[120729] Minho has the worst sleeping habits in SHINee

Short interview of SHINee during the Japan Arena Tour Special Broadcast.
Who has the worst sleeping habits?
All: Minho! Even when he’s asleep, he seems to be fighting with someone in his dreams! And he talks a lot in his sleep!
Taemin: Even though other members also talk in their sleep, Minho’s seems to be very anxious and intense.
Minho: Really?
Jonghyun: Because I sleep in the same room as Minho in the dorm and we regularly stay together in hotels as well, so I know~
Minho: What does it feel like? Because I don’t know, so tell me.
Jonghyun: Very agitated! On the bed. (Body keeps moving). And even though you usually don’t speak in honorifics to me, but when we first wake up and I say “Minho ah! Hurry and get up! Quickly go wash your face!” Minho will say “Okay, I know, I’m going now.” and suddenly speak very politely to me.

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