[141210] Minho's OMG on AKP's 10 Crazy Popular Fancams of Idol' Performances

If you're a diehard K-Pop fan, you're probably familiar with the term "fancam." You could even say it's part of your regular YouTube search vocabulary. 

Fancams are clips of idol performances recorded by fans.  Sometimes the videos focus on just one member of the group, so that they can share what the broadcasting cameras might miss during shot changes.  Fans record and share these amazingly high quality videos to capture their idols' hard work and charm for the internet to ogle--but some fancams are ogled much more than others. 

Ranked by YouTube views from least to most, here are some of the most popular performance fancams, ranging from hot, sexy, and cute to impressive, that has fans watching on repeat. Check them out!

Minho's cover of Usher's "Oh My Gosh"
God bless whoever came up with the idea to wear a blazer with no shirt. SHINee's Minho certainly rocks this look with his chiseled abs complementing his already perfect face. Witness the moment Minho finally unbuttons that blazer to let his abs free at 1:30, and see why fangirls have racked up this video's view count to approx. 696,000. "Oh my gosh," indeed. 

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