

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[121029] Minho departure at Hongkong Airport

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[121029] SHINee in Etude House Hongkong Opening

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[121026] Minho with Rich Thing

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[121026] Minho arrival at Hongkong Airport

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[121026] SHINee in Happy Music Live '12

SHINee’s Essential Item during Live Shows

Key: “Hot Sake”
(reason) ‘Because I will feel relax after drinking it’

Minho: “Rice covered with beef and vegetables!”
(reason) ‘Because on stage, you need stamina’

The MC went to compare both of their answer, he said
Comparing Key’s item to Minho, Key’s essential sounds more like a snack dish

We shall see Taemin & Onew’s essential item next week!

English translations: Forever_SHINee

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[121021] Emok tweet about Minho

간밤에 샤이니의 민호군이 다녀갔습니다. 웃으며 들어왔으나 아스날이 상상 그 이상의 패배를 당하는 바람에 어두운 표정으로 돌아갔다는… 축구 시작하기 전에 싸인 먼저 받아두길 잘했네요!

[Rough Translations]
SHINee’s Minho visited our cafe last night to watch the Arsenal soccer match with a smile. However, Arsenal was defeated and the disappointment was shown on his face. We were lucky to get his signature (for EMOK) before the match.

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[121018] Minho top 24th at Best Kpop Idol Rappers

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[121018] Pianist DVD will be released in Japan on November 30

The Pianist DVD will be released in Japan on 30th Nov, estimated about ¥2,940. This is Minho's first drama during 2010.

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[121012] To The Beautiful You Staff tweeted about Minho

The staffs in TTBY tweeted that after the drama, Minho send everyone a gift of T-shirt... And the staffs thanked him for his kindness. They mentioned Minho is very warmth and loving guy and they will wear his T-shirt,.they are touched...

It's good to know that Minho is a generous guy... Everyone likes him.


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[121011] Minho focus in ABU Radio Song Festival

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[121011] Reflection and Comments from Natsuki Fujimoto (Female Model) of SHINee's Dazzling Girl PV

Reflection 3 : This is regarding the filming (of PV). The first person I worked with for the filming was with Taemin. We actually (have to) begin filming the most nerve-racking/nervous scene?! I personally felt really anxious; however I could not sense a slight hint of nervousness from Taemin-goon; he entered the set calmly. No wonder he is Taemin-goon.

Reflection 5 : There were only a few “cuts” and “takes” (I did) with Minho-goon. As expected of (Minho) with acting experience, it was really easy to get into the mood with Minho-goon for the filming (of the PV). Even though I put it this way, however I only just sat there w. I believe looking at this scene from a fan’s point of view, this must be really something they would yearn/wish for.

Reflection 6 : Key-goon was really focused with the role of a designer. The scene where he chooses outfit really makes him look like he is a professional in this field. Key-goon is really good at creating the atmosphere, easily getting everyone into their roles. (Regarding) what I am lacking on, because of SHINee’s guidance, (they) have really helped (me) a lot.

Reflection 7 : The filming with Jonghyun was a really nervous one. Why is that so? This is because this was the scene where I have to do poses in front of Jonghyun, while he (snaps away) with his camera. This really makes me really shy. w but it was memorable because Jonghyun-goon appeared to be a little shy too.

Reflection 8 : The scene I acted with Onew-goon was the one where he threw out all my past photos. After many takes, he got the hang of it and so we were able to get that beautiful shot. (While filming,) Onew said to me in Japanese “What about this?” “Hmm~?”, while on the other hand creating the atmosphere for the entire filming scene, leaving a good impression on me.

Reflection 9 : Just like that, the filming ended really smoothly/successfully with the members. To sum up, regardless of whichever staff (that was present), the members will gladly greet all of them with warm smiles. The fact that it can be really tiring filming for 2 days, however they were still full of smiles, causing all the staff worker’s tiredness to disappear.

BEHIND THE SCENES 1 : Someone asked me if I have spoken with the members. Actually I was really nervous so I was unable to consider such issues.. w However the members frequently looked into other peoples’ eyes, full of smiles, to greet them, leaving a very good impression of them on me! Actually I wanted to converse with them with in Korean which I have learned from the staff however I did not have the courage so I gave up w.

BEHIND THE SCENES 5 : Some member did a funny gag with the lyrics “Ai~! Ai~! Ai~! (love love love)”. (S/N : She did not mention which member was that.)

BEHIND THE SCENES 6 : During their spare time, the members frequently dance around! They are truly professionals. And they look really happy.