[150320] Minho Performing "Kerakera Janken" at Tokyo Dome: "Standing in front of 50,000 people gave me confidence."

(OSEN) SHINee's Minho Performing "Kerakera Janken" at Tokyo Dome: "Standing in front of 50,000 people gave me confidence."

Talking about his cute performance of "Kerakera Janken", boy group SHINee's member, Minho, said, "Standing in front of 50000 people gave me confidence" making people laugh.

SHINee held a two-day concert, SHINee World 2014~I'm Your Boy~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome, from March 14-15 and met an estimate of 100,000 fans. Minho, during the press conference after the concert, said, "It's been a while since we prepared solo stages. I thought that if all five of us did cool numbers, it wouldn't be fun so I changed my concept."

Minho continued, "I wanted to have an interesting and enjoyable stage but the directors also put unexpected twists, like saying what if you have this performance and somehow we're able to create a surprising number. When we first rehearsed it I was really embarrassed but standing in front of 50,000 people, somehow my confidence grew."

During the concert, Minho performed a song by the 3-person unit Kerakera, a song known as Kerakera Janken. Wearing multicolored costumes and doing comical dance, this side of Minho drew cheers from the fans. During the presscon, his groupmate Key commented, "It was cute." Jonghyun also said, "As expected from a performer," making the mood rise.

"Standing in front of 50000 people in Tokyo Dome gave me courage" seemed not only applicable to Minho but to the other members as well. In the concert, there are installations they have to use from high up. During the press conference, reporters asked if they were scared and Jonghyun said, "Actually, during the rehearsals we were a bit scared."

Continuously the other members went, "During the rehearsal when we were singing a ballad, the stage rose to a very high part and Key couldn't stand on it. But even though it was scary, during the performance itself when they stage rose high up, we were able to see closely the audience from the 2nd and 3rd levels. That somehow made us overwhelmed. Seeing the fans from there during the performance, we weren't afraid anymore."

SHINee's concert this time was the special finale to their concert tour that started last September 2014 in Chiba, continuing to Tokyo, Osaka Kobe, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, etc.--a total of 20 municipalities all over Japan, and finally ending in Tokyo Dome.

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