Make It Real: Chapter 41

Mrs. Hasun moved out her daughter from the hospital without Minho’s notice while Myeon had taken care of paying the bills. On their way to her residence…
“Can you tell me the problem? The doctor told me that my daughter is overstress that’s why she fainted.” Juniel’s response were quiet unstable during her interview with the doctor.
“Yes Mam.”
“I asked my daughter about it but she refused to answer. I know my daughter and I feel she’s hiding something from me.”
“I’m not in the position to tell you Mam. I think it’s better if Minho will explain it.”
“What is this that he needs to explain? Are they fighting? Please tell me, I need to know.”
“A problem that only them can dissolve it. It’s better if we won’t interrupt Mam.” Myeon understands that an outside affair is hard to deal with especially for Juniel. But it is a personal issue between the two and she trusted Minho to fix it to prevent further damage.
Mrs. Choi Hasun thought it could be really serious to the point that Juniel had break down. She assumed that Minho might cheated on her daughter or even abusing her.
When Minho arrived at the hospital, they were already gone. The nurse from the station informed him and it made his temper raised.
“Why did you not tell me that she’s sending her out?” He called his friend, sounds mad at what they did.
“I’m sorry Minho, I was too busy settling up the bills earlier that I forgot to tell you.”
“Where did she bring her?”
“At their residence.”
“Seodaemungu?”It is where Choi Hasun’s house is located.
“Yes. Juniel agreed to her mother’s request.”
“Oh such overprotective mother.” He said in a disdain voice. Minho was apparently annoyed at how his former auntie is treating Juniel like a baby. She took her out from his sight and used the opportunity to hide her. Suddenly, his mobile rang and it was Yuri.
“Minho, where are you? Can we just talk?” She asked. He left her last night right after receiving an emergency call about Juniel.
“Don’t you mess. I have a problem to deal with so please don’t bother.” He plead.
“If you run away from me do so. I've had enough of this game.”
“Shut up!” Yuri’s words made it even worst for him.
“You better choose between me and Juniel. Now?!” Yuri was extremely anxious about her position. She waited for him to return but the man clearly had no plan despite her effort to tempt him. She got tired, frustrated, and running out of patience.
It was like a trap set, she was tricking him to choose her under this dilemma. “I don't care about anyone but my own thing.” Minho answered. He dropped the phone with a seemingly open ended response. It means that his decision is based on the benefit of his unborn child. Yuri is his weakness and she knows it. He gave her the power to control him thus he cannot pursue what he desired. She only seek selfish aspects of this relationship and fail to respect what he wanted.
The son-in-law arrived some minutes later as expected; he came to get his wife. She approached him at the entrance with an angry tone.
“Where’s Juniel? I have to send her back in our condo.”
“No. She’s now resting comfortably in her bedroom.”
“I’m her husband. I’m going to get what I am entitled to.”
“But I’m her mother. I can pull her off whenever I want. The fact that you’re always going out, leaving my daughter alone in that cheap motel-like-condo. I know this event will happen so I need to do it than letting you put them at risk.”
Minho could not stand his mother in law as she always underestimates his capabilities. He tried his best to manage both the company and his family and they are not easy. What happen was his fault, and must held responsible for it. “Stop nagging me with irrelevant things. I’m here to patch things up.”
Minho was too determined but she needed to ask Juniel first. “Let my daughter decide. She wants to get some break from much stress and lack of attention you had put on her.”
“Did she say that?”
“No. But I have seen enough of your insensitivity so I guess.” Hasun chose Minho to be her son-in-law but contrary to her expectation, his cold treatment seems a burden for her daughter.
Hoping to reclaim her, Minho peered in through her bedroom door and she was right there sleeping silently. He had no intention to disturb his pregnant wife but wished to pursue his plan on his next visit.
Minho and Myeon had left the mansion together after she is done with her task.
“Juniel told me something yet it wasn’t clear still.”
“What did she tell you?”
“She feels that you don’t have feeling for her. She expressed some regrets on this marriage mainly because she’s the reason why you broke up with your girlfriend. Why is that she needs to feel guilty about your past relationship? I think what matter is you married her.”
By the sound of it, Juniel just misunderstood the relationship between him and Yuri.
“I haven’t told her about everything for sure she didn’t understand it. I left my past girlfriend not for Juniel but because there’s a deep reason behind it. Although I still have this feeling with my girlfriend, I feel obligated to my wife now.”
“I see. But is that true that you feel nothing for Juniel and that you were only forced to like her unlike the other girl?”
“I was crazily obsessed with my ex to extend that she dominated all my thoughts and desire even until now. With Juniel…she has me back to my normal self. So it’s incomparable.” He confessed calmly.
“So which do you prefer?”
“The best choice is the one who will make me fulfilled as a man.”
“Juniel? I can see in her the passion to please you even it might hurt her. ”
“Yes, I think so. I rushed her out without considering her frailty but she’s too eager. I’m so moved by her.”
“Singing in unison is what I call love even if that isn’t crazy on the scale. You agreed to marry her and she bears your fruit. Both of you have the desire to protect your own child.”
“Yes, you’re right.” He agreed as he understood what she meant.

to be continued…

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