[150219] Doojoon fails to beat Minho in futsal for the second year in MBC's 'Idol Star Olympics'

Happy Lunar New Year's! As a special gift to fans, you get to see your favorite idols sweating and taking it off (okay, that last part didn't happen), as they compete against one another in sports ranging from archery to track.

In particular, the competition between soccer fanatics B2ST's Doojoon and SHINee's Minho continued on this year's MBC's 'Idol Star Olympics' as they went head to head in the futsal (indoor soccer) championships on February 19!

Eddy Kim, who participated for the first time this year, made in the first goal, kicking in the ball that hit opposing athlete Baro's feet and came back out right into Baro's goal. This was, in particular, however, a battle between team captains Doojoon (Makchae Star United) and Minho (FC Chungdam). Last year, the former lost out to the latter in the Idol Futsal World Cup, so his desire to win this year must have been doubly strong! But to no avail. Minho was so impressive in play that he scored a hat trick and all 3 goals for his FC Chungdam squad.

It's all right. There are probably plenty of fans willing to give a consolation hug.

The winner of futsal ultimately returned to its former victor, allowing Minho to be the winner for the second year in a row and Doojoon to fail at taking his revenge.

Other athletic celebs who participated include Kikwang, BTOB's Minhyuk, Noh Ji Hoon, and more!

Whose team would you go on? 

 Source: allkpop.com

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