[120731] MinSul on set taking break

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[120731] Minho is no. 63 Korean Idol Star in 2012

MNET Korean Idol Star TOP 100 is a ranking that takes into consideration the very prestigious Gallup poll (70%) and netizen's vote (30%).

"Gallup Korea, a specialized research company with the greatest number of interviews, the highest brand awareness and the most frequently quoted by the press, is ready to help you to make a proper decision by providing accurate and objective social researches."

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[120729] Minho has the worst sleeping habits in SHINee

Short interview of SHINee during the Japan Arena Tour Special Broadcast.
Who has the worst sleeping habits?
All: Minho! Even when he’s asleep, he seems to be fighting with someone in his dreams! And he talks a lot in his sleep!
Taemin: Even though other members also talk in their sleep, Minho’s seems to be very anxious and intense.
Minho: Really?
Jonghyun: Because I sleep in the same room as Minho in the dorm and we regularly stay together in hotels as well, so I know~
Minho: What does it feel like? Because I don’t know, so tell me.
Jonghyun: Very agitated! On the bed. (Body keeps moving). And even though you usually don’t speak in honorifics to me, but when we first wake up and I say “Minho ah! Hurry and get up! Quickly go wash your face!” Minho will say “Okay, I know, I’m going now.” and suddenly speak very politely to me.

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[120728] Sulli, "I like Sangchoo more than Minho, It's a secret"

Sulli, Her Special Love For Sangchoo
Sulli expressed her love for Sangchoo.

On July 26th, Sulli wrote on her Twitter, "Everyone, to be honest, I like Sangchoo more than Kang Taejoon. It's a secret." She also posted a photo along with those words.

The Sangchoo that Sulli was talking about, is the large sized dog that appears on the SBS drama "To The Beautiful You." Kang Taejoon is played by SHINee's Minho.

According to a staff member on the set, Sulli likes playing with Sangchoo from time to time and shows a child like smile as she does. During their recent filming, Sulli and Sangchoo gave off a very friendly vibe.

Sangchoo, who is a messenger between Sulli and Minho was casted with a competition rate of 8 to 1. Even though it was the Samoyed dog's first time filming, he was able to easily adjust to it and brought laughter to the film set.

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[120728] Minho on Elle Magazine Japa

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[120725] MinSul with Hyunwoo, Junyoung, and Haneul Official Photoshoot

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[120725] Minho updates Me2day

[민호] 아름다운그대에게 강태준!!!… 여러분이 조금만 기다려 주시면~ 멋진 모습으로 달려갈게요^^ 이 사진은 지난번 보그걸 화보 촬영때 미공개컷ㅋ
[Minho] To The Beautiful You Kang Tae Jun!!!… Everyone wait a little while more~ Will meet everyone with a handsome look ^^ This photo was previously shoot by Vogue Girl for poster which wasn’t revealed yet ㅋ

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[120725] Minho and Sulli's First Interview for TTBY

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[120725] Minho Says ‘I Love You’ to His Dance Instructor And Gets Rejected

SHINee’s Minho has gotten rejected.

On July 25, SM dance instructor Shim Jae Won posted a screen capture saying, “I received a love confession yesterday. However I politely declined.”

The screen capture was of a mobile phone Kakaotalk conversation with SHINee’s Minho. Minho wrote to Shim Jae Won, “Let’s show a great show at the next concert!! My very own dance instructor. Kekeke.”

Shim Jae Won then responded, “Bug off. I’m not yours,” prompting Minho to reply, “I love you~ Do you know my feelings?”

Shim Jae Won: “No, I don’t.”

Minho: “I know hyung keke.”

Shim Jae Won: “I don’t know.”

Minho: “I love you ^^”

SHINee’s Minho Says ‘I Love You’ to His Dance Instructor And Gets Rejected
Netizens responded to the humorous conversation saying, “Poor Minho”, “This is so hilarious” and “They must be really close.”

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[120722] Minho's High Jump Record is 175cm

In SWC II presscon, Minho told the interviewers that after learning proper high jump from a professional trainer for his role in ‘To the Beautiful You’, his personal record for high jump is 175 cm bit higher than his co-member Jonghyun's height.

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[120722] Minho in SWC2 Seoul

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[120720] Minho is 4th "Best Vacance (Vacation) Partner"

1. 2PM’s Nickhun
2. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon
3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
4. SHINee’s Minho

1. IU
2. Miss A’s Suzy
3. 2NE1′s Sandara Park
4. Sistar’s Hyorin

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[120720] Minho as Taejoon in Uniform

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[120719] Minho as Kang Taejoon as High Jump Athlete

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[120719] Minho Fanaccount in Strong Heart

Part 1

At the beginning, after minho sat down, he said his face has become thinner. He said it’s quite exhausting recently, it’s a pity that his muscle at his tight reduced a lot.

When the female model walked out, minho’s andre kim fashion photo was shown too. Leeteuk looked at the pic and said he is like a price.

Part 2
Compared to part 1, minho’s expression was more cheerful in part 2.
On Minho’s small board it’s written ‘JINX in life’, then he changed it to ‘the doldrums (or bottleneck) in life’, then changed again to ‘the 1st doldrums in my life’.

Minho kept on changing what was written on the board, he really thought it hardly for quite some time.

He said after acting in FYIFB, he encountered his first bottleneck. Because his role as a high jump athlete, so he learned directly from the national coach.
However, when he was there, he was asked why he want to do this, he was flustered that time. Minho dunno the reason too, but he adjusted his time to learn.
Minho wanted to jump over the crossbar as soon as possible.
The coach kept on giving him jumping practice, and also running with tire on his back.

This type of training lasted for around half a month.
His tights became more muscular.
He can’t wear his jeans anymore.
But this tights not that muscular now
after the training, he started his high jump practice finally, the record was 165cm/135cm (the writer can’t remember it)
The coach said that’s just the level of a beginner.
Minho said he don’t wanna lose in sports.

(Boom said the idol sports he emcees, other idols are get along gently. But minho is like an athlete, did stretching during the rest time. He said minho is really great, get number 1 this time as well)

How can he do it better, this question always troubles him.
He also think about it during JAT
Minho asked other members, how can he do it better
members said this is a drama, not record measuring, the records are not useful.
After hearing that, minho overcome his problem.
The problem solved so easily, he was surprised too.

After that, minho put more attention on his facial expression, sight and the body part.
(the mc said the shooting is from the lower part of the crossbar, so the height (jumped) can’t be seen.)

Minho also mentioned that his coach went to the olympic in london. But there is no representative for high jump, so he went there as a staff.
To become a high jump representative, the athlete must reach certain height in order to qualify for the olympic, korea doesn’t have that kind of athlete.

Because high jump is very challenging, so he started high jump when he was in his primary school. When he entered secondary school, he was in love with short run and hurdle jumping.

he then mentioned that FYIFB portraits high jump from the positive side, he hope that more people can give attention to this drama.


First bottleneck in life

Minho said when he was practising his high jump on his own, he thought that just by practising he would be able to get familiar with high jump techniques and obtain good results but after the first meeting with the national high jump coach, the coach didn’t instruct him on how to do the high jump in 2 weeks and only let him ran around the track everyday.

Even though he was very very tired but Minho continued training for 2 weeks without any complaint. Soon after he realised that his thighs have became more muscular that he couldn’t fit into the pants he wore.

After running for 2 weeks under the blazing sun, he started high jump but what made him felt frustrated was that he couldn’t even surpassed 1.2m. Minho said he was really very depressed back then and couldn’t get rid of the depressed thoughts in his head. After training very hard, he finally overcame the height of 1.7m, the coach said: Your technique is really alike to a professional athlete but this result is only about a elementary/secondary school student’s standard. Minho became depressed again. He kept blaming himself, why am I only able to jump over this height……why can’t I raise my legs a little higher? Why is my stance like this? Why can’t I grasp the rhythm…These thoughts were constantly in his head and he kept pondering over it.

He kept pondering over these questions during the Japan Arena Tour, what can I do to jump even higher, because of this question he couldn’t concentrate and his condition wasn’t too good which was obvious at the backstage…which the members could tell that Minho was troubled. He didn’t named which member but one member asked him: What are you troubling over, why are you so exhausted, just let it all out. Minho said the problem is like this, feeling troubled because I couldn’t obtain good result in high jumping all these while. That member then said, What are you thinking, you are not an athlete? Choi Minho you want to become an athlete? It’s okay as long as your stance is like a professional ah, why must you break the record? Don’t be troubled because of the record~ Minho was suddenly enlightened after listening to him and amazingly his bottleneck just disappeared~

Since then he never worried about the results and concentrated on how to perfect his technique and expression during training. Then Minho said the coach that guided him also followed Korea’s representatives to Athens but not as a coach because there wasn’t any high jump athlete representing Korea and this coach travelled to Athens as an administrative staff. He felt very sad about this and he’s working hard to showcase the beauty of this high jump sport in this drama. Even though it’s only a drama serial but it will be good if someone develops an interest in high jump because of this drama and becomes a national representative and participate in the 2016 or 2020 Olympics. In conclusion, he said this is the attitude he has filming for this drama.

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[120718] Minho's To The Beautiful You First Trailer

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[120718] Minho on Vogue Girl Magazine Interview


V.G. Have you practiced the high jump a lot? Judging from your victory on Let's Go! Dream Team you did well, at the level of an actual athlete.
Minho I began to practice about a month and a half before we went into active filming. I thought that it was easy up until the first week or two, but it was so different from what I did on Dream Team. High jumpers do a back flip and this is very difficult. High jumping is extremely hard even compared to other athletic events, so they say that even athletes avoid it.

V.G. Kang Taejoon is a character which any woman would fall for, to what extent do you think you're in sync with the character?
Minho For now I'll put it at about 50%. We share many similar aspects in terms of personality, but things like our family relationships and the attitude with which we treat others are different. I watched the Japanese drama and looked for the original work too, but I can't say that we're completely similar because he's a character who is pure but still manly with outstanding looks. I'll just say that I want to express him well and emulate the character.

V.G. How will you show a different image from Oguri Shun, who took on the same role in the Japanese drama?
Minho The method of expression is different according to each person who acts. I'm interpreting the character with a bit of a different feel from Oguri Shun. Rather than with words, please confirm this on August 15th through the broadcast! Haha.

V.G. SHINee's Minho and actor Minho, and the Minho who partakes in photoshoots like today. Among these, which is the most difficult role?
Minho Acting. I can just show myself when I sing and dance and take pictures, but when I act I have to naturally express someone other than myself so it's difficult. And having to create a side which the drama's viewers can empathize with is the most difficult.

V.G. If one day you can have your pick of any production, what type of movie would you like to do?
Minho Action or a noir movie along Quentin Tarantino's style. I want to try doing a movie that guys will like but that will probably be possible in the far future, not with my current image.

V.G. Speaking of your image, are you seeking the image of an upright young man? I once saw you at a piercing shop, and you cut short the staff members who were encouraging you to get a piercing saying "I won't."
Minho (very surprised) Wow! I went just that once, but you saw that. Truthfully, I was curious. The members have gotten a lot of piercings too. I'm not trying to go for an upright image in particular, but for some reason I think that funky outfits and piercings won't suit me. Once my stylist got hold of magnetic earrings which didn't require pierced ears but when I looked in the mirror, as expected it looked strange. In addition, I lost them after not even an hour. So in conclusion, "upright young man" isn't of my own will but something that can't be helped. Haha.

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[120711] Minho, Sulli, Hyunwoo, Kim Jiwon and more in TTBY First Script Reading

The first script reading for the upcoming Korean remake of Japan’s Hanazakari no Kimitachie has taken place.
On July 7, the cast of the upcoming SBS remake drama for To the Beautiful You came together in a rehearsal room at the SBS Ilsan Production Center for their first drama script reading.
In attendance were Sulli, Minho, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Ji Won, Lee Ah Hyun, Ki Tae Young and more.
Marking her first official turn at acting since her childhood acting days, Sulli came in synch with her female in male guise character, Koo Jae Hee, even lowering her voice tone for the reading.
Minho paid close attention to the instructions and description on his Kang Tae Joon character from director Jun Gi Sang and writer Lee Young Chul to focus on bringing his character to life.
Lee Hyun Woo’s positive energy carried over to his character as Cha Eun Gyul and helped make the script reading environment more energetic while Kim Ji Won liveliness helped define her gymnastics ace character Sul Han Na.
Veteran actors Lee Han Wee and Lee Ah Hyun helped lead their juniors throughout the session with Lee Han Wee proving an exemplary role model as an actor for his younger cast mates with his praise-worthy acting and Lee Ah Hyun even flawlessly helping act out another actor’s English dialogue.
A production source shared, “Already the actors are coming together tightly and giving their all to make a flawless drama. We believe the combination of the younger actors’ passion and the experience of the adult actors will give birth to a great production.”
To the Beautiful You is based on a popular Japanese manga and tells of a female student Koo Jae Hee (Sulli) who joins an all-male physical education school in disguise to try and meet the high jump gold medalist Kang Tae Joon (Minho).
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