[120430] Minho in I AM Showcase

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[120429] Minho in JAT Sapporo

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[120425] Minho updates Me2day thanking fans


Minho me2day update thanking fans 120425 -
[민호] 덕분에 무사히 한국활동 마쳤어요~~ 너무 고마워요^^ 잘 다녀올게요! thanks to everyone , Korea activities has successfully ended ~~i’m really thankful ^^ will come back safely !
Credit SHINee me2day  Chinese translation via: www.shineeing.net★及[翻译:精精] English translation : Forever_SHINee

[민호] 덕분에 무사히 한국활동 마쳤어요~~ 너무 고마워요^^ 잘 다녀올게요!
thanks to everyone , Korea activities has successfully ended ~~i’m really thankful ^^ will come back safely !

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[120425] Minho's solo at JAT Fukuoka

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[120408] Minho at Evan Record Coex Mall Fansign Event

[Fanaccount] Arsenal vs Man. City

Minho said that he wanted to watch soccer at 12AM - it was a match between Arsenal and Manchester City, and said he’s begging (everyone) to support Arsenal. Jonghyun said that even though he does not know what Minho is talking about, but if Minho is an Arsenal supporter, he will support the opposing team kekek. Jonghyun joked that there are 10 things he hates in the world, the first is Arsenal, the second is Arsenal, the third is STILL Arsenal kekeke (S/N : Haha jjong trying to piss off Minho) Fan asked so what’s the fourth? Minho stepped in and said “Stop it” — (At the same time, all the members commented ” (Ah, so) It’s soccer?” keke)

S/N : Haha as usual, the room mates are bickering, so any soccer fans out there, please take this joke lightly ^^ Minho and his love for soccer….

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[120405] Minho on Me2day Conversation with fans

Fan : (Eng) “MiNHO I LOVE u… do u love me?”
Minho : I am Minho
Fan : Are you gone TT TT
Minho : I am back again haha
Fan : Yeah
Minho : Yeah~
Fan : (Eng) “Key speak english please”
Minho : What are trying to do?
Fan : Minho Oppa!! Do you think you are the best at doing aegyo?
Minho : Hmm..no.
Fan : Oppa belongs to the sweet type of guys.
Fan : Are you recently worried about your short hair problems?
Fan : You know you can do aegyo really well~!
Minho : What are you all discussing about?
Fan : (We can discuss) Anything
Fan : To discuss stories (gossip) behind Minho’s back
Minho : Can you talk about (the “Minho”) that is not on stage? (S/N : He wants fans to treat him as if he is not the charismatic Minho when he is performing, but as a friend when Minho is interacting with fans)
Fan : A lot of “duojin” authors must really like oppa right? (S/N : I went to search 多晶 “duojin” and it came up with minerals and solar chips… So I assume it’s doujin – Japanese manga terms – and hence I think they refer to fanfic? Correct me if I am wrong, thanks)
Minho : This is the start of war!
Fan : Aren’t your ears itchy (S/N : A saying to mean someone is talking behind your back)
Minho : Totally (itchy)
Fan : But you cannot start a fight! haha
Minho : Haha
Fan : Oppa, are there any games you play regularly?
Minho : I play “Winning” frequently haha
Fan : What is “Winning”?
(Another fan answers this question) : It is a kind of Soccer game
Minho : What is your favourite song in the album?
Sherlock, Stranger, All of them
Key : (——.,——)
Minho : The last wave~ (S/N : Last chance to talk)
Fan : (Eng) “Because of SHINee, I make me2day”
Minho : (Eng) “THANK U”
Minho : I love alarm clock
Minho :  Hahahaha (S/N : He answered his own question)
Fan : Oppa, how did you feel after you have just finished learning “Sherlock’s” dance?
Fan : It feels really fresh
Fan : When is the next time we can chat with you?
Minho : The next time..
Minho :  ..so when will that be..
Fan : Will there be a performance (dance) for Alarm clock?
Minho : Oh right, I kind of want to try it too
Fan : How much time do you spend to practice and sing?
Minho : A lot of time.
Fan : Oppa, if the things I’ve invented has been integrated into our lives, will you purchase it?
Minho : What is that???
Fan : Can you sing “Honesty” for your goodbye stage?
Minho : I want to sing that song too..
Fan : What is Oppa’s favourite sport?
Minho : Soccer, of course! haha
Fan : Which member get’s angry/frustrated the most haha
Minho : The one who who gets angry would be Jonghyun hyung
Minho : Jonghyun hyung is a monster haha
Fan : Is it time for dinner!!!
Minho : I have not eaten TT TT (S/N : 6.34PM KST)
Fan : Who is the member who can eat the most?
Minho : The one who can eat the most would be me.
Fan : Minho, are you still growing?
Minho : I am not growing anymore. I…
Minho : Haha
Minho : This is really the last wave (S/N : Last chance to talk to him)
Minho : I am reluctant to leave but this is really the last chance.. haha TT TT
Fan : Why are you at my house!
Minho : really?? Haha
Fan : How lond did you/SHINee take to learn the Sherlock dance well?
Minho : 4 days haha
Fan : Which song did you put in the most effort in?
Minho : The title track of course.
Fan : Who invented the “Hybrid” style of the song?
Minho : My company haha
Fan : Minhyuk’s acting is really awesome TT TT You will still take on the challenge to do acting next time right?
Minho : Yes I will, Please anticipate me (my performance) the next time too haha
Fan : Do other members go online/ Are other members looking at this conversation, webpage (S/N : *ambiguous meaning*) ?
Minho : No
Minho : Only Jonghyun-hyung is looking haha
Minho : Dear all
Minho : I should be
Minho : Going off now
Minho : TT TT
Minho : We will still meet haha
Minho : Ah.. Next time
Minho : Til we see one another again
Minho : I am hungry haha
Minho : The next time we will chat
Minho : when will that be
Minho : Let’s meet next time
Minho : The above… I am Minho
Minho : Hahahahaha
Minho : Byebye
Minho : Thank you everyone!
Fan : Did he really leave?
Fan : Oppa don’t go..
Fan : Bye
Fan : Let’s meet next time
Fan : Please come to Daegu
Minho : See you next time!!!!! (——-.,———)

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[120405] Minho (with Hongki) departure at Incheon Airport

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[120405] Minho updates Japan Mobile Site

Hello Everyone who is at Mobile fan site . I am Minho. Winter season is over, Warm spring is here~ Heard that Japan and Korea is different, New school term start from April onwards, so it starts from now! Every student please work hard fighting! We will also start our Japan tour starting from this month and work hard for it , everyone please look forward to it! And also , Everyone please listen to Sherlock which will be release next month!?(^-^)

Source: princeminho.wordpress.com