[110913] Minho is compared to Liu Xiang in men’s hurdles

On September 13th, SHINee‘s Minho leapt ahead of the competition in the men’s hurdles match at MBC‘s ‘3rd  Idol Star Athletics Championship‘.
The idol had done so well, in fact, that he was praised right and left, and was even compared to Liu Xiang, a Chinese athlete who currently holds the world record for this event.
Sports analyst Yoon Yeo Choon praised, “He’s not just simply jumping up and down, he’s flowing with the hurdles as he leaps over them. It’s hard to stretch out your front leg like that as you’re jumping, but he does it very well at such a low position. You can consider his tactics similar to Liu Xiang’s.”
His handsome looks also didn’t escape the eyes of panelists, as many commented on how he made every match seem like a scene from of a CF.
Source: allkpop.com

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