[101128] Minho at GS25 Love Concert

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[101127] Minho cuts in Oh! My School

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[101127] Minho, Suzy, and Yoseob cut in College Music Festival

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[101127] Minho's debut drama "Pianist"

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[101109] Netizens think Minho and Suzy look good together


Screenshots of SHINee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy on MBC’s “Music Core” have been circulating amongst internet community boards due to the intimate atmosphere the image has captured.

Although the two emcee alongside Onew and T-ara’s Jiyeon, many believe that Minho and Suzy are more successful in drawing in their audience. However, jealous fans have been sniping that perhaps the two MCs are too successful in creating an intimate atmosphere.

Still, many others commented, “They match well,” “I recommend them for ‘We Got Married,’” and “Looking at the flower boy, flower girl couple is relieving my stress.”

Previously, the four MCs were under criticism for their shaky MC skills on “Music Core.”

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