[111231] Minho among 91-liner

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[111231] Minho updates Me2day

[민호] 여러분~ 가요대제전 무대 어땠나요? 제 드럼 괜찮았어요? 열심히 하다가…그만 드럼스틱 하나를 잃어버렸어요ㅠㅠ 우리 2012년에두 더 좋은 추억 많이 만들어요~ 항상 너무 고마워요! ^^
[Minho] Everyone~ how’s the MBC Gayo Daejun stage? How do I look with the drum set? When I am working hard to practice.. i accidentally lost a drumstick ㅠㅠ We want to create more memories ~really always thankful! ^^
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[111226] Minho, Changmin, Kyuhyun, and Jonghyun

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed a photo taken along with his close good-looking friends

In the early morning of December 27, Kyuhyun posted a photo on his Twitter page with the comment: “We gathered together for a year-end party. TVXQ, S.J, SHINee and CN Blue…you may know how tight our schedules are, but we finally met here together. We were so happy today.”

In the photo, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is staring toward the camera with a bright smile along with good-looking guys: SHINee’s Choi MinHo, TVXQ’s Changmin and CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun.

Fans who saw the photo left various comments: “It is a real heaven, isn’t it? Can you let me in?” “It seems to be an exclusive gathering only for each group’s most handsome member.” “May your friendship always endure.”

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[111226] Minho's funny mistake

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[111223] Minho with Ricky and Jay

리키김, 샤이니 민호랑 드림팀 송년회 자리에서..!! 멋쟁이 멋쟁이 형님과 동생
Jay: Ricky Kim, SHINee Minho, in the last year of Dream Team…!! Smart hyeong and Dongsaeng.
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[111222] Key talks with Minho when he's having a problem

Q: Being an idols gets really tiring, especially with all the schedules. Is there anyone that you talk to specifically when you’re having any problems?

Key: Although I also go to Onew-hyung when I have worries about certain subjects, if we’re talking about personal problems, I’d have to say that I go to Minho. Out of the five members in SHINee, I met Minho first so he knows me better than anyone else here. It’s not even as if he gives out good advice, because he doesn’t really give any, but I go to him because he’s the closest thing I have to a best friend. If I am anxious about something personal, I keep it to myself until I see Minho and the words just fly out of my mouth before I even notice. He doesn’t tell me what to do but instead he just hugs me and tells me that he’ll be there if I ever need him. Because of his words, I will always feel a little better after I talk to him.


[111217] Hwang Shinye wants Minho to be her son

Actress Hwang Shin Hye reveals that she want SHINee’s Minho as her son on the press conference!

The actress stated “I’ve been preparing my acting role as a mother recently,” Hwang Shinye revealed during the press conference on the 14th.

She continued, “It’s my first time to be the mother of an adult actor (instead of a child), so I want to be the mother of handsome male actor.”
The person she chose to be her son was Minho, a member of boy group SHINee.
She explained “Minho and I go to same gym. He is very handsome and warm. I’ve even said that I wanted to be Minho’s mom before.”

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[111209] Minho's selca

[민호] 생일이…끝났습니다^^ 너무 감사하고 또 감사합니다…우리 더 좋은 추억 만들기로 한 것 잊지않았죠?^^
TRANSLATION: [Minho] My birthday… is over ^^ Thank you very much again and again... You didn’t forget that we’ll keep making better memories, right^^

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[111209] Cheoreographer Jaewon tweet with Minho

최밍호 생일빵 기념 이거 올렸었나아…? 격이 안나아… ㅎㅎㅎ 잠 좀 자야지 원…
(Will) Choi Mingho’s birthday celebration this year be memorable…? It will be better… hhh I’m going back to bed to get some sleep…
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[111209] Minho updates Japan Mobile Site

Hello eveeryone, i am Minho i’m in Korea’s Filming lounge, it’s really turning cold recently have been traveling a lot out Korea and Japan, because the weather’s temperature has been changing alot, i don’t know how which clothes to choose, this month will be able to meet you in Japan alot of times, i’m looking forward to the next showcase, please look forward to it. 

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[111203] Kyuline: Minho, Kyuhyun, and Changmin

‎[ Kyuhyun twitter update ] @GaemGyu : ” 규라인…저는 규현이 형과 창민이 형을 사랑합니다..-민호- 창민아 내일 싱가폴 팬미팅 잘하고 와라 .-규현- 형은 내 마음속 영원한 일인자 규라인 Forever -규민-민호 지분 80%!!! 규현지분 20%! “
[TRANSLATION] @GaemGyu : ” Kyu-line…I love Kyuhyun-Hyung and Changmin-Hyung..
-Minho- Changmin-ah, tomorrow do well at fan meeting on Singapore.
-Kyuhyun- Hyung in my mind is forever the head, Kyuline Forever
-KyuMin- Minho = 80%!!! Kyuhyun = 20%!!

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[111203] MinSul in We Got Married

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[111126] Minho fancams in Kpop Masters Las Vegas

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[111126] Minho updates Me2day

민호] 드디어 짧고도 길었던 콘서트가 끝났어요… 정말 잊지 못할 추억… 여러분 모두 정말 고맙고 또 고마워요^^ 우리 또 좋은 추억 만들어요~~
[Minho] The long awaited and short concert is finally over…it’s really an unforgetable memory…It’s really all thanks to all of you, really thank you^^ We have to make more memorable memories~~
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