[110505] Minho on Idols and their cartoon character look-a-likes

A netizen posted pictures of idol stars and the cartoon characters they resemble under the title ‘Character-Idol look-a-likes, 100% Resemblance Challenge’.
Including many of the nation’s currently popular idol stars, the post compared BIGBANG’s Daesung to Ugly Doll, Taeyang to Mashimaro, 2PM’s Woo Young to the KeyBot robot, Junsu to a palace guard in ‘The Prince of Egypt’, Chansung to The Simpson’s Mr. Burns, 2NE1′s Minzy to Strawberry Doll, B2ST’s Yoseop to the goblin ‘DdookDdaki’, SHINee’s Minho to Vulpix, Onew to Chicken Little, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica to Cappy and TVXQ’s Changmin to Spongebob’s Squidward.
Netizens who saw this post left comments such as, ‘Woo Young really looks like a monkey’, ‘I burst out laughing when I saw the Jessica-Cappy comparison’, and ‘They all resemble the characters 100%!’.
Source: shineeperudotcom.wordpress.com

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