[121021] Emok tweet about Minho

간밤에 샤이니의 민호군이 다녀갔습니다. 웃으며 들어왔으나 아스날이 상상 그 이상의 패배를 당하는 바람에 어두운 표정으로 돌아갔다는… 축구 시작하기 전에 싸인 먼저 받아두길 잘했네요!

[Rough Translations]
SHINee’s Minho visited our cafe last night to watch the Arsenal soccer match with a smile. However, Arsenal was defeated and the disappointment was shown on his face. We were lucky to get his signature (for EMOK) before the match.

Credit: Forever_SHINee@tumblr.com

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